How To Let Go Of The Past

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How To Let Go Of The Past

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We have all had our fair share of heart breaks where things haven’t gone our way or the people we trusted most have let us down. Letting go of the past is sometimes difficult.

If you’ve lost a job or had your heart broken, it’s hard to move on in the beginning. Your mind keeps on holding onto the past, so it becomes very difficult to move on with our lives and make peace with life. The subconscious mind wants to remember the moments from time to time and dwell in the painful moments of the past.

The logical or rational mind gets stuck in the drama of the past.  You keep thinking of ‘if only’ and ‘what if’ that your subconscious mind creates to cause even more heartbreak and negative emotions. It would be easier to simply let things go and forget the past, but the subconscious mind won’t allow you to do it.

You try to move on. You enter a new relationship or start a new job. But just as things seem to be getting better, your past starts to haunt again, interfering with your progress.

Why is it so difficult to let go [1] ? And why is it so hard to forgive and forget? If you’re finding it difficult to let go of your past, bitterness, anxiety, grudges, a past relationship, emotion, etc., this step-by-step guide is for you! Take this chance to learn lessons on how to let go of the past events, traumas, and hurts, so you can enjoy your everyday life once more.

Why Letting Go Is Difficult

We often hear about the importance of forgiveness in today’s world. We remind each other why it’s important to let go of the past and make room for the future. We use different ways in the world like reading to each other let the past go quotes to encourage each other to move on as we carry out our day-to-day activities.

Letting it go is obviously very important. But change is difficult and letting go of our past relationships, events, hopes and wishes is the key to progressing with our lives. But sometimes we fail terribly, we get stuck in the past and in the painful events that have caused us trauma for long.

One of the reasons why many individuals are stuck in the past is because of times of uncertainty. Certainly is a basic human necessity and it’s all about survival. Everyone wants to be certain that we can cope with the amount of pain in our head and therefore, live a comfortable life.

Moving on from one’s past means stepping into an unknown future. The thought of it implies having enough courage and strength to free ourselves from what we are already familiar with in the world — even if that story is negative – and to embrace what outcome is ahead of us.

Another reason why it’s so hard in order to let go of the past experiences has to do with the manner and habit in which we associate the topic of emotions with information. If someone causes you emotional pain, you may end up bringing it over and over again, especially if you’re in an emotionally draining relationship.

Your partner might feel that it is difficult to win since, no matter how hard he/she tries to correct the situation, you continue to punish him/her for their previous wrongdoings. This sort of emotional resistance can lower your mood and lead to disconnection, frustration, loneliness, and separation.

Letting go of the past is tough because we often don’t realize how much harm we are causing ourselves. It is difficult to understand the suffering or pain that we may be causing ourselves by clinging onto past experiences. That is because we are often not even aware or conscious of it.

There may be some things that have occurred in the past that you have not yet forgiven yourself for.  Or maybe little time has passed and you’ve not yet gotten over someone or something. Remember that time can be a great healer when it comes to moving on and letting go of past wounds. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to let go of the past and how to start all over to live a life full of joy and freedom.

5 ways to have amazing mindset over time

1. Recognition

First of all, the truth is that you need to recognize that now is the best time to let go of the past. The most difficult part of moving on is making the decision to learn how to let go the past and move forward.

Yes, it’s quite difficult in order to make new decisions that can conquer our fears but you should keep in mind that you have a whole future ahead of you. You have already experienced the painful past and now that things are not working, you need to realize that it’s time and a sign to let go of the past and move on.

No matter how much time has passed since something horrible happened to you, these signs and tools should tell you it’s time to let go of the past. Since the emotions are valid, let yourself feel them or it will be impossible to move on. Although your reactions to the past experiences are understandable, you should stop burying your feelings so you can move on. The first step is always to accept that something caused you pain.

2. Acknowledgment

Identify any emotions that cause you to be sad and miserable, no one should feel that way. Acknowledge that those emotions are there, but don’t rush to change your emotional state. It takes time and practice in order to know how to identify those negative emotions.

Once you begin feeling a variety of negative emotion like fear, stress, or anxiety, worries, make sure to acknowledge your exact feelings and behaviors. For example, if you feel jealous once you spot an ex with another person, know that you’re being jealous and acknowledge what your mind is telling you to keep feeling jealous.

Don’t try to hide emotions from yourself. Although you may not want to tell everyone what you’re feeling, the goal is you should not hide your feelings totally.

The ability to identify your feelings by recognizing them by words is better than pretending the emotions are not there. Try to recognize why you actually feel that way. Think about everything that caused those feelings in your life journey and try not to blame anyone for your emotions.

For example, your ex-boyfriend may not be seeing another person to hurt you. The way you feel comes from yourself, and it is important to accept those feelings as natural. Acknowledging the truth regarding your negative emotions will help you let go of the past and move on in your life. This is an important step in moving on from the past.

acknowledge your needs and feelings

3. Let Go

Find out your motivation for moving on from your pat and letting go of painful or negative emotions. Discovering some positive motivation to move on and let go of your painful feelings can help you move on. Think about your story and your purpose in life and get into proper habits to find the motivation you need to let go of the past and move on.

Forgive yourself and your ex for any bad situations, obstacles, or events that you may have faced, and think about the positive changes that you can make to motivate yourself to move on from this burden experience. Heartbreaks can last longer than you could ever imagine. They are so deep that sometimes it may seem like it’s way impossible to let things go. Find out the things that are making it hard for you to let things go.

It is easy to cling to the past, but the best thing is that you’re willing to move on in life and let go. Thinking about what things are clouding your future. The power of letting go of the past baggage revolves around the nature of the circumstances themselves, so look closely.

The power also lies in the changes you are willing to make and how much effort you’re willing to put forth to get rid of those negative emotions. Letting the past go entails remembering the events, but taking them from a different and more realistic point of view.

action of forgiving in the future

4. Forgiveness

We all make mistakes, but holding back and dwelling on the same thing is only going to make the extent of the problem worse.

Forgive everybody who has caused your harm to fully let go of your experience. Also, you need to forgive yourself if you think you have caused yourself trauma in one way or the other. It’s impossible to move on with your life if you’re currently sad and unwilling to forgive yourself and other people who have wronged you.

It does more harm than good to hold onto something like your friend’s or partner’s mistakes. Stop clinging onto the negative feelings or experience even if you hurt someone or someone wronged you.

You have already acknowledged that your feelings and emotions are valid. Since you’ve already accepted that you were hurt, there’s absolutely no need to keep thinking or talking about it. If you forgive, you’ll start to experience more happiness, faith, hope, and satisfaction.

If you have made way costly mistakes in the past, ask others for forgiveness, and forgive yourself as well. If your partner has hurt you and you find it hard to let go, accept the fact that you trusted them in the first place. You should learn to forgive and let go of her/him to live a happy and fulfilling life.

5. Focus On The Present

Keep in mind that when you let go of the past, you’re not trying to forget everything that has happened. You’re simply trying to reduce the negative effect the memory has on your life in the present moment. Focusing on the present is a great way of minimizing the impact of memory. You’re not just trying to avoid your emotions, but you are preventing the thoughts from the past from ruining your present moment.

You should deal with any troublesome past event in an objective manner and with your senses and thoughts focused on what you’re doing in the present. In fact, concentrating on how you are healthy and safe today will enable you to deal with any tough memories more efficiently. Basically, you’re able to give yourself more space and freedom to deal with whatever has been troubling you.

tip to achieve emotional balance

12 Tips For Letting Go Of The Past

One thing that makes us all human is the ability to feel pain, whether it’s emotional or physical pain. What makes us different, however, is how each person deals with pain. One of the best ways to deal with pain and heal from any hurtful situations is to learn how to let go of the past in a relationship and use the lessons to guide us into the future.

If your brain is filled with thoughts on what you should have done instead, you can damage yourself even more. You actually end up becoming immobilized in hurtful memories and feelings. If you’re trying to heal and move on from any of the painful thoughts or memory, but don’t know how to get started, the following are some helpful tips on how to let the past go:

1. Find Out What Is Preventing You From Moving On

It is important to learn how to listen to your heart and identify the underlying root cause of your problem. Yes, the past event may have been very painful, but why are you still suffering? If you’re finding it hard to get over an ex, chances are you’re lonely and need attention. Determining the reason why the event hurts you to this day will help you come up with a proper strategy. Although you can’t change whatever happened, you can control the pain.

2. Maintain Physical Distance

We often tell the people we love that they should stay away from people or situations that are causing them pain or stress. According to experts, that’s actually a good idea.

Creating a physical distance between yourself and the person or situation that is causing your harm is a great way of letting go of the past events simply because you will not always be thinking about that situation in the future. Things like keeping physical and psychological distance will help you stop getting sucked into negative or painful rumination, which could lead to depression.

things like build your confidence and wisdom

3. Focus On Yourself

Doing your work is extremely important. You ought to make the decision to deal with the pain or stress that you are experiencing. Instead of wasting your energy on the past, concentrate on things like your family, career, or goals in life.

When you think about something or someone that has impaired you, take yourself to the present moment. Then, start focusing on something that makes you want to be happy again or something that you’re proud of.

4. Practice Mindfulness

When you bring yourself to the present, you are able to reduce the impact that your past burdens have on your present or future. When you begin practicing mindfulness, you can minimize the impact and potential your pain has on your life in the future. This gives you more flexibility to do what makes you happy.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

If you tend to criticize yourself when trying to accept and move on from past hurts, it’s time to start treating yourself like you would treat a loved one, showing yourself nothing but compassion and avoid comparing yourself with others. Pain is inevitable, and you may not be able to avoid negativity, but you can choose to show yourself empathy, kindness, gratitude, and self-love during such times.

meditate on a regular time basis

6. Practice Yoga Or Meditation

Both yoga and meditation can help you deal with your emotions. By practicing either meditation or yoga,  you can control your feelings, behavior, and thoughts. Both yoga and meditation will get your thought back on track and allow you to focus on the present moment instead of dwelling on past events, achieving success in the future.

There’s plenty of information available on how to practice either meditation or yoga. Enhanced flexibility and concentration can help you cope with your thoughts and expectations. You have the chance to cherish every moment of your life.

7. Accept That The Person Who Hurt You Might Not Apologize

Waiting for others who wronged you to offer an apology will slow down the healing process and make it difficult for you to let go of past moments that are dragging you down. Holding onto nothing but anger, guilt and resentment will only damage you, and the other person.

If you are feeling pain, it’s your responsibility to take care of your own recovery, which means that you should not wait for others who wronged you to apologize. It is time to keep pressing on.

8. Exercise At Least 15 To 30 Minutes Each Day

Doing exercises is good for your physical health and wellbeing, but research has shown that it is great for your mental health too. Studies have shown that exercise and self care can reduce negative thoughts significantly.

Endorphins (like dopamine, which are responsible for happiness) are produced during exercise.  You can get started by exercising for around 15 minutes each day and then increasing it to about 30 minutes for one to two weeks.

surround yourself with majority of positive bodies

9. Surround Yourself With People Who Love You And Are Happy For You

This simple yet powerful advice can help you deal with a lot of negativity. To actually reflect on your life, it recommended to surround yourself with the people who really love you and are happy for you. You may doubt yourself, but you will have peace of mind.

As humans, no one can live alone and you can expect other people to cope with their negativity alone, either. So go ahead and lean on your loved ones so you can constantly be reminding yourself of the good things that are in your life.

10. Talk To Someone You Trust About It

The truth is you have your own ideas about your past experiences. Talking to someone who has your full attention can help you say what is worrying you. Your loved one will most likely offer a reasonable take on why you need to move on and let go past hurts and resentment. Your friend or loved one holds your hand on this journey and helps you every step of the way.

Talking to a friend or a loved one about your issues will help minimize its impact. It might be difficult to talk it out, but it will definitely be worth it.

forgive a part of yourself

11. Forgive Yourself And Other People Who Have Hurt You

As we’ve mentioned above, waiting for someone who has impair you to apologize can stall the healing process and make it more difficult to let go of anything that’s troubling you. Therefore, it’s important to work on yourself so you can forgive yourself and anyone else who has hurt you.

Forgiveness is very important because it speeds up the healing process and helps to improve your self-esteem. It lets go of the sadness, shame, guilt, grudges, anger, grief, and other feelings that you might be experiencing so you can find it easy to move forward with your life.

12. Seek Professional Help

Some painful experiences from the past can be too hard to handle on our own. Such experiences require specialized skills and experience of someone qualified in the techniques used to handle them.

If you have tried to move on, but are finding it too difficult, you should at least seek professional help. This usually involves finding a professional counselor or support group that will listen to your grievances. You should make the choice to get help so you can get on the right track again.

A mental health expert will be able to offer a tailored approach to tackling past trauma and help you to work through your issue. Most people can benefit from speaking to a professional therapist so if there’s something from the past that is weighing you down, regardless of how minor it seems, seeking professional help is always a good idea.

commitment to able to trust yourself in letting go


You have the ability to start from scratch anytime you wish. No matter how long or how difficult it takes, how to start your life over begins from taking that leap of faith. There’s no use in living a life you hate. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Whether you’re searching for success, happiness, spirituality, or adventure, this is a fresh start for you. Take baby steps, and you’ll remember this as being one of the greatest moments in your life.

All About Why Life Is A Journey Not A Destination

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All About Why Life Is A Journey Not A Destination

life is a journey feature image

We tend to consider life to be an end point we can reach with a good mindset or lots of possessions. Most motivational and journey quotes try to explain how to become or be happy. It’s probably the most taught topic both at work and in your life path.

But take some time to think about your life path. Have you reached your destination? Do you think you’ve achieved your childhood dreams? Is there something you still wish to achieve? Have you completed everything you have hoped to complete? For many of us, the answer to all of those questions is ‘NO’!

The truth is, regardless of how much you want to achieve and how much wealth you want to accumulate, there’s always room for improvement and there’s something more to be achieved.

You’ll never arrive at your destination! It’s not about the destination but the journey [1]. But what is the meaning of ‘life is a journey not a destination’? And what should you do to make the most of the journey of life.

What Is The Meaning Behind ‘Life Is A Journey’?

We all need to understand that life is a journey, not a destination; that we should set our heart upon eternal matters of character and not on those sensational matters that tend to pass away.

But why does the journey quote ‘life is a journey’ matter? It’s because many people tend to postpone what actually matters in order to look for another thing. They think that they will pursue such things once they have arrived at the end point.

Things like relationships, spending time with friends and family., forgiving others, experiencing the joy of life, and enjoying peace of mind. Such things are often put off. And in some cases, they are forgotten altogether, never to be rediscovered.

Nevertheless, the key to enjoying peace in life is to concentrate on the life journey, rather than the destination. It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey. We need to have an idea on what really matters in life. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on your goals and dreams. It’s okay to be ambitious and it’s great to achieve great things in life.

However, the key is striking the right balance and discovering the right mindset that will allow you to pursue great things without compromising on the little details that make life worth it.

Life is all about living. We need to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Since we can never be 100 percent sure of what is ahead of us, we need to enjoy every day as it comes instead of working towards reaching an endpoint. We should enjoy the little achievements we make as well as the process itself. It’s about the journey not the destination.

Many people spend way too much time focusing on the endpoint instead of the journey. They dwell on when they can purchase a new home; when they can get married; when they can earn a promotion at work; when they can have a baby and so on.

Although there’s nothing wrong about having ambitions or wanting big things in life, those dreams manifest and goals can actually distract you from the beauty of living each day at a time.

While the destination is important, the road there is what makes it really worth it. Think about the advice or insights you would share with your younger self. You should learn to live one day at a time because life is a journey and not a rest or end point.

tips to live the best moments of your lives

4 Tips To Make The Most Of The Journey Of Life

Every phase of your life matters. It’s about the journey! Make the most of the journey because life is really short. The secret to becoming happy and living a purposeful life is accepting the present and making the most of each day. Love yourself and practice self-love. It doesn’t matter how much wealth you have accumulated, how much money you have earned, or how old you are.

Each person’s journey is unique, one that is full of lessons. When you stop comparing yourself to others and understand why you should value the process, only them you can recognize your individual worth.

It’s important to appreciate the fact that life is a journey, no matter where you’re in your life. The following are a few tips to make the most of the quote of journey, no matter how things are turning out:

1. Understanding That the Process Is the Reward

You need to trust the process because it’s as important as the objective and outcome, if not way more important. Life is a journey and the process is fulfilling on its own, if you can figure out a way to get started.

First of all, you need to realize that the journey is unpredictable. A quote journey like ‘Life is a Long Journey between Human Being and Being Human’ springs to mind here. You should take a step each day. No one will travel for you.

When you decide to achieve a certain goal, you have an idea of what your reward will be. Maybe you want to make way more profit in your business or you want to secure a senior position at a big company.

Whatever your goal may be, you are committed to making your dream come true and have a sense of want you need to do to reach your journey’s end. Although you may think that the final point is the reward, the top prize is how you get there.

The prices may kind of look small during the ride on the road, but they increase over time. When you’re making progress, then chances are you’re accomplishing something great every day.

Secondly, the fact is you need to realize that the process and experience is memorable. Even if you accomplish your goal and get your reward, odds are that you’ll cherish the moments you had along the way. Those memories are the reward.

When running a business, it is important to focus on your goal. You need to focus on the goal. So you can build a pth that will help make your dream a reality. However, nothing is ever guaranteed no matter how much effort you put into your strategy.

However, the process itself and everything you’ll gain from it is guaranteed. The thing is each day is an opportunity to become better at what you do, meet new people, learn new lessons, and to solve problems in various ways.

worry about situations and experiences you can control

2. Only Worry about What You Can Control

Accept what you cannot control or change. Stop lamenting about things or wishing that they would work the way you planned. Be kind to yourself. Bring yourself and your heart to the present. That is where things are unfolding. You should let go of the past because you can’t change it. You can only make the right choices whether in terms of relationship or friendships to help shape your future.

List down all the tasks that you want to perform and set the deadlines for all the tasks, one by one. Write everything on a sheet of paper to set your brain free from having to remember all the details so you can be focused on completing each task on time. This can drive motivation to achieve your goal.

To achieve that, you need to know how to clear your mind to differentiate between what you can control and what you can’t control. Stop worrying about anything that you cannot change. Let go of stuff that you cannot control or influence even if you were to take drastic actions.

3. Let Go Of Trying To Be Successful

We all want to succeed. However, many of us don’t realize that we are our own enemies. The secret to success is to let go of anything you can’t control so that you can concentrate on the problem that matters.

So, what does this mean? It means working smarter, and not harder. Smart people understand that excellence is what matters. So, work smart and stop chasing cash and fame at the moment. Focus on the small steps you take so you can reap big in the long term.

Journeying quotes and sayings like “life is a journey” also apply in business. If you work as a team, let your teammates do their job. You don’t need to regulate a part of everything your teammates are doing. Have faith and trust them to get their job done and concentrate on what you’re supposed to do. Let it be a win-win situation. You’ll work better and get more done.

When thinking about journey quotes, learn when to say ‘No’. Don’t say ‘yes’ to every task. No one in the world can do everything. So, stop seeking approval from people and get rid of everyone who tries to bring your down.

You’re not giving up on your dream by letting go. Instead, you are creating room for growth and more opportunities. This is because life is about the journey not the destination.

give up trying to be somewhere successful

4. Learn To Adapt And Adjust Your Goals

The quote about journey ‘it’s the journey not the destination’ holds true in all aspects of life. Learn to adapt and adjust your goals depending on the situation. If something doesn’t work, don’t be afraid and have the courage to change or adjust it because the world is always changing.

It’s recommended to get out of your comfort zone if some thing isn’t working anymore. If you stick to want you are already used to, odds are you’ll not reach where you hope to be. You definitely need to adjust and adapt because life’s a journey not a destination and you need to draw lessons from these never-ending journeys.

If you’re serious about succeeding, treat opportunity recognition as an ongoing process at all times. Be ready to constantly refine and adjust your ideas and learn new lessons as you progress.

concentrate on moments of growth and learn from obstacles


In most cases, we tend to believe that by achieving goals or acquiring possessions, we feel a lot better. However, the reality is that not when you reach your destination, but how your paths are like. Your happiness levels return to their initial set point.

Learn from your hardships and obstacles. While happiness sometimes results in success, success doesn’t always result in happiness. It’s not the destination it’s the journey and its’s direction. You would not know what life has in store for you.

So, don’t worry about what you can’t control and focus more on learning from the process and adventure. It is best to concentrate your energy on all the experiences. While this doesn’t mean you should set your goals, you should focus more on the journey or what you want to do in order to get there in the first place.

It is amazing that cliché quotes like life is a journey, not a destination has such kind of deep meaning. Keep in mind that it’s the course of your life’s journey, so find joy and enjoy it to the fullest!

Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

not let go of your dream feature image

Remember the kind of person you wanted to be when you were young? An astronaut, fireman, ballerina, entrepreneurs, engineer, surgeon, name them. We read to each other things like quotes to never give up on your dream in the world.

We all wanted to show other people and the whole world what we are made of. But what happened to those childhood dreams? Well, I know what happened along the way. The road began to look longer, things like excuses started, and you began doubting your ability.

Giving up on dreams is easy as most people are averse to failure, and they would instead stop pursuing something than try and fail [1]. I recommend trying to follow never giving up quotes than regretting, not trying later.

Why People Give Up on Their Dreams

So, what may make some people give up? This article will discuss why people end up giving up on their dream and why you should never end up giving up on your dreams just like others.

Accomplishing Your Dreams Takes Hard Work

First off, any dream worth chasing in life has to be complicated. If something is easy, everyone could be doing it, and it won’t be worth dreaming. Good dreams require a lot of hard work to realize and do not allow your circumstances to limit how far you dream. You may let go quickly of them if you do not dedicate yourself and work hard.

It is also worth saying that everyone has to overcome some barriers before succeeding. Therefore, you should double your effort when your goal starts looking unachievable. Besides, you may not know what dream you are pursuing entail but challenging yourself to live in accordance with your favorite never give up quotes is the perfect way to learn.

Additionally, most people throw in the towel on their dream when they do not realize results as soon as they expect. Accomplishing a dream requires a lot of effort, and you should expect the process to be long but rewarding.

It would help if you avoided quick desperation for successes as you seek to accomplish your dreams. Being in it for the long haul and putting in the effort it requires is the recipe for success. Again, it is better to see something to the end than chasing multiple dreams in life. Determination is key.

reason for afraid of failure

Fear Of Failure

Understanding that you will fail several times in life before eventually succeeding will help you not let go of your dreams. Many people will tell you that they went through several times of failure in the world before becoming successful in business, relationship, career or in any aspect of life. With failure comes persistence and determination. Achieving important milestones is not a straight and unwinding path like many people think.

How well you tackle the hurdles you face on the way to successes will differentiate you from others who didn’t try for fear of failure. One example is to get prepared from the onset that there will be challenges and slight fear along the way. It is easy to face and concur with such issues if you already have a prepared and clear mind.

It is also essential to treat every moment of failure as an opportunity for a second chance. Your reaction towards failure will also determine how successful you or anyone emerge at the end of it. The point is it would be great if you learned how to turn every moment you fail into an opportunity to want to start over again rather than sitting there and blaming yourself for trying. Have faith. Remember, persistence and determination is key.

In general, you need to have an action plan for pursuit of your dreams. Beck it up with a specific strategy to the dreams you have and prepare yourself for setbacks. In fact, your journey becomes more comfortable if you prepare well.

At the same time, you may be wondering ‘Should I give up on my dreams if I find them unfeasible?’ How do we know when to give up on your dreams? You may have to make some really tough decisions on how you actually want to live your life.

This implies giving up on your dreams in order to follow others that are more in line with your goals in life today. It is acceptable to let go of some of your childhood dreams, particularly if they no longer suit you in the world. You need to learn how to give up on your dreams, as well.

Here are some questions you may need to ask yourself:

  • Are you spending a lot of time planning, instead of acting?
  • Will your life be better or worse once you’ve accomplished this goal?
  • Are you living on other people’s ideals and values?
  • Do your dreams excite you? Or do they make your tense?

The freedom you yearn is your intuition telling you it’s time to let go of a dream as it seems untenable. You’re different from others, so stop copying other people’s values. Be true to yourself, but don’t give up on your dreams, whatever they are in the world.

times where there is a lack of motivation

Lack Of Motivation And Commitment

Motivation and commitment are big keys to success in any dreams you are looking to accomplish. The fact is it is easy to lose your focus if one is not motivated to pursue them. An example of the biggest challenge people face in life is the misunderstanding of how to get motivated.

It is easy to fail if you depend on someone else to motivate you. It would help if you did everything in your power to stay motivated when pursuing your dreams. Setting clear goals is one of the perfect example and ways to motivate yourself as every step will show you how far you are to succeed.

Dreams require a lot of attention and commitment to get accomplished. That means you should devise means to focus on it without distraction from other aspects of life. The start may be smooth, but you should anticipate distractions along the way, and getting over them is key to your success.

As you try to commit to never giving up on a dream, you should analyze your distractions in life. Find out some of the small things that do not seriously require your attention and those you can’t avoid. Plan how to quickly deal with the significant ones and get back to it.

reason why someone should try

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Sometimes your pursuit to pursuing your ideas becomes complicated and challenging. It is normal to start feeling like you need to stop pushing. In fact, that happens all the time, but I am here to tell you why giving up is not an option. Check out the reasons why you should never give up on a dream.

1. It’s Better To Try And Fail Than Quit Without Trying

Having the feeling of regret after quitting without trying is the worst thing. This feeling might stay with you for many years to come. So, the best thing to do is forging a path towards your dream. It is the small steps you make that matter. Trying and failing will help you avoid the guilt of not putting your everything and best foot forward.

2. It’s About The Journey Not The Destination

Life has never been a destination because we do not arrive – it is a journey. A more in-depth look at it shows that we never stop dreaming even after achieving the biggest of our dreams. I can tell you that this is because, as humans, we always crave for growth and happiness.

Therefore, always remember that success is around the corner. There is no point in giving up as you do not know how soon your effort will pay. The secret is to remain focused on the things that matter, one step at a time, and you will succeed.

times to dream more

3. Your Dreams Are All You Have

One man is nothing without dreams. As I mentioned earlier, we never stop dreaming because we have achieved our biggest dreams. You will start aiming higher as soon as you conquer certain milestones or dreams and repeat.

Therefore, you should never back down after experiencing any challenges. Always remember that you will reach nothing without a dream.

4. Small Successes Are Rewarding

Big dreams take some time to accomplish fully. However, you may start realizing rewards for your efforts even before you go half the journey. It is these small steps of success that will motivate you to keep pushing. Besides, it would be best if you never were afraid of celebrating these milestones.

5. It’s All About Timing

Another reason why you should never give up your dreams is that you never know when success will come knocking. Therefore, you should keep pushing until the reaping time comes. You need to be patient and do not anticipate success too soon as that could disappoint you or lead to failure. When you look back, one day, you’ll be glad your followed your dream.

persevere through in the environment


Summing up, the journey of accomplishing your dreams and your dream manifesting can be incredible. You experience and learn a lot of lessons and make friends along the way. Besides, you get to try other things that you could not have done in your life given the circumstances.

Dreams also help you create life-long memories that could remind you of your effort to be where you are. So never give up on your dreams because you’ll, one day, achieve them.

It is essential to remember that it is all about you and push yourself to the end, even if you encounter failures in the future. You also should try as much as possible to love the process, stay positive, and enjoy it.

5 Simple Ways To Control Your Thoughts Effectively

control thought feature image

5 Simple Ways To Control Your Thoughts Effectively

control thought feature image

“Help! I can’t control my thoughts” Learning how to control the thoughts is definitely one of the most important skills you can develop [1]. The human brain is a very powerful organ, but some don’t know what it is capable of. Your mind is an essential part of you, and therefore, you need to ensure it is always stable.

Achieving a good state of mind can seem difficult as it sometimes wanders to thoughts that you cannot explain. Sometimes, you get lost in your thoughts until you miss out on things happening around you.

It is worth remembering that the mind is the source of everything, and your thoughts in your head impact your life significantly. It is a source of negative feeling like depression, anger, frustration, anxiety, name them. On the positive side, your state of mind can lead to happiness, confidence, self-esteem, etc. Well, That’s how powerful your thoughts can be.

Your thoughts determine how you feel at a particular time. Therefore, controlling the mind will determine how you can manage your feelings. You can improve the quality of your life if you learn how to control your thoughts and mind.

So the question is, can you control your thoughts? Can we control our thoughts in crisis? The reality is understanding the different types of thinkers and where you belong is an excellent step towards having a grip on it.

Different Types Of Thinkers

The more you interact with people, the much more you realize how differently they think. In reality, everyone will fall into a particular category of thinkers. Let’s check out some types of thinkers.

Analytical Thinker

Analytical thinkers see all sides of a problem before finding a solution. They separate it into manageable parts and start examining the elements one after another. Then, they consider different possibilities that could solve various part of the problem before choosing the most realistic option.

It is a category of problem solvers because of their organized nature of thinking and unique problem-solving approaches. Besides, they base their thinking on logic rather than emotions. They also consider the impact that their current decision may have in the future. On the downside, they require a lot of time to decide because of their overthinking tendency.

Creative Thinker

This category is those who can think outside the box. Precisely, they don’t get limited with ideas, and they can dish them out and come up with fresh ones. Thus, they get to develop ingenious solutions for any challenges they face in their lives.

For creative thinkers, imagination and innovation are basic things in life. They stand out from the crowd with their non-traditional way of thinking. With proper implementation, all the ideas they give are useful in solving any dilemma. However, society may sometimes be unhappy about their way of thinking that goes against the status quo.

information on the field of thinkers

Visionary Thinker

They are, most of the time, the origin of ideas. The truth is analytical and logical thinkers mainly draw their ideas from this group for implementation. Visionary thinkers can invent things or conquer some of the difficult situations in different fields. These thinkers do not focus much on small and unbeneficial details. They never give up or lose sight of their dreams, unless of course, they adapt them to suit the changing times.

However, they see lofty opportunities for themselves, their loved ones, and other people. You will see this group starting small on everything they do and fearlessly going against the crowd. They are effective communicators who persist in communicating their ideas and are sure their effort is worth it. Professionally, visionary thinkers can excel as influencers, motivators, and marketers.

Intuitive Thinker

Intuitive thinkers are mainly situational thinkers as they tend to disregard what their thoughts and actions may lead to after that. According to intuitive thinkers, it is okay to pursue an idea if it feels right in the context, and they do not need to consult anyone. Besides, they are prepared for unexpected problems and will tackle them as they come in order to achieve their goals.

They may avoid, defuse, or find working solutions to the problems they face. An intuitive thinker will act according to their emotional response. That makes it easy for them to make a mistake that may bring negative impacts if implemented. They tend to be self-conscious and often feel happy for the trials of other people.

Logical Thinker

The abilities of a logical thinker are endless. They incorporate logic in all of their decision to ensure that it does not cause dire consequences later on in their lives. A progressive analysis is vital in the decision-making process of logical thinkers. Theirs is a step by step process until they solve the problem or achieve their goals.

One strength of this group is that they dismiss any emotional thoughts that come along. That allows them to weigh in on different options before finding a viable solution. Their ability to analyze hard facts contributes to their self-improvement. They also help other improve their lives or ways of thinking. Logical thinkers often drive the speed limit, solve office problems, look and organize things in order to achieve a certain goal.

use of brain to improve health and work

5 Ways To Improve Mind Control

Becoming the observer of your thoughts is a simple process. After understanding the various types of thinkers, you now need to decide where to belong then follow these five effective ways to achieve better control of mind.

1. Acknowledgment

The truth is, the first step towards improving your control on mind is the approach of acknowledging your thoughts. Gain more awareness of your thoughts. Denying negative thoughts every time they cross your mind will only trigger your brain health and worsen your mood.

Good examples include situations of self-criticism, worry, blame, procrastination, and destructive behaviors or habits. However, most individuals find difficulties in admitting that they are lost in negative thought even when someone else can see it.

To get any negative thought out of your mind and replace them with positive thoughts requires a strong will to accept your current emotion. Keep in mind that your outside world has a huge impact on your inner world given any circumstances. Conquering the desire to deny your situation helps to point out the negativity and welcome positivity to your head.

In fact, the power to control mind lies in acceptance. Going contrary to this can also result in long term impacts. The truth is continually denying negative thought can eventually cause depression or worsen the ideas to become suicidal.

The perfect tips are to practice mindfulness and meditation. Meditation is a great way to calm down, take a deep breath, and regain control of your mind. So be sure to do a reality check and pay attention to anything that matters.

Acknowledging your thoughts helps to shape your mind with positivity. Eventually, you will be able to improve the quality of your body health and eventually, your life. It also will help you make better notes and take control of your destiny. An acknowledgment will help you let the past go and have a new beginning with positive thoughts in your mind.

lesson on how to be positive over time

2. Positivity Is Key

Identifying your negative voice, thoughts and their triggers can be one of the best steps towards how to control thoughts. Stopping negative thoughts helps you to maintain a positive mindset longer. In fact, there are several tricks and steps you can apply here to make room for a positive mindset. A thoughtful person can think about their thoughts and take control of them.

Whenever you think about not actually thinking about something – whether positive or negative, you’re obviously thinking about it. There’s no reason to dwell on the past, and it is important to learn how to let go of the past relationship, events, and memories in order to enjoy peace of mind.

For example, one that works for me starts from how I feel and working my way backward. Asking yourself how you feel right now, how you felt minutes, hours, or days before, and how you got there is a great way to regain positivity.

Positivity is a choice. Reflecting on anything that brings positive feelings is definitely worth it. That’s why it’s recommended to work mind-body techniques into your regular time schedule basis so you can of course experience the pleasure you desire in your heart and mind.

After the stage of identifying your negative state and the path that got you there, you should start erasing the thoughts from your mind. Immediately start thinking about the number of positive things that can replace the erased thoughts to help change your perspective.

Although it may sound silly at first, this technique works perfectly, and it could be the best way to remain positive. The best thing is to try it and repeat it once you experience it in case of a relapse. Breathe in gently as you try this technique as it requires a relaxed mind and voice.

3. Practice Self-love

Our minds give us the freedom to choose between the cycle of positive and negative thoughts. Therefore, you can either end up on the right or wrong path, depending on your actions. However, it is advisable to practice self-love and self-care in everything you do, especially when making critical decisions to change your thoughts and behavior.

Allowing your emotions to take over at such times can be detrimental to your life. Eliminate and silence your inner critic. It is time to choose positivity over negativity to ensure that you remain happy. As already mentioned, negative thoughts often lead to frustrations, anger, anxiety, and any other unpleasant feeling. Self-care is your job and responsibility.

Do you love yourself? If you do, then loving yourself also means being careful not to hurt other people. Your decision can affect other people either positively or negatively, which will determine the kind of relationships you keep. Taking control of your thoughts helps to ensure your choices benefit others.

As you can see, self-love is broad, and every aspect of it is essential in controlling your thoughts. Use it to prevent frustrations and regrets stemming from any wrong decision made. I practice it many times, and it has been vital in maintaining a positive mindset in light of all challenges.

know your boundaries for body health

4. Know Your Limits

A disciplined mind can support thought processes better. You should know that thoughts are often powerful than we think. They can push you to do something that you are incapable of naturally. Therefore, it is essential to know when to take action before your thoughts lead to undesirable consequences.

Improving your thought process is key to improving your body and brain health, improving work productivity. Allowing your thoughts to push you to the limit is the worst thing that can happen. Therefore, identifying and challenging negative thoughts when they kick in is a critical step towards achieving a positive mindset so you can exercise self-control.

If you ever reach the limits, you should take a step towards recovery. Fear makes no sense. As I mentioned earlier, determining the path that got you to your current state will help you develop a recovery strategy. It would be best to ask yourself critical questions on how you got yourself to such a state before taking action.

Knowing your limits has several benefits and can help to improve the quality of your life. You should take your time and understand your emotional state when negative experiences stretch you to the limits. It can be easier to find an action plan for the current situation and many more in the future.

5. Observation

Observing and read your mind patterns is another important way to develop positive thoughts. The ability to determine which thoughts can lead to undesirable decisions is critical. Take the chance to learn from previous perspectives and change the way you handled them.

Besides, you can observe how your close friends respond positively to negativity and gain better insights from their feedback. You can pick one or two ways that will help you react positively to negative thoughts.

By listening to their words and observing their actions, you can quickly shift your mind from negativity if you can avoid such thoughts. You may also want to do exercise, watch a movie, call a trusted friend, or listen to your favorite songs so you can take your mind off any destructive thoughts.

Experiences in which you were able to control the mind should be learning points. It would be best if you had a proper strategy of shifting your mind from such thoughts every time they come. If you have an actionable plan that guarantees great outcomes, ensure that you stick to it in the event that it happens. Besides, you can also note observable actions from someone else and implement them when necessary.

information on improving thoughts


As I mentioned earlier, your mind is critical and gets better described as a success tool so do pay more attention to it. No one else can read or know your mind. Any other person can only interpret what you knowingly or unknowingly communicate.

Therefore, where you put your focus into determines the person you become and shape your success. Nothing lasts forever and time can be a great healer. How do you manifest your dreams? It is by learning how to develop positive thoughts and using your mind constructively.

On the flip-side, destructive self thoughts can lead to undesirable and regrettable actions and suffering. The chances are, always remember you have a hard decision to make on the mind control topic.

You decide how long negative or positive thoughts will stay on your mind. In short, life is a journey, not a destination, and your thoughts will shape it. Master the art of knowing how to control your thoughts and use them to your advantage!

5 Ways To Stop Thinking About Something

stop thinking about something feature image

5 Ways To Stop Thinking About Something

stop thinking about something feature image

How do you stop thinking about something [1]? This is a question you have probably asked yourself multiple times whenever a thought takes control over your mind, feels you with anxiety, and makes it impossible to focus on other important things.

It’s not just you. This is a topic a number of people struggle to explore. They try to find an idea of how they can control the wild thoughts occupying their brains and wonder how to get happy again.

There are moments when something in your mind just won’t go away. You find that you can’t stop thinking about a person, school, work, your relationship, the difficulties your child is facing, bad decisions you have made, a mistake you did, fear about the future, or something else. And this worry cripples your productivity and robs your joy.

This will guide you through the steps you can take to find relief from your mind. We will show you how to stop thinking of something or someone. These tips will show you how to gain power over your thought process and stop the bad habit of overthinking.

5 Effective Ways To Stop Thinking About Something

Here are the five tips that will show you how to stop thinking about something that’s bothering you. If you take these steps, you will learn how to get rid of whatever is troubling you and in the course of it, gain the ability to only think of the things that matter.

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a meditation technique of being in the moment and engaging all your senses in the place you are at. It is the best way to stop thinking about something. Rather than getting sucked in by your thoughts and feelings, observe your surrounding and engage every sense.

Whenever the unwanted thought invades your mind, it is a good reminder to bring your awareness back to your surroundings and the task at hand. Pay attention to the things you can hear, taste, see, smell, and touch. By being in the present moment, you keep yourself from obsessing about the past or the future.

Mindfulness has proven to be effective in alleviating stress and anxiety, but it takes lots of practice to master the technique. You can start by slowing down. Whatever you are doing, whether eating, doing chores, or walking, do it slowly.

Feel every motion of your body, take in everything your eyes can see, and take note of every bit of event happening in your world. Plan on how you will bring your awareness back to the present whenever your mind strays.

If you feel your mind straying back to the issue bugging you, talking to yourself about the thing you are doing out loud is an effective tactic. Say ‘I am cleaning the dishes,’ it will bring your consciousness back to the present.

You can also bring your attention back to the flow of your breath. Over time, you will learn how to control your mind and stop thinking about something by focusing on the present experiences and environment.

You should also set aside a specific amount of time everyday where you unplug and bury yourself in activities that you are passionate about. These habits will ground you and teach you to be more fully present.

lesson on how to distract yourself

2. Distraction 

Telling yourself to stop thinking about something will rarely work. One of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of the thought you are thinking about is to distract yourself by engaging in something physical that also requires using your mental energy. It will also give you a much-needed break from your routine.

For example, instead of ruminating about the issue bothering you, try dancing to your favorite music or challenge yourself to clean the clutter in your room in two minutes.

You can try working a crossword puzzle, reading a book by your favorite author, or anything enjoyable that will engage your body and keep your mind distracted. Alternatively, build new hobbies, start a new project, or try out things you have always wanted to attempt.

If you want to learn how to stop thinking about someone or something, exercise. Exercising works well as a distraction. You can run, cycle, or try yoga. Working out will not just distract you, but it will help get rid of the inner tensions and worries you carry from the trouble bothering you. It will also add clarity to your mental space.

Distracting yourself with nature is also a good choice. You can walk your dog or take a walk yourself. Combining nature and physical movement will soothe your nervous system, and help you focus on other things other than your issue.

As you engage in distracting activities, practice mindfulness so that your thoughts cannot be drawn back to your issue. Notice the form your body takes as you exercise, fix your attention on your breathing, and feel your heartbeat.

talk to couple of friends

3. Talk It Out

Sometimes, all you need to do to stop thinking about something is talking them out. Search for someone you can trust, such as your best friend or a family member who shows concern for you. It will provide a release and prevent you from overthinking. The proverb ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ can also come in handy in helping you to stop thinking about the thing bothering you.

By talking it out, you could gain perspective as to understanding why you are having a hard time getting rid of the thought. And you will be halfway done with resolving the mess. Talking also releases some of the stress that comes with having another matter constantly in your mind.

If the burden on your mind is a difficulty that needs a solution, finding time to talk to someone could help you get a fresh approach. They could ask questions that can help you find reasons as to why you cannot stop thinking about whatever is bugging you. And in the course of it, there is a possibility you will find solutions or clarity about the subject.

This is also the best way to stop thinking about someone, especially after breaking a relationship. Find a friend that you can always talk to when you feel overwhelmed by emotions and thoughts about the person.

If there is absolutely no one you can talk to, you can write it down on your computer or if you are artistic, write a song about it. Always have a notepad and pen nearby or keep a journal. Whenever these thoughts come to you, interrupt your sleep, and make your head hurt, list them down.

Capturing your unwanted thoughts on paper gets them out of your system. And if they are negative thoughts, throw the piece of paper away or destroy it.

tools that everyone can take on being positive

4. Be Positive

Sometimes, you may find that disturbing thought results from negative thinking and assuming the worst about things and others.

For example, you could be having fears that you are about to lose your job, which will make it had to pay bills and take care of your children. All these ideas and assumptions could result from one suspicious look you got from your boss, which probably meant nothing.

But negativity will have you interpreting the worst from that one look. You will consistently think your career is about to end and assume any new person you see at work is your replacement.

Being overly critical about your worries and thoughts is also not the best way to learn how to not think about something. You need to give the opportunity to be compassionate with yourself. Negative self-talk will only fuel your overthinking and pile up your thoughts.

Rather than blame and shame yourself for past mistakes, something you said or something you did not do, treat yourself like you would treat a friend. Encourage yourself with positive words and most of all, forgive yourself and focus on the good memories.

You can’t learn how to stop thinking about someone and move on if the company you keep is not helping your situation. If they encourage you to give up on love because of a bad relationship you had, you are hanging out with the wrong people.

Surround yourself with positive persons who in turn do not overthink or speak negatively. Research shows that your social environment will play a big part in how you think and what you feel like. It could help you resolve your overthinking or fuel it.

The same applies to the things you read and listen to. If they carry negative energy, it will transfer to you and negatively affect your thinking. If you want to learn how to stop thinking about something that bothers you, make an effort to check the type of content you are reading and the kind of thinking and talks the people around you engage in.

Experts also suggest that in situations where the source of the negative emotion is loneliness, one of the steps you can take to get comfort is warming up. Have a hot cup of tea or hold a hot pack. It lets you substitute physical warmth for emotional warmth.

Gratefulness is also of importance when trying to cultivate positivity. There is a long list of things to be grateful for in your lives, such as the people that love you, good health, and a house. Take a step and start each day with a reflection of these things. It will impact your thinking and make you a more positive person.

high-risk seek professional help

5. Seek Help If Necessary

Unhealthy thinking could lead to more serious problems like inability to sleep or practice self care, hurting people you value, poor eating habits, uncontrolled anger, and low productivity. The psychological torture could affect your physical wellness and cause body aches and pain. And even rapid weight loss. It could ruin your relationships, career, and life.

If left unresolved, the persistent thought could develop into more serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety. And the opposite is true as well. Mental health troubles could be the reason you can’t stop thinking about a certain thing or find rest.

In case all the other four methods – mindfulness, distraction, positivity, and talking to friends do not have an effect, intervention is needed and do seek professional help. Search for a psychotherapist or doctor in your location with a high level of experience and have handled cases like yours.

A qualified therapist could guide you into treatment and finding the root cause of your trouble, helping you gain control over your thoughts. A psychotherapist will also guide you into building your present life instead of obsessing about the past or future. They will fill you with hope.

Therapists can show you how to stop thinking something or overthinking everything by showing you a different perspective about your situation. They will help you develop acceptance of the things you cannot change and make it easier for you to find a way to process your pain and emotions. They will give you the ability to move on from lessons lie broken relationships and past failures.

Note that there is nothing shameful about seeking professional help. And it is not a sign of weakness or disorder. It means you have the willpower to crush the thoughts holding you from living your best life and achieving your goal.

It shows you are courageous and strong enough to admit that you do not have the answers to the problems you are facing in your life. And that you cannot learn how to stop thinking about someone on your own, the only key is to seek help.

Most psychiatrists will allow you to discuss whatever is bothering you in your own terms. You can talk to them face to face about your persistent thoughts. Or if you want to remain anonymous, connect with the professional online and talk to them through messaging, or a phone call.

types of methods to decrease frequency of thinking about something


You now have the information you need on how to stop thinking about something. You know the step to take to stop overthinking about everything, to stop obsessing about a bad memory, and you now know how to stop thinking of someone. But no tip, no matter how good, will work unless you take the actions needed.

Practice mindfulness. It may take time to learn how to think only of the present and task at hand. But you will learn to control your mind to only hold the thoughts you desire. Distracting yourself is also an excellent approach. It will take your mind of the things in your mind. You can distract your thoughts through other aspect like exercise, an activity that engages your mind, a hobby, or developing new skills.

Talking to someone is also a great way to clear the thoughts in your head. During the times that you feel your brain is overwhelmed with the thing bothering you, develop the habit of sharing the thoughts in your head with a person you trust.

Make a resolution to become a positive person. Only give attention to the kinds of people, experiences, and things that leave you feeling better. They should promote happiness in your life, and discourage you from overthinking and having any negative thought.

When all doesn’t work and your overwhelmed brain won’t let you sleep or enjoy life, find a way to talk to a qualified therapist for the analysis on the nagging thought in your head. Find one you can be free with and who allows you to unload the information in your head. They will provide a method that will enable you to find peace and happiness again.

By using these techniques, you can get the mental clarity you need in order to achieve your dreams and purpose in life. Over time, the possibilities of you stop worrying about your job, your kids, someone in your life, or other things that are out of your control will decrease.

6 Simple Ways To Clear Your Mind Under 15 Minutes

Clear Your Mind Feature Image

6 Simple Ways To Clear Your Mind Under 15 Minutes

Clear Your Mind Feature Image

If thoughts like ‘how to clear my mind’ or ‘how to start life over with more positivity and focus’ have been running through your mind, we have you covered. Calming the brain is a topic that is a challenge to many people and is dependent on your environment.

In this article, we will look at how to have a clear mind [1]. We will guide and provide you with the information you need to create space in your head to think of other things except for the problem you have at work, the issue with your partners, or the long list of things you are supposed to take care of.

We will suggest a list of ideas and tips you can use to help you take charge of your brain. And show you habits you can develop that can help you get a relaxed feeling during times when your mind is in overdrive.

Benefits Of A Cleared Mind

According to the ultra-endurance athlete Christopher Bergland, one of the most important skills that he has learnt and always has an effect on his performance has nothing to do with physical strength. It’s being able to rid his mind of any unwanted thought.

One thing about having thoughts piling up and endlessly running through your mind is that you lose focus. Your productivity and ability to accomplish any task and act properly depends on how clear your mind is.

Clearing mind distractions will also prevent you from overthinking, which are the source of psychological problems like depression, fear, and anxiety. This, in turn, affects your relations with people, physical health, and career. When you learn how to clear your mind completely, it will increase your creativity, and lead to growth in every part of your life.

Ways to get healthy emotional processing

6 Effective Ways On How To Clear Your Mind

So, how do you clear your mind? How do you achieve relaxation when your mind is running wild? Here are six effective solutions and tips that will answer your questions. But they will only work for you if you take action.

1. Meditation 

It may seem impossible to sit in silence and meditate when many things are running through your mind. But it is one of the best ways to clear your mind. It is a practical technique to first unburden your brain of every negative and distracting thought, and you can then fill it with the thoughts you want to give attention to.

In addition to clearing your mind, researchers suggest that meditation has a long term benefit of reducing stress and anxiety, improve attention and memory, and help promote positive behavior like self-regulation and empathy.

However, meditation is not a quick-fix solution to get rid of the things cluttering your mind. At first, your thoughts may get more distracting as you sit quietly and try to be in tune with yourself. Your mind will jump from one thought to another, restless and unproductive. But over time, you will learn to control your attention, unburden your mind, and choose the things that you want to run through your mind.

To get started, use these steps. Pick a time and place where you will be free from noise, chatter, stimulation, and interruptions. Set your body in a position that makes you relaxed and comfortable, and allow your mind to be blank. If your thoughts are all over the place, acknowledge them, and try to go back to being thoughtless.

Take a deep breath and repeat a mantra over and over in your head until your mind is free. You can also focus on a fixed object, the sounds of nature, or the sensations of your body until your thoughts are blocked out.

Repeat the exercise every day until you can empty your mind through meditation. Set a timer for 20 minutes. Experts say that twenty minutes of meditation equals two hours of deep sleep where your mind rests. Alternatively, when you feel your thoughts overwhelming you, consciously pay attention to your senses, such as your sense of touch, smell, or hear. It will relax your mind and let go of distracting thoughts.

2. Distraction

One beneficial fact about minds is that it can only think of one thing at a time. When you give one thing your attention, your mind automatically ignores other things. This is because brains can change the synchronization of brainwaves between different parts. The power of the brain to ignore was demonstrated by researchers from Brown University.

In reality, they informed the participants that they would feel a brief tap on the left middle finger or the big toe. In some cases, they were told to report the stimuli felt on the foot and ignore what they might feel on their hand. In others, they were told to only report the sensations felt on the hand and forget what they felt on the leg.

From the study, the researchers were able to identify important patterns of synchrony between various parts of the brain. This indicated that the mind could direct focus to either the hand or foot. But it could not direct attention to both the hand and the foot at the same time.

If your mind is taunting you, you can easily shift the synchronization and pathways of your brainwaves and release your worries by shifting your attention to something that will demand mental energy. Examples are working a crossword puzzle you can also try to organize your bookshelf or room in under 15 minutes, or try playing a musical instrument.

Amount of mindfulness

3. Mindfulness

Experts say that what you resist will persist. So when you try to force your mind to gain an understanding of calmness, you only make the situation worse and increase brain activity. The best you can do is to acknowledge your state of mind and surroundings in a non-judgmental way in what is known as mindfulness.

Studies have also shown that mindfulness can cause a decrease in rumination and reduced symptoms of depression. It can also remodel the physical structure of the brain.

Instead of ignoring or holding onto the things tormenting your brain, you need to be curious about how your brain is working and how your body feels. Try to do some breathing exercises as you relax, and observe your thoughts and emotions like a kind and warm bystander would. You might end up learning that they hold very little meaning.

By practicing mindfulness, you will notice that the voice in your head is providing nothing meaningful. It is using a list of your past experiences and failures to control present and future experiences. And this in turn leaves you feeling helpless, hopeless, and gives you a negative attitude. You need to observe your thoughts but the key is do not act on them. It will make your mind clear.

4. Exercise 

Exercising in another top method to achieve calmness. Your mind does not just rest when you go to bed, but moving your body gives it a rest from the thoughts overwhelming you.

Physical exercise is an effective form of therapy for your mind. Something as easy as a walk or morning run will give you an escape from the chatter on your mind. As you move your body, you need to focus on the movements, your heart rate, and breathing.

Physical activity will not just distract your mind, but it can relieve stress, according to research. It reduces the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, which are stress hormones. And it stimulates the production of feel-good hormones, endorphins. When you feel better about yourself, your thoughts and feelings will be more positive.

Studies have also associated physical activity with improved cognitive abilities. It has also proven to counteract normal and pathological aging. If you can, go to the gym, lift weights, or practice yoga. There are also lots of YouTube videos you can use or download an app for workouts. Exercise will help your body achieve top fitness, improve your metabolism, increase your energy, and keep your mind unburdened.

How to give your mind an outlet based on different areas

5. Unplug

In this era of technology and globalization, unplugging may seem like a difficult thing. It could feel like the world will pass you by. However, it is one of the healthiest things you could do for yourself and an effective step to clear of mind distractions.

Periodically unplug from your devices for a while. Find a space away from your television, phone, computer, and any electronic items. You need to let go of the urge to check your inbox for work emails or open your favorite social media app. Forget that project or paper you are writing and just make an effort to stay away from your devices.

There is a long list of things you can do like attend an event in your neighborhood. During this time, reconnect with real people, have face to face conversations, cultivate meaningful relationships with those around you, and just rebuild life outside of technology.

This is also a good time to spend time in the park with nature. Nature has proven to promote mental health by reducing cognitive fatigue and reducing stress and anxiety. Find an idea that will get you involved in gardening, like planting some flowers in the front yard. Getting into contact with the earth calms your mind. While you are at it, fully focus on the smell of the earth, sounds of nature, and the feel of the soil.

Another way to calm your mind is to engage in manual activities. A task like knitting, journaling, writing, drawing, or doing puzzles can help support your mental health. Reading a book by your favorite author or finding a new hobby are also great activities in your everyday lives. They will calm your mind, alleviate stress, and make your thinking clearer.

6. Substitution

One way to stop thinking about something is by substituting another thought. . It involves replacing your unwanted thoughts with better and more desirable ones. This technique of clearing the mind makes use of the caudal and the midventrolateral prefrontal cortex parts of the brain. These two regions bring specific memories into awareness, which replace the unwanted thoughts and give you the peace you crave.

Note that this is not an ideal long-term method to deal with the mess in your head. But you will learn how to get clear mind until you are in a place where you are strong enough to retrain your thinking, and develop a more productive thought process.

Personal mantras are positive words and reminder that are a great way to work on replacing unwanted thoughts. Repeating a positive personal mantra silently to yourself will quiet your mind and reduce self-judgment. For example, say something like ‘I am someone worthy of love’ or ‘I am in control of the situations in my life’.

With continuous usage, these positive affirmations become an effective way to counter the negative things going through your mind and negative feelings and replace them with positivity.

Find time to practice gratefulness. It is an excellent way to substitute negative thoughts with positivity. There are a lot of things to be thankful for, something like having work or home is enough reason to being grateful. List down five things and focus your mind on them.

Insight into the area of decluttering your brain


Stress from work, frustration from failing to meet your dreams and desires, a past trauma that causes anger suppression, or other negative events and challenges, can leave you feeling overwhelmed and have you lose perspective in life.

But you now have information and tips on how to clear mind distress, which is something most people struggle with. These strategies can help improve the quality of your life, achieve your dreams and happiness, and become more productive in the workplace.

Form the habit of meditating for at least twenty minutes every day in a place free from noise and interruptions. It can have positive effects like alleviate your mood, unburden your head, and promote positive emotions. You can also practice some breathing exercises at any time you feel overwhelmed.

Exercising will also work in calming your head. For example, take evening walks, when in the office, find an opportunity to stand from your desk every few hours and you can take a walk in the street.

Spend some time every day without any type of device and use the time to interact with people and cultivate new hobbies. Get into the habit of taking a break from the normal routine and doing something different. There are a lot of things you can do like writing, attending an event that does not involve work, taking a new course, making new friends, reading books, and listening to the sound of nature.

You can also journal, blog, practice breathing exercises, and if it gets difficult when the workload gets heavy, get a friend you can be accountable to. These moments you spend giving yourself a break will help you get the clarity you need.

Begin your day by writing a list of everything you are grateful for. There is always a reason to be thankful. Point out the many items, people, and things that make living better. Distraction, mindfulness, and substitution are three scientifically-proven techniques that carry benefits in clearing your head in order to achieve your goals and experience positive changes in your thinking.

Take these actions, and the level of calmness you will achieve will help you utilize your full potential and keep your energy high. It will help you resolve any problem fast, to undertake any task better, fight inattention, and achieve any goal you pursue.

What You Need To Know About Twin Flames

twinflames, flame relationship, flame connection - feature image

What You Need To Know About Twin Flames

twinflames, flame relationship, flame connection - feature image

Isn’t it interesting how two strangers can meet and have a deeper connection that later blossoms into something special – like a love relationship or even an intimate kind of friendship? And what does it mean when people say something like “the newlyweds have special chemistry between them”?

Every one of us wants that other half. We want to experience that extraordinary feeling of love, passion, and belonging with the one we’ve been searching and longing for, ever since the beginning of our life. Some define them as twin flames, others call it soulmate. Are they the same?

What Is A Twin Flame?

A twin flame is, simply put, your other half. It is that person that you feel deeply connected to, and not only on the emotional and physical level but, also on a spiritual and soulful level.

It’s one soul that has been separated into female and male halves. A human blueprint, as epitomized by Eve when she was created from Adam as his helper. [1] According to the traditional Greek mythology, your soul mate is on the other side assisting you with trials and tribulation as well as other earthly things.

They are your lovely archangel, lifting you up when you are low, giving you hope, strength, and direction when you’re feeling alone and lost. This relationship is almost similar to that of identical twins in that they have an almost telepathic relationship yet they have their own separate lives.

Our desire to find our twin soul is fueled by our profound longing and unconscious love that is within us. A twin soul relationship happens when two different people are a perfect match for each other as a result of their shared difficulty or pain. The key factor in the relationship is vibrancy between the two individuals, and that is what differentiates a twin flame from a life partner.

You would think that a twin flame relationship will be perfect, that everything will be okay. But the truth is that you both are still human living on this earth, and regardless of how connected you are, there will still be issues and therefore the relationship will require devotion and work.

twin flame in life meaning like you’ve known two people with flame energy or soul connection, i.e. flame connections and vice versa

What Is The Difference Between Twin Flames And Soulmates?

Here are some differences between soulmates vs twin flames.

Soul mate relationships are about love, a twin flame isn’t

A soulmate or a life partner is someone you are truly in love with. It is someone who is attracted to you, and to whom you have unconditional love and vise versa. Life partners are all about love.

So, what are twin flames? Twinflame, on the other hand, is more than love, It is more or less about truth. Twin flame relationships can revolutionize one’s life, changing it so dramatically that they may appear a new person. A twin flame can see who you truly are, and he or she is comfortable with the way you are.

It is the best fit, particularly when it comes to internal challenges and struggles. Since a twin flame is your other half – a mirror image of you, being in a twin flame relationship is like being in a relationship with self (a representative of you) when you love yourself enough, and therefore you both seem to understand each other’s feelings, tribulations, and way of thinking.

According to Dr. Valejos, ‘The true purpose about twin flame, transcends emotional highs, great sex, and a beautiful love story – it is meant to shake you up, wake you up, and lift you higher. It is a present given by the higher being – one that you can only realize if you let go of all the small things that you’ve been holding on for a while now, and is no longer of use to you anymore.’

In short, while a soulmate strives to establish a deeper loving connection, a twin flame love focuses on establishing a deeper connection through shared problems or pain. It is about unmasking yourself and laying bare the truth about you and everything as a whole. And as a result…

many people wonder what is the difference between twin flame vs soulmate, soulmate vs twin flame - soul mates and life partner differ from a flame union in a sense

Unlike your soulmate, your common twin flame is meant to unearth the truth, causing you a lot of pain

As you probably know, relationships are never easy. They are meant to create a bond, nature friendship, and create comfort. However, just like there is no river without a source, relationships sometimes hurt. The Mills brothers put it so well when they said “you’ll always hurt the person you care for; you’ll always take the sweetened rose and crush it until the petals fall”.

Even two people who were meant for each other, life partners through and through or soulmates, sometimes causes a bit of pain and conflict to one another as they go through the journey of development. It is simply unavoidable that people in search of a deep and long-lasting relationship end up having conflicts.

That being said, twin flame relationships are to an extend meant to cause pain. Without pain, no true transformation will take place. This is further emphasized in the definition of intense personal growth where it is stated that; a person must undergo great pain to achieve great transformation. The pain we experience in our normal relationship with our soulmate or life partners not only makes us stronger, but it also helps us to grow.

The learning here majorly touches on working together, tolerating each other, and respecting each other’s opinions. As for twin flames relationships, the pain is about digging up dirt from the other individual so that it can be cleansed – but the process of unearthing hurts like hell.

Soulmates are meant to be there for a lifetime but twin flame is someone you’d want to get away from

Both twin flame and soulmate are relationships that can last for a long time. The only difference is that soulmates are by choice while twin flames are not. We opt (without coercion or fate) to spend the rest of our lives with our soulmate but a twin flame is the type of a person who comes into our lives, leaves, and comes back again – and the circle continues until the baggage/pain that connected us is completely removed.

It is the removal of baggage or pain that prevents twin souls from being an ‘eternal’ relationship. So, no matter what you do, the twin flame relationship will end the moment the root cause of the connection is solved, however long it takes.

Twin flames relationships are usually symbiotic; meaning the other helps you grow and you reciprocate by helping them as well. The growth happens as a result of the revelation of our inadequacy and deepest pain. Physical proximity accelerates growth, breaking all those misguided and false internal structures until the truth is laid bare. The connections are flawless.

There are 7 twin flames stages and they are as follows:

  1. Awareness (having the feeling that something is missing in your life);
  2. The awakening (knowing your commonalities);
  3. The test (understanding your oneness);
  4. The crisis (disagreement, worries, and anxiety);
  5. The running and chasing;
  6. Surrender;
  7. The reunion and joining

twin flame stages have the potential and possibility to help us change thoughts, life lessons, acceptance, strengths, wholeness, mind, weaknesses, etc. unlike a life partner

10 Signs Of A Twin Flame Relationship

1. You Feel At ‘Home’ With Each Other

Apart from feeling at home you also feel safe in the presence of your soul twin. Simply put, twin flame signs often brings out the best in you in all circumstances. You often feel like you can take on the world while with one another. This type of feeling can make you grow in ways you never thought possible.

2. You Connect Instantly And Intensely With The Other

You can’t seem to shake the thought of meeting him/her again. This is often a major sign that you have met your twin flame. The connection is simply not forced and comes out automatically the moment you meet the person. It is way deeper than simply just manifesting love and falling in love with this person.

3. You Feel Like You Can Be Your Authentic Self With Each Other

You are not afraid of your blemishes and shortcomings. Have you ever been with someone that you simply do not feel the need of hiding your mistakes and shortcomings when you are around them? You do not fear rejection when with them. With them, you can simply let loose and be the most genuine part of yourself. Well, a twin relationship does just that.

twin flames symptoms around each other differ from life partner energies

4. You Mirror Each Other’s Aspirations In Life

Twin relationships often thrive to make each other better. You hold each other accountable and push each other to achieve the very best as you go through the same experiences. Nothing can be better than this.

5. You Can Be Honest With Each Other About Everything

You become your true you in his/her presence. When in this form of intimacy you do not feel the need to hide aspects of your life that you feel people will judge you harshly about. You simply feel comfortable enough to be the real you. You simply share the same values

6. You Understand Complex Parts About The Other

Human beings are complex therefore the best person that can really no more about you is your better half. Twin flames get to know each other better than any other person can thus make these kinds of relationships richer.

for example, you neither have to put a front nor excuse your insecurities around the other with caution during bad times and obstacles

7. You Heal Each Other’s Wounds

Since you understand what the other is going through, twin flame relationships are between individuals who connect well at a deeper level hence understanding what one another is feeling. This helps them advise and heal each other’s pain when they are going through painful periods.

8. You Expose Each Other To New Perspectives

You make one another better people. Being able to simply give out a different point of view concerning a situation is an underrated life skill, Helping people see a different point of view helps them make the right decisions and allows them to be better.

accept flaws, faults of each other with compassion and kindness without stress, and share similarities in dreams, mindsets, opportunities, etc.

9. You Intuitively Know What The Other Is Thinking About

A simple glance, and you know what one another is thinking. Twin flames are connected at a deeper level therefore they tend to feel and think alike. This helps the couple move forward as one and enjoy the unity that comes with this. It makes you one with the Universe.

10. You Make Each Other Better People

The main aim of any relationship is to make each other better. What better way to do this than have a person that you connect with, in a deeper way.

in fact, you can turn to each other about anything and have the ability to share emotions and trauma for healing with recognition and ease


The truth about twin flames relationships is that everybody has one twin. Our soul was once bound to another human being in the past. And twin flames relationships, bring these two different but compatible souls together. If you’ve already met yours, well done, and all the best for you.

Remember that it is not all rainbows and sunshine, but the coming together of these souls is magical – a combination of happiness and love. It gives clarity to your existence. If you are still searching, don’t despair, when the stars align, you’ll have your day in the sun. All you should know is that there is a twin flame for you. So, practice manifestation every day.

Be conscious of the law of attraction and look out for people you share a common interest with. Lastly, relationships can provide amazing fundamental growth, and can be as powerful as any spiritual growth. And there is no better demonstration than a twin relationship.

All You Need To Know About Giving Up On Love

Information on give love feature image

All You Need To Know About Giving Up On Love

Information on give love feature image

Ever heard the saying – love makes the world go round? In a real sense, it does since we cannot exist without it and we are nothing without it. We need know how to manifest love and how to manifest your dreams to eventually feel complete and thrive in our lives.

But while finding and holding on to true love is important, finding your soul mate is anything but easy. Almost everyone has experienced some form of heartbreak at some point, but the idea is to keep moving on, believing that true love will eventually come your way.

Reasons Why You May Be Giving Up on Love

We all have our reasons to give up. On most occasions, however, people tend to give up due to bad experiences and things that led to constant heartbreaks [1]. Below are some of the reasons why you might find yourself losing hope of enjoying love at some point in life.

Fear of Commitment

It could be that your past relationship was troublesome, or that you have been unlucky in your previous relationship. However, a toxic relationship enables you to create space for loving another. Either way, bad past tend to impact our view of love negatively, consequently instilling the terror of commitment in us.

The thought that future relationships will end in tears is a huge reason for giving up. As a result, it is important to avoid generalizing your past since doing so denies you the chance to care to find true love.

If your past commitment was unsuccessful, give yourself enough time to heal but don’t deny yourself the opportunity to meet new people by avoiding future commitments. Even the princess had to kiss several frogs before landing on her prince, so just take the bad experiences as lessons of love as opposed to the end of love.

Lack of Self-Worth

Low self-worth is a matter of situation where you see yourself as unworthy or undeserving of love. The trouble of insufficient self-worth leads to self-loathe, which in turn forces you to pin all the past relationship failures on yourself, thereby giving up on relationships.

For any relationship to be successful, the two parties must in be in complete sync, understanding that differences and other things will arise, but can be solved through hard work and commitment. Giving up love due to the fear that your feelings, personality, or character isn`t worthy of it is an indirect method of condemning yourself to a lifetime of loneliness.

Dont give up on love just because your past relationship (s) was toxic. Instead, believe that you deserve someone better, one who understands you for who you are and not someone who compares you to everyone else.

Practical Aspects of Life

In fact, things like to give up on finding true love also results from unfortunate life experiences. It could be a demanding career that thoroughly depletes your social life, disability, or even persistent health complications that just don`t seem to go away.

You`ll notice that when you give up on love due to life`s uncontrollable situation, chances of finding true love become increasingly slim and you close the door of love. Therefore, it is advisable to learn your lesson to accept things that you cannot change. People who`ve given up on love due to life`s uncontrollable events more often than not find it hard in order to meet and date new people.

Accepting that life has its ups and downs will allow you to find someone who accepts you for who you are. Therefore, if you don’t want to end up bitter and full of regrets, don’t give up on love due to life`s unfortunate events. Instead, learn to accept that life is unpredictable and believe that you`ll find the right person at the right time.

Difference: how to let go of your feeling and give up

The Difference Between Letting Go and Giving Up On Love

“I give up on love” and “I gave up on love” are common phrases made by people who`ve experienced toxic relationships. Giving up on love means that you don`t expect to date anyone in the future due to negative past actions. Put simply, “I’ve given up on love” is a term that you should steer clear from if you want to find it in the future.

Giving up on love isn`t advisable since we all need to love and be loved. Therefore, you shouldn`t abandon your hopes of finding true love even if your past girlfriend or man was toxic for you. You have to believe that happiness will eventually come in your journey of true love.

For instance, instead of saying that you`ve given up on relationships, it’s better to let go of a relationship if you feel like its heading nowhere. Letting go of love is not giving up on love. It simply means that you`ve weighed the pros and cons of a relationship and decided that it`s time to take a break with the possibility of dating later on.

Letting go of a relationship means you`ve accepted that your ex wasn`t your soulmate and that the breakup was necessary for personal growth. Although letting go might come with a lot of pain and the feeling that all is collapsing, it`s usually the best method to recover from heartbreak or an unsuccessful relationship.

Why You Should Not Give Up on Love

If you`re wondering how to give up on love, stop! The reality is that no one is perfect and that its normal for couples to fight (not physical violence) every now and then. A failed experience with your dream guy or girl doesn`t mean that all future relationships will be unsuccessful. You have to take courage and believe that your future lover or spouse is one or two unsuccessful relationships away.

There is no expert when it comes to love. You`ll need to trust the process and trust that you`ll find someone who brings the best out of you. Giving up on finding love exposes you to the risk of living in solitude, which in turn can compromise your mental health. So instead of giving up on love, let go of the baggage that came with your past relationship, maintaining an open mind that you`ll date once you find the right person.

Possibility of letting go of feelings and why not

5 Things to Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

1. Timing Is Everything

The beauty of love is that it has no timeline. While we often set timelines for when we want to become parents or start businesses, love doesn`t work like that. The choice to find a wife or husband should be based on the love and passion that you feel towards someone.

You can find it in your twenties or even when you`re about to enter your senior years since love has no time limit. The solution is to focus on being the best version of yourself, avoiding the negative energy that results from pressures in society.

Rushing into love leaves a lot of room for disappointment, especially when the bad moments start. Therefore, take as much quality time as possible to learn more about your love interest before you start dating.

2. Learn To Enjoy Single Life

The truth and the good news is single living is just as good as being in a serious relationship. Due to this, you should enjoy hanging out with your circle friends and knowing more about yourself before trying to establish a connection with others. Men and women are known to love romance, with sex and affection being a major part of relationships.

Therefore, avoid focusing on dating and be patient enough to find comfort in the place that you`re currently in. Avoid subjecting yourself to age-related pressures which can force you to settle for an incompatible partner. The trick is to respect your priorities and focus on improving yourself before thinking about dating others and giving it a shot.

3. All It Takes Is One Person

Destiny favors the brave. Therefore, you must remain hopeful that the ideas of the mother of your children or father of your children is somewhere out there. The advantage of heartbreaks is that you`re moving closer to finding your soul mate. Don`t allow unsuccessful dates to cloud your relationship goals.

No one on this planet is perfect, so don`t waste your time thinking about your past dating failures. Be hopeful that the right person will come straight to your arms at the right time.

4. You`re Deserving Of Love

Learning how to give up on someone you love isn`t easy. But with the right amount of guidance, you can let go of unsuccessful relationships without giving up on true love. The world will always give you the chance to date again, provided you believe that you`re good enough to find love.

Success in dating doesn`t come on the basis of luck, but rather unending faith and belief that the right person is somewhere out there. Therefore, avoid negative thoughts of any kind that can cause you pain. Take the first step out. Never compromise on your beliefs or change who you are to suit someone else. Always believe that you`re beautiful and smart enough to turn heads and attract someone who truly meant for you.

5. Finding Love Takes Effort

If you feel like taking a break from dating or finding it, remember that good thing come to those who wait and put enough effort. To succeed as a couple, you`ll need to understand that problems will always be there. However, the thing is that it is how you handle disappointments that determine whether you and your partner will succeed.

In case you`ve been unsuccessful in your search for true love, don`t give up since love has no timeline. Talk to a friend or close family members when you feel your strength is running out. You can even read books on love to keep you motivated about finding true love.

Answers to ways on the perspective on not forsaking on love


No matter your level of disappointment in love, the bottom line is you should never allow yourself to give up and should avoid taking any action without consulting. Giving up means you doubt your ability to find a compatible partner, which shouldn`t be the situation.

Therefore, in other words, instead of turning your back on love, consider letting go of unsuccessful relationships since doing so will give you closure.

But regardless of the battle you face and number of disappointments you`ve faced, always have hope that your better half is somewhere out there waiting for you, waiting to care for you. While it might take time, the wait will be worth it when you find that person that takes your breath away.

What You Need To Know About Karmic Debt Number

karmic debt feature image

What You Need To Know About Karmic Debt Number

karmic debt feature image

Karma refers to the spiritual concept of cause and effect whereby present actions and intentions determine the future. Good intentions and deeds contribute to good karma and happy rebirths while bad deeds lead to bad karma and bad rebirths. Therefore, to be on the right side of karma and remove bad karma, it is important to lead an honorable life and know the laws of karma.

What is karmic debt [1]? What is my karmic debt number? These are some of the common questions that arise when people are looking to know more about karmic debt definition and how to clear karmic debt. And in case you are the type that is beginning to believe “I don’t have a karmic debt number”, think again, we all have debt numbers that reflect our life choices in our past lives.

What Are Karmic Debt Numbers?

The ideology of a life path number stems from the universe`s cyclical nature, which includes date and re-birth cycles. These numbers point out the burdens or challenges that must be overcome in order to achieve happiness and perfect life stability. These numbers are useful as they help us to understand the specific behaviors that we need to amend as well as obstacles that we may have to undergo in our present lifetime.

calculation of life path number - birth date and birth name

How Do You Calculate Your Karmic Debt Number?

Numbers that relate to karmic debt are normally based on birthday, personality numerology, and life path number. Adding up these numerals determines the karmic debt that you`re dealing with.

You can calculate your personality number by adding the two numerals that make up your birthday such as your birth date and birth month. For instance, if you were born on August 17th, you would add the digits up, 0+8+1+7= 16. Then simplify the figure by adding 1+6, which results in 7. Seven translates to life path number 16. Please note that you don’t have to reduce numbers further if you encounter a master number (11, 22, or 33).

Did you know that you can easily determine your life path number using the karmic debt number calculator online? All you have to do is key in important information such as birth name, birth date, and press next button for you to learn the karmic lessons associated with your life path.

information of various life path and debt karma numbers

What Do The Different Karmic Debt Numbers Mean?

Karmic Debt Number 13

If 13 is the answer to the popular question what is my karmic number? Then it means you`re here to pay a debt for lazy behavior in a previous lifetime. Put simply, you avoided shouldering responsibility for most of your actions, leaving the rest to carry the workload instead.

You likely took several shortcuts as opposed to taking your time to get the job done. The good news though, is that you can make amends for this life path number by participating in active reasoning and communication.

Always think about your actions and the resulting repercussions. And since number 13 represents laziness, you should look to get out of your comfort zone in this life. Therefore, try to work hard to get out of your comfort zone, putting extra effort into your activities. You should also learn to complete activities without outsourcing to others.

You`ll know you`re dealing with debt 13 if you are constantly blaming one for your misfortunes. Inexplicable idleness and constant procrastination are also signs that you need to repay your karmic debt. Other signs of an impending karmic debt include the need to be in control, egocentric, and recurrent feelings that others don`t appreciate your input.

In the numerology chart, the universe always gives us a chance to rectify our past errors. This means that although not easy, you have the ability to pay your karmic debt if you remain consistent, truthful, and passionate in your pursuit of change. Always search for your failures deep in your heart as this is the best way to deal with thoughts of idleness that have the potential to cause significant destruction to you and everyone around you.

Karmic Debt Number 14

Such numbers are associated with the experience of the misuse of personal freedom. In other words, it holds that you acted selfishly towards others, putting your preferences before those of others. Debt number 14 is also associated with insufficient self-discipline in various areas of your life. It could include insufficient resistance towards food, alcohol, drugs, and even work-life balance.

To pay off this karmic debt in your numerology chart, you`ll have to channel your inner strength and emotions to analyze your use of freedom. Examine whether you are disciplined enough to avoid day to day temptations. You also need to practice moderation, especially when it comes to your habits.

This number requires you to take a step back and analyze your treatment of others. Understand that your opinion isn’t better than that of others and be of service to them. Even more important, lessons of learning to accommodate one in your thought cycle, especially in situations that affect others as well.

You also need to understand that it`s okay to take a backseat and allow others to manage every now and then. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness; instead, it only shows that you are mature enough to incorporate the perspective and opinions of other people as opposed to being super controlling.

Your challenge in this current reality is to support other members of the community, understanding that proper reasoning is required in all circumstances. While its good to have faith in your intuition and have great intellect awareness, its advisable to avoid the behavior of judging another person.

Some of the signs that you`re dealing with this life path number include the inability to practice self-control, feelings of being entrapped, commitment issues, need for freedom, persistent boredom in jobs, and relationships, making it hard to maintain either.

significance of misuse of relationship and payment methods

Karmic Debt Number 16

You landed in this kind of karmic debt due to your abuse power of relationships in the journey of your past life. The need to repay this karma debt will cause you to feel the urge or need to prove that you are worthy of trust in this lifetime. You might be dealing with such obstacles if you allowed your arrogance to get the better of you in the past. Lessons of learning humility and be of service will be needed to clear this debt. Remember, you hold the power.

This is among the hardest to overcome since you need to be in touch with your inner self to understand the need to gain humility. You likely were involved in several affairs in your other life and broke the trust of several friends and family members in the process.

On the other hand, similar to other karmic debts, clearing your name requires thorough self-reflection. Think about the many times your arrogance has got you into trouble or how frequently your self-perception has offended others. Come to peace with that and start by thinking less about yourself. While it might take some time before you overcome your ego-related problems, remaining consistent will help you to transform your habits and in response become a trustworthy individual.

Some issues that you may continue to encounter with this karmic debt include hard-headedness, desire to be in solitude, lack of reliance, negative energies, struggles with interaction, failed relationships, difficulty in sustaining emotional connections, and egocentric.

Karmic Debt Number 19

In the numerology chart, 19 is centered around selfishness and the need to step on people to achieve your personal goals or interests. In the journey of your past birth cycle, you didn’t hesitate to use people in order to get ahead. And while you were a bully in your previous birth cycle, you can change your destiny by becoming more of a laid-back leader who allows the other to take charge and be of service to other people.

The whole idea is to be more accommodating and be of service to other people, taking time to think about the issues plaguing both friend and family before yourself. You should also resist the urge to act like a know-it-all since it promotes a sense of arrogance and conceit.

If you are struggling with this number, you`ll notice that you have a lot of love for material goods in your birth life. Number 19 is also associated with stubbornness (especially when it comes to asking for help), obsession in self-appearance, narcissism, over-reliance on one, addiction, idleness, arrogance, selfishness, and self-esteem issues (especially when things fail to go according to plan).

Disclaimer, overcoming this number is fairly difficult and can take multiple lives. But to be on the right side and change the course of your life, it is important to prioritize caring for other people. That is, helping your colleagues and the less-fortunate to succeed in their personal ventures. It`s human nature to think that you`re better than someone or something else, but the fact is there are several ways we can all add value provided we work towards achieving our goals.

Karmic Debt Number 0

Did you know that 0 is not representative of the meaning that you`re clear or free of any responsibilities? While number 0 doesn’t translate to a karmic debt, it means that more is expected from you, especially in maintaining your progress in your life. Therefore, the idea is to make positive decisions and live as a good example to ensure that you experience success in your lifetimes and avoid sending negative energy your way in your next life path.

Also, you need to be extra careful if your number is zero since living carelessly will attract future karmic debts. People with 0 more often tend to struggle with motivation and focus. However, lessons of investigating numerology based on name numbers and year of birth can help you to learn areas that need improvement for you to thrive in your next life.

everything about numerology and their lifetime


Karmic debts can be scary to accept, especially if you live in denial regarding the energy we send as humans to the universe. However, taking these numerology chart facts into consideration will allow you to improve your life, becoming more satisfied and content with your existence and achievements.

Since we’ve discussed how to get rid of karmic debt, you should be in a good place to learn from your karmic lessons, making the most of both your positive and negative experiences.

If you don`t know how to calculate karmic debt number, you can use a karma debt calculator to help you know some of the karma signs the world might be sending your way.

Don`t blame fate for the negative occurrences in your life path. Taking time to understand spirituality and how karmic debt works will allow you to break the pattern of bad luck and overcome your struggles.

The Power Of Words : How Words Impact Your Life

strength of words feature image

The Power Of Words : How Words Impact Your Life

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“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.” – Yehuda Berg

Human beings are the only animals that use words as a media to communicate their thoughts. But one thing people forget is that words have power that demands great responsibility.

In the first chapter of Genesis, God creates the world with the word of mouth. Further down in the Gospel of John, Jesus takes the form of the word. It is indicated that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God … The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

No matter your religious belief, one clear thing in this description of Jesus and the creation story is that words are powerful. What’s more, the weight in the power of a word has the capacity to influence your life at a physical level, help you fulfill your purpose, and achieve your dreams.

How Words Impact Your Life 

It pays to make positive word choices in your speech. Words carry vibration[1]. The energy in these vibrations attracts similar energy from the universe. If the words carry positive energy, they will attract positive things in your life and result in endless possibilities of success.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, did two experiments to demonstrate the importance of words and the power of word selection in improving the quality of your life. According to the results documented in the book, The Hidden Messages in Water, words carry enough energy to change the physical structure of matter.

He placed positive words in several vials with water and negative words in a few others. A microscope showed that the kind terms like thank you, I love you, and humility created beautiful frozen crystals. Nothing good came out of the vials with negative words; they created non-symmetrical structures.

Given that the body is 70% water, think of the intensity with which the sound vibration from negative terms could have on your cells, and ultimately reflect in your reality. It verifies the expression ‘the tongue has the power of life and death’.

In the second experiment, he demonstrated the concept using two jars of rice. One was labeled ‘Thank You’ and another ‘ You Fool.’ He asked students to repeat the phrase labeled on each jar two times a day for 30 days. Rice in the negative jar turned into a black gelatinous matter while the rice in the positive jar maintained its original form.

Negative language has been a problem in our lives since ancient history. An Uruguayan writer shows it in the poem – The Nobodies. The writer indicates how the Spanish colonialists failed to respect the indigenous people as human beings. They knew that words have power to devalue them and referred to their mode of speech as dialects instead of languages and called them using numbers instead of names.

amount of validation that words can give

The Powerful Affirmation That Words Provide

Words are power, and everything that leaves your mouth is a powerful affirmation. It is a declaration of who you are and how you view your world. When you say something uplifting or self-deprecating, you are affirming it as your truth.

Positive declarations are your key to rebuilding your life into one that you desire. Replace the negative talk with positive words that assert the person you want to be and how you want your life to unfold.

Positive vocabulary terms like terrific, exquisite, extraordinary, amazing, and magnificent, among others, should always be at the top of your head. Stick to the strong ones while paying attention to their meanings. Use every opportunity to use the words power to create better realities.

4 Ways To Use Words

Here is how you can use the power of words to transform and give your life meaning.

1. Choose Words Consciously

A hard fact to ignore is how the world has conditioned people to complain a lot about their problems. You often subconsciously complain to your friends about the traffic, weather, or trouble at home or use negative words in a song or metaphor. You end up scattering negative words, and like seeds, they give forth a chain of negative events.

You could accept this negativity as part of life or choose to do something about it. One of the things you can do is go on a negativity diet. Watch every word that leaves your mouth and eliminate anything carrying negative energy.

Find a way to talk about negative things in a positive way. Rather than saying to someone ‘I am broke’, change to ‘I have had better months.’ It passes the same message, but with a touch of positivity.

You need to avoid complaining about life to anyone, including your family. Learn to process your anger before lashing out in all sorts of negative language and reactions. For example, if you receive an e-mail with bad news at work, cool down before responding to the person. Fill your lungs with air and breath out slowly, and then communicate your feelings using kind terms. And if you cannot find something positive to say, practice maintaining silence.

Filter your words only to contain the things you want. Avoid name-calling and negatively criticizing people around you. By criticizing others, you devalue yourself. The energy in the words you use on others will resonate in your life. Speak with grace and treat them with justice, and it will reflect back to you.

2. Affirm Yourself 

The brain learns best through repetition. And according to the illusory truth effect, when an individual is exposed to a statement long enough, they believe it as the truth, even when the circumstances are different.

This means that the brain will perceive what you read, see, or regularly speak as valid. When you repeat positive affirmations, your brain sees them as the truth. And people who hear these phrases will believe in their minds as the truth about you.

Start your days with words about power like ‘I am confident’, ‘I am successful’ and others. The power in the words ‘I am’ gives you control over your mind and a realization that you are capable of giving meaning to your existence, regardless of your current circumstances.

Ensure that your affirmation is in the present tense like it’s your present truth. Avoid stating what you do not want to be, but rather who you want to be. And ensure that nothing you say is negative. Affirm yourself in a frequency of three times a day and write them on a piece of paper to engage your mind.

Use visualization. Engage every sense to create a mental picture of the reality you are affirming and let it reflect in your body language. Words are strong, but visualization will make it more real and make it easier to manifest your desires.

various way to use words

3. Speak From A Place Of Love

When you are complaining about your life, you are speaking from a place of fear and insecurity. Your fears will have you thinking that you will never get that promotion, or you are not good enough in the field of business. It will get you thinking that you are in the wrong career or relationship. And it reflects in your words.

You can overcome this by being mindful of the thought behind your words. Ask yourself two questions, why you are about to speak those words, and will they have a positive or negative effect on your happiness.

Understanding the reasoning behind your words will help you realize that they are coming from a point of insecurity. And voicing these fears will actualize them into your world.

In order for more loving things to fill your life, ensure your words are coming from a point of love. Make certain that nothing negative is passing through your ears by watching the people you interact with. This will ensure that you know how to manifest love with a specific person. Negative Nancies can corrupt your soul with their defeatist attitude.

The same humanity, kindness, and grace you would extend to a friend is the same treatment you should give to yourself. If your friend came to you with their fears, you wouldn’t want to fuel it with negativity. You would use a soft tone to clear out their doubt and show compassion. Similarly, ensure everything you say is helping you build a better world for yourself.

4. Be A StoryTeller 

Everyone has a story that they can tell about their lives. And one major benefit of life stories is that you can determine your personal narrative. How you frame your story can be empowering, or it can bring you down.

Don’t be a Debbie downer who is always complaining about past grief and how life has been unfair, be the optimist who inspires with a powerful story.

Telling your story gives you a chance to decide on the causes and effects that created the person you are today. One way is by focusing on the positives, such as your strengths, the growth you achieved, and the good things that happened.

Storytelling will be of service in helping you find a positive perspective about your past challenges. It gives you a way to let go of the pain and anxiety you may carry from these experiences and replace these emotions with hope and excitement. Ultimately this deep depth of positivity will reflect in your present lifetime.

As you find ideas to voice your story positively, you will realize the grit, strength, and resilience you have to live the life you want.

effect of using words wisely


Most successful people understand the power of words. They have made positivity part of their life. It runs deep in their soul and bones. These people always have positive words in their hearts, and it reflects in their speech.

You can also get to this level.

Understand that words have the power to destroy and kill, but they can also give out grace, peace, and other good things. Shift your focus from the negatives in your past and present life. Engrave in your heart the words that form the soul of religion, such as justice, love, truth, and mercy.

What Are Things To Be Thankful For?

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What Are Things To Be Thankful For?

lessons and things to thankful for - Feature Image

With the various challenges that come as part of life, it’s important to be thankful for the little achievements. Although being thankful doesn’t eliminate the bad days, it plays a pivotal role in making you happy and fulfilled.

And with all the ups and downs associated with ‘adulting,’ we can’t help but appreciate our small wins. Doing so not only helps cheer us up but also keeps us hopeful and optimistic that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Why Is It Important To Be Thankful?

The importance of thankfulness cannot be overstated. Cultivating the habit of gratitude helps us to make the most out of our situations as opposed to sulking in our worries. Moreover, being thankful also promotes positivity, especially since you realize that despite the hardships and difficulties, you have still achieved a great deal.

On most occasions, we tend to neglect small gifts such as being alive and surrounded by loved ones. Appreciating these and other gifts is important, especially if you want to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Want to know some of the things to be grateful for? Then you’ll love our things to be thankful for list, which discusses some of the important gifts that should always feature on your gratitude list.

things to be grateful for - simplest things that bring beauty and happiness on bucket list

10 Things To Be Thankful For In Your Life

1. Being Alive

If someone asks, what are the three things you’re thankful for? Your answers will probably include the gift of life somewhere. Unfortunately, people often take life for granted, instead, choosing to focus on the challenges associated with everyday life.

No matter the challenges you might be going through, every day you spend alive is a gift that not everyone receives. Therefore, even when everything appears to be going south, life is one thing to be thankful for since it means you still have a chance to rectify or improve your situation.

2. Having A Home

In case everything appears dull in your life, and you’re wondering what to be thankful for, take a second, look at your home, and give thanks. It’s part of human nature to desire what we don’t have while ignoring what we have. You might not live in the poshest places, but the fact that you have a bed and a peaceful enough environment to call home is enough of a blessing.

Before you take your home for granted, remember the homeless people and children in our country who would give just about anything to experience sunsets and sunrises at home. Therefore, when your feeling low, be thankful that you have a place to sleep, drink water, host guests, and even watch a movie or two.

3. Being In Good Health

Good health is another perfect answer to the question of what to be grateful for. Every day that you and your loved ones are healthy is reason enough to give thanks. Remember, not everyone is lucky enough to have a healthy heart, mind, or body without any problems. As a result, you should find joy in the fact that you don’t need medicine to support or guarantee your next breath.

Most people with illnesses struggle with medication and receiving high-quality healthcare. But you should count yourself lucky if you have nothing to complain about when it comes to your physical well-being.

one way is to practice gratitude journaling and jot down thoughts and acts of kindness

4. Food On The Table

When asked what two to three things are you most thankful for in your life? The most common answers are usually food, shelter, and clothing. Since a large percentage of people sleep hungry without eating or drinking water, you should take every opportunity to give thanks for your ability to feed your family.

Not too many people have opportunities to eat three meals. Some children have to go to school hungry without a single meal, yet you are often lucky enough to order pizza at your own convenience. Therefore, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, take the time to appreciate that cup of tea you always take at the beginning of the day.

5. Family

Life would be meaningless without the memories that arise from family traditions. Having a sister, wife, husband, child, and parents is a massive blessing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. A look at past photographs and memories of childhood experiences and conversations should provide enough motivation to persevere through the hard times.

The purpose of family is to support you through the good and bad moments right from birth. Due to this, it is advisable always to maintain close relationships with your family and close friends, since they know the true you, and will stand by you no matter the circumstances.

6. Clothes To Wear

You might feel like an underachiever, but before you do, check on the sheets, pajamas, shoes and even socks you’ve managed to buy on Amazon or other retailers. It might not look like a lot, but having enough in your pockets to buy just one piece of clothing should improve your attitude.

Instead of focusing on how hard you’ve been hit by the rain, you should be thankful for the fact that you can change after hitting the shower. Not everyone has the ability to do so or maintain a closet packed with outfits of different colors.

one thing on bucket list - holiday, ocean, equality

7. Money In The Bank

It might not be anything close to a million dollars or what your co-workers earn, but having some cash saved up in your bank account is reason enough to practice gratitude. Provided you have a job that gives you financial freedom and allows you to buy the basic items, then you should be grateful.

Studies indicate that income has a huge impact on the quality of life. However, you don’t have to afford holidays or first class air transport for you to be happy. Appreciating the little amount that you’ve managed to set aside will keep you happy, ensuring that you send out positive energy to the universe.

8. Friends And Loved Ones

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is reason enough to be thankful. Unfortunately, we tend to under-appreciate our blessings, instead, placing focus on our worries. While friends might fail to provide solutions all the time, they can offer words of advice or point out our flaws, which is vital for self-improvement.

Good friends will help you to overcome stress, exactly why humans thrive on friendships. Some act as voices of reason, which helps to promote excellence, ensuring that you make advances in your career or personal life.

9. The Free Pleasures Of Life

We often take for granted the simple things in life such as watching movies, camping, hiking, air conditioning, and even attending parties. Thanks to agencies like Netflix, it’s possible to watch a TV show, play your favorite game online or perform other activities that fulfill your passion.

Technology continues to improve life on earth, making it possible for us to share laughter, our emotions, or knowledge through social media.

One thing the age of the internet has done is to make our daily existence a lot interesting. You can easily listen to the music of your preference or stream a blockbuster movie, which are some reasons to be grateful for. We also live in a world where human rights such as freedom of speech are constantly being promoted, helping to make the world a better place.

10. Wisdom Of The Human Brain

Animals can’t pray to God, participate in education, or even share ideas, making it hard to change their difficult situations without human involvement. But as humans, we have the chance to work hard, develop ideas, read books, all of which boost our chances of success and productivity.

Our superior minds allow us to learn from our mistakes and research on an idea or imagination that has the potential for growth. Therefore, no matter the situation you might be facing, remember that anyone can achieve their goals, provided they remain focused and develop positive habits.

happiness and gratitude for having electricity and cell phones

How To Practice Gratitude In Your Everyday Life

Talk To Friends And Family

Sometimes we all need a reminder of our blessings or a different perspective to ours. Talking to a friend or family member will help you to keep track of your blessings, ensuring that you view your every day alive positively, taking note of all your small wins.

Meditate Regularly

Meditation helps to guide your focus, allowing you to find comfort in a situation that another might term as tragic or unfortunate. [1] Regular meditation widens your eyesight, helping you to focus on your fears, consequently ensuring that you view life as a half-full and not half-empty glass.

Take Time To Think About Others

Detaching from personal issues is one way to think about the unfortunate issues faced by other people. So many lives are in danger of starvation, medical issues, debts, among thousands of other potential fatal issues. Taking time to think about the plight of other people will help you to learn just how blessed you are, therefore making you more grateful.

grateful for and thankful to you - mother, daughter, kids, teachers, partner, spouse


What are you thankful for? No matter how hard things might get, there’s always something to be grateful for. If you are thinking ‘ I want to be happy again‘, know that gratitude is the source of happiness and positivity, it’s crucial to cultivate a habit of thankfulness, especially when things aren’t going as planned.

As you have seen from our list of things to be grateful for, gratitude not only gives you the feel-good factor, but it also boosts your self-esteem, making you a happy and fulfilled person.

Remember, you can make a difference despite your challenges. The best way to get over feelings of pain and underachievement or disappointment is to look for rainbows or sunshine in the rain. Life isn’t easy, but taking the time to appreciate just one small victory will go a long way in keeping you sane, motivated, and happy.

5 Steps On How To Reverse Bad Karma

way to reverse bad karma in the road of life and finding joy - feature image

5 Steps On How To Reverse Bad Karma

way to reverse bad karma in the road of life and finding joy - feature image

Karma has a way of balancing things. The good always gets what they deserve while bad actions or attitudes often result in unpleasant outcomes. The good thing about karmic laws is that people can break the pattern of negative karma, provided they observe the right steps.

What Is Bad Karma?

Bad karma is the opposite of good karma and is often characterized by the occurrence of bad things. You’ll know you have a poor karmic cycle when things just don’t go your way. It could be negative events that don’t appear to come to an end, awful jobs, unfortunate accidents, illnesses, or even unneeded struggles.

Something to note about negative karma is that it’s reversible. Yes, you can change your bad fortunes and attract positive energy to your life.

In case you’re curious about how to reverse your bad karma, then you are in the right place. Read on as we discuss five proven karma cleansing techniques.

definition of, reasons for, and views on bad karma in life path as a human being

5 Ways To Reverse Bad Karma

1. Identify The Pattern

As you learn how to get rid of bad karma, the golden rule is to first understand where the problem lies. It could be your career that has stagnated for years, love relationships that don’t seem to flourish, or even an uninterruptible chain of negative friends. The whole idea is to understand the experiences or problems that arise from negative karma.

But for you to reverse this, you must be truly honest with yourself. You cannot untie the karmic knots in your life without trying to unearth your behavioral patterns that lead to unending bad luck. Take as much time as possible to identify one, two, or even ten things that could be behind the negativity in your life. Think about the many times you wronged a friend, or you were the source of a problem.

Point to note, you might need to participate in in-depth meditation [1] to develop a much-needed understanding of the root of your problems. Check on recurrent patterns and ask what thoughts or actions promote the bad karmas in your life.

In case you’re having a hard time uncovering your flaws, consider asking a friend or expert to help you understand your situation better. Once you share your thought with someone experienced, you’ll be able to determine the problematic areas in your life.

2. Take Responsibility For It

Did you know that human beings can reverse karma by taking responsibility for their actions? Therefore, once you’re done thinking about all the wrongs you might have done in the past, you should admit to your negative thoughts and actions.

The starting point of karma cleanse is acknowledging that you are responsible for your actions. Identifying the problem isn’t enough; you must go the extra mile and admit that your action led to the negative consequences.

Owning up to your flaws doesn’t mean that you wallow in self-pity. It only means that you are brave enough to face your weaknesses. Take this as an opportunity to come clean about your challenges and the negative impact your actions or choices might have on your immediate environment.

Admitting to your faults will help to give you closure, in the process improving your overall happiness to be happy again. Good karma will start to follow you and your loved ones gradually once you come to peace with your past flaws.

The good thing about owning your weaknesses is that they no longer have power over your present, past, or future. It only proves that you are human enough to make mistakes and take lessons from your past experiences.

As the 12 laws of karma suggest, all things in this universe are connected in several ways. Therefore since our lives are interconnected, owning up for the wrong things you’ve done will help to warm your way back into karma’s good books.

best way to, power, and effect of being responsible in our lives, passion, attitude, and thought

3. Learn From It

Cleansing karma is more about learning from your past mistakes. It’s almost impossible to do so without learning from your past errors. Good karma follows people who do positive deeds, meaning you’ll reverse bad karma only when you change your ways.

Be sure to audit your past mistakes, checking on events or patterns that you might want to change. The universe responds with an energy similar to the one you produce. For example, you’ll continue experiencing negative results if you keep on repeating the same mistakes.

You have the power to cleanse karma only if you abandon your negative actions, thoughts, or behaviors. Changing your thinking or altering behavior isn’t easy. You might need some assistance from your friends and close family members as you look to alter negative traits or deeds that limit your potential.

Anyone can overcome poor behavior. The idea is to develop a new mindset by taking up positive habits. While developing new habits might be a challenge, remaining consistent by making the new trait a routine will help you to change. The best way to deal with your past is to focus on your reality as you continue changing your view.

Taking lessons from your past experience is the best recipe for overcoming a negative karmic cycle. And since you have the power to change your results, don’t lose patience in learning from your flaws. Put effort into your self-assessment, and good fortunes will soon start to follow you. Remember, while no man is perfect, you should always strive to do right in the eyes of the community.

4. Take Positive Actions

Since karma gives people what they deserve, you’ll attract positivity by taking up positive traits like mindfulness, appreciation, compassion, and even gratitude. Read a lot of to gain insight on transforming negative emotions such that you are never short on inspiration.

Positivity is about understanding that you have the potential for future greatness regardless of the present. You’ll have a lot of peace knowing that you can overcome obstacles provided you move in the right direction. Neither your societal status nor the money you have in the bank can guarantee a lifetime of success.

If you’re not feeling great about your current situation or stalled progress, remaining positive and working hard will yield positive outcomes. Taking positive action will help you to send good energy to the universe, which in turn will make all your negative past experiences worth the while.

When looking to reverse a negative karmic cycle, you’ll need to practice patience and being kind as you continue to learn from the many life lessons. Be cautious of anything you say, from your words to thoughts, as they also have an impact on your overall positivity.

5. Forgive Yourself And Everyone Else

To send out positive energy to the universe, you’ll need to practice the art of forgiveness. Granted, not everyone will make you happy. Some people will cause you so much pain and stress. But instead of sulking about your negative experience with others, focus on the positives that came out from your relationships.

Your well-being greatly depends on how you relate to others. And for you to have peace of mind, you’ll need to forgive people whenever they anger you (since you’ll be wronged many times). Your mental health and even physical health depend on the ways you cope with such a type of challenging situation.

Instead of wearing out your mind by being bitter towards someone, tailor your thoughts towards forgiving. You’ll send positive energy to the universe once you start to reason and harbor thoughts of forgiveness.

To avoid sending negative energy to the world, you’ll also need to learn the art of forgiving yourself. Being too hard on yourself won’t make life any easier. As you forgive people who wrong you, be sure to forgive yourself since self-love and expressing kindness to oneself is a proven resolution.

Changing your viewpoint of the world by practicing forgiving will allow you to work on your flaws. The effect of this is that someone who forgives others is more likely to be forgiven. Always look to forgive yourself before seeking the forgiveness of another person. According to the karmic laws, no relationship is more important than the other – exactly why you should forgive yourself just as you would forgive another person.

choice to forgive another person or people we love on a matter in order to see light in our lives


Now that we have discussed how to clear karma, you should be well placed to transform your life and achieve your goals. While you might face difficulty in applying these tips, taking your time to implement something one by one will help you to overturn hardships and unfortunate circumstances.

And since karma is a ‘get what you give’ ideology, you’ll have to focus on transforming your negative character, thoughts, and attitudes. Start small and never shy away from asking for guidance from those you love or seek professional assistance if the need arises.

Once you get started in your journey to overcome bad karma, you’ll need to be prepared in part for setbacks. The truth is, it is normal to make a mistake or two as you look to learn new ways. However, no matter how hard you fall, always get back up and refocus on improving your life.

Move towards your self-improvement goals one step at a time and avoid overburdening yourself with negative thoughts and feelings. Eventually, you’ll notice that everything will start falling in place and working for the better – it only takes a bit of patience.

What You Need To Know About Your Angel Number

Information about angelic numbers meaning Feature Image

What You Need To Know About Your Angel Number

Information about angelic numbers meaning Feature Image

What does an angel look like? Well, that’s something we or any others have no definite answer to. However, the significance of angel number meanings in terms of visual symbols is something we can explain. Some may call it wisdom, some may call it the ability to control whatever experiences you are/will face.

If you don’t want to tangle yourself with spirit guides but yet want to approach the finish line of spirituality, then this guidance on angel numbers and their meanings should help if you are wondering how to start your life over.

What Is An Angel Number?

Angels numbers [1] appear as a type of communication with the outer world, or rather with archangels and angels – free numerology of sorts that your guardian angels offer you throughout life. You may come across an angel number sequence or even a single angel number chart. But, exactly what are angel numbers?

When you see a particular number or numerology often, be it on license plate numbers, your house numbers, ad hoardings, receipts, the clock, or even in your dreams, the universe is actually trying to send you messages. They are in fact vibrations that bring alignment in what the material world has for you and what the universe and angels have actually scripted for you.

Above all, combinations of a repeated number or angel number sequence, as vague it may seem, helps you achieve your life purpose. This purpose and meanings include everything, whether it is relationships, career, work, abundance in money, contribution opportunities, or even a combination of all.

Guardian angel meaning and how to count the numbers

How Do You Calculate Your Angel Number?

Angel numbers can either be calculated by using the numerology specifics of your date of birth or by number perception. Give yourself time and pay close attention to a series of events where the source of knowledge should be the frequency of a common coincidence through repetitive numbers. But what is my angel number?

Basically, every digit in your birthdate is added to give a final number. If that number has two digits then it further added to give out a single digit. Most importantly, if your birthdate calculation gives out double digits such as 11, 22, 33, etc. it means your birthday indicates a master date.

Another idea is to forget all number combinations for a while and solely focus on numbers that stand out often in your daily life. Patterns and numbers will emerge everywhere, and each pattern showcases the same codes, indicating you some secrets and uncovered mysteries.

Example of combinations of Angel Numbers

How Do You Interpret Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers can be hard to recognize unless the repetition sparks a connection in various day-to-day matters. Irrespective of your circumstances, work, responsibilities, core inspiration, the surrounding community, and overall wealth, or others, the more you grasp and interpret these angel numbers, the more you connect with your soul.

1. Angel Number 1

The nature of the number one showcases meaning and order in your life along with independence. It could be a sign of something new. This could even be a new home or entirely new goals altogether. Number sequences with “1” are a strong sign of manifestation. Thus you should be aware as your feelings can easily convert to reality.

If you radiate light, you will be rewarded the same ways by your guardians. Whereas, if your thoughts include mainly combating the struggle of fears, then most likely your actuality would flow in the same way. This is why you must use and understand the importance of this angels number sequence – one!

2. Angel Number 2

This number suggests it’s high time you take up some self-reflection as you’re losing the balance in your life. Moreover, this number is meaning to give you a sense of direction towards things that may not seem to work out for a particular area. Rather than going through one full circle of action and having to start from the beginning, exploit these signs and reconsider things that aren’t seeming right.

Getting the upper-hand in a dominating relationship is a strong sign of angel number sequences with the number “two”. This number teaches you many lessons on reconsideration. How you use your intuition to execute changes and realign your forces depends on you. Watch out this angel number appearing on clocks!

3. Angel Number 3

“Three” unveils the possibility and meaning of acquiring greater possessions on your quest to success. It brings self-expression to the forefront and informs you to better understand the whole ocean of life-changing possibilities at your disposal in the near future.

An angel number sequence of “three” is a way of receiving messages related to your will-power and dedication. If you face a job, work, health, or study-related downfall, then seeing this repeating number many times will guide you to the right opportunities to support growth and combat downfalls.

4. Angel Number 4

Observing “four” as the repeating number in your everyday life indicates that it’s time to scrutinize the foundation of your journey on earth. Call it an indicator of hardship or an upcoming challenge, the number four calls for analyzing your internal and external appearance all over again. This may include checking the critical source of your love life, the people who surround you, and even everything related to your bread and butter.

However, these sequences could be seen as motivation in trying times. Your mind may tell you that you’re on the right path, but in the real case, you need a reminder of what is it you’re chasing.

5. Angel Number 5

If you keep seeing angel numbers as five then you’re in dire need of a change. The world is offering you guidance, ways, and ideas to leap out your bad phase and replenish your being. It provides you a route to put an end to tough times. The sole purpose of this number is to give you a vibration as a sign to break the monotony. On the other hand, it also indicates that a situation may soon flourish with positives along with way.

Repeating number sequences with this number are reason enough to believe that a drastic change is already happening or is approaching its beginning.

6. Angel Number 6

This number means you need to rest the unimportant attributes of your life for a while. Rather focus on a collection of attributes related to areas such as family and home. No better chance than this to show care, persistence in goodwill, and improved communications with your personal life. Provide more value through positivity to your loved ones.

Repeating numbers of this digit may seem like a demonic warning, but the truth needs to be told. It actually is a sign of stability in wealth and prosperity. It could also be a sign by God that you have to show an empathetic responsibility towards everyone needing a guide.

7. Angel Number 7

This calls for a mission of soul evolution. You have to sit back and experience a bit more of your consciousness. Each thought should be centered around your abilities in the supernatural realm. Treat yourself to the joy of partaking in a point of mystery related to the development of your perception.

These messages and numbers are known to come from the ascended masters and angels to provide you guidance on the path that guardian angels were once on. Combinations of these digits should be taken as subtle clues to relax on the realm of career, attract spiritual energy and finding happiness by listening to your heart. It calls for the aspects of meditation, peace, mental healing, spiritual kindness, and prayers that bring in a rhythm of magic and less doubt.

8. Angel Number 8

Looking for material abundance while the clock ticks? The frequency of vibration for this angel number acts as an opportunity for the completion of a meaningful round of the career and spiritual realm.

Expression of these angel numbers also helps in the creation of a tendency to trust your life lessons and nudge cases of deceiving miracles.

9. Angel Number 9

This calls for a chapter of compassion to be a part of your ever-budding attributes. Your followers, friends, colleagues, family, and others all require evidence of this. Give birth to enough reasons that help remove their fear of your negative personality.

Whereas, a sequence of these digits and numbers means the end of a cycle, be it a relationship with a person or place.

10. Angel Number 0

This number plays the role of anything related to the concept of faith. It helps you to move out of the discomfort of being in the middle of an unappealing situation. If you come across the coincidence of noticing combinations and numbers of 1’s and 0’s, then chances are a guardian angel wants to bring order in your lives.

Use and meaning of angels numerology and letters


Now you know what those frequent sightings of common number sequences on license plates, data charts, and daily visited places indicate. Take this is a free service and gifts that the messengers of God are offering you to guide you in varied forms. Who said messages are only in the form of a sequence of words and not numbers?

Remember, more than just knowing “what are angel numbers?”, you have to identify their significance in your life. The information that these vague numbers provide you has more to offer than you can imagine.

How To Love Yourself Even When You Don’t Know How

Best Way To Start Loving Oneself - Feature Image

How To Love Yourself Even When You Don’t Know How

Best Way To Start Loving Oneself - Feature Image

You have probably heard a motivational speech where the speaker says you should love yourselves if you want to find happiness. But here is a question – how do you know if you love yourself enough?

If you find yourself focusing on your insecurities more than the good things about yourself or have bad beliefs about yourself, you lack self-love. Think of the relationship you have with your best friend, wife, mom, or boyfriend. You don’t criticize or call them names when they make a mistake. You are always kind to them and treat them with empathy.

So why should your treatment to yourself be any different? Keep reading to learn how to overcome the struggle with appreciating yourself.

What Does It Mean To Love Yourself?

If you thought cherishing yourself means taking a bubble bath, treating yourself to dinner, or whatever your idea of self-care is, you are wrong. Loving oneself means accepting yourself wholly and finding peace within yourself; you accept the things you cannot change and see yourself as a worthy human being. But this does not mean thinking that you are better than other people.

Purpose And Benefit In Beginning To Loving Oneself - Traits

What Makes Loving Yourself Hard?

Here are a few situations that can cause self-hate.

Negativity Bias

This phenomenon states that when presented with two things of equal intensity, our attention is drawn to the negative thing. Our minds developed this as a survival tactic to avoid danger. But if you focus only on the negative things, it will be hard to cherish yourself.

Putting Others Before Yourself

Being there for other individuals is a good thing but no one should come before you – not your brother, mother, or partner. Don’t do too much for people at work and try to please others to avoid getting judgment or being labeled as ‘the stuck-up guy’. You have to love yourself to the point of prioritizing yourself.

Seeking External Acceptance

The truth is that the world makes us believe the opinions of others more than our thoughts about ourselves. And the influence of social media has made it worse. Picture a situation where you post your thoughts about something you read somewhere and get zero reactions. The critical inner voice immediately begins showing you faults in your thought process.

Tendency Of Subconscious Disappointment In Oneself - Realities

6 Steps To Practice Loving Yourself

Here are six steps to guide you on how to love yourself when you don’t know how to begin.

1. Take Care Of Yourself Physically

One way of showing yourself love is by being the finest version of yourself. It will give you confidence. Here are some techniques to get started:

  • Nutrient-dense food should form your daily diet.
  • Sleep for seven to eight hours.
  • Set aside time for meditation. Meditation will relax your mind, improve your focus and heart rate.
  • Find time to exercise. Taking a walk after some vigorous house chores like mowing the front or back yard will count as exercises. At least 30 minutes a day, three days a week is enough to have an effect. It will improve the health of your heart, increase your energy, give you a positive image, and relieve symptoms of depression.
  • Give yourself permission for activities and hobbies that give you joy. A rest from work and the normal routine will have positive effects like relieving stress.
  • Find ways to get some alone time. Don’t use it to watch movies or other noisy activities. You can use it for reading a book, blog, stories, or understanding your spirituality.

Work on treating your body well and in the course of it, you will begin feeling like someone who loves themselves.

2. Validate Your Flaws And Past Mistakes

A fact of life is that nothing is perfect in this world including you. We all have a dark side. Sometimes, dark thoughts will go through your head.

There are times you will have negative emotions like rage, make poor choices, take bad actions, or have an ugly word leaving your mouth when in a bad mood. There are also times that you will be weak and in pain. Other times, your strengths, talents, and power will be at the highest level and things you touch will turn to gold.

It’s the beauty of human nature. Forgive yourself, embrace the growth you got from the tough moments, and move on. Understanding that pain, suffering, weaknesses, or getting angry is part of the human experience will make you treat yourself much better.

Things like alcohol do not take your anger, sadness, or fears away, they make them worse. Your imperfections are the qualities that make you human, so treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

We advise our readers to get the lie about endless positivity and optimism out of their mind. The truth is that it will only make you start feeling bad about yourself during your low moments.

3. Set Boundaries And Learn How To Say ‘No’

Many people in the society are compelled to say yes to every request, even when it results in giving up the time scheduled for themselves. Learning to put your foot down in your decisions can earn you the respect of those at home and in your job.

The source of the need to please everyone can be low self-esteem and self-doubt. It can also result from being raised with the belief that a good child is helpful and tends to other children.

Don’t go about being at people’s service until you have no strength. Spare a bit of time for yourself. Your needs are not less important than those of any other person. And you do not need the validation of anyone in this world. Toxic friends who think you are in their lives to solve their many problems should be cut off. Let God meet their endless expectations.

Advantage Of The Courage Of Silence & Living Your Truths - Affirmation

4. Find Someone You Trust To Confide In

A matter you should understand is that most of the feelings of hating yourself have a cause. And finding the reason behind your negative emotions takes you one step closer to changing your attitude.

Study your life story. Your life is lived through your eyes and only you can take the skeletons out of your closet and understand yourself at an intimate level. Figure out your life journey. Did something happen in your childhood that caused trauma or do you have a false understanding of reality? [1]

Assess the past emotions you have been repressing and ask yourself questions that can help track their causes. Knowledge of yourself will give you a stronger connection to the real you.

When you have everything clear, find someone you can confide in, such as a loved one. It should be a person you can rely on with this information and who will listen to you from a place of sincerity. Sharing your feelings is known to have benefits, and you will be on the right path towards redeeming the love for yourself.

Keep in mind that there are people in your life who will not take your changes positively, including family members and friends. When you start to improve your life, they will be the ones trying to put you down with negative comments and trying to take you back to your old habits. You cannot confide in such people.

5. Express Gratitude And Appreciation

Create time to practice gratefulness. Appreciation will make you mentally strong and reset your mindset. It will improve your mental health and make you happier with your life, increasing your sense of self-worth.

You can begin by keeping a gratitude journal. The goal is to let gratefulness order your day even when you don’t feel like it. It will give you hope and give your brain a boost of positiveness. Begin your day by writing down the gifts the universe has brought to your space and things you take pride in. It will help you control your thoughts.

Look for new things to be grateful for daily. Appreciate everything, including the opportunity to live another day. As you develop the habit and make it part of your life, you will become much better at it and learn how to love yourself more.

Appreciation and being grateful will solve the problem of comparing yourself, which leads to low esteem. By learning to appreciate the accomplishments of someone else, in the end, you learn to love who you are.

6. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You cannot keep doing things in your life the old way and expect to see changes in any areas of your life. Find a way to step out of your comfort zone. Making an effort to try out a new activity and have new experiences will make you understand yourself much better and learn how to like yourself more. You will discover things that make you unique from everyone else on the planet.

If you have trouble making a big change like moving to a new place, start with one small action and increase as you make progress. Begin by writing a list of new stuff that makes you nervous. For example, start a conversation with a stranger or go on a trip alone.

Anything that makes you uncomfortable will help you overcome your anxiety and fear of failure. It makes it easier to make the changes necessary to improve self-love and self-acceptance.

Importance Of & Motivation To Let Down Your Walls And Share Emotion


Learning to love you is a journey that you have to take with intention, and it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. You have to work every day to feel good about yourself and accept your reality. Saying words like ‘I don’t love myself’ , ‘I can’t love myself’ and ‘Will I ever be happy again‘ will keep you from achieving any success in falling in love with yourself and with your life.

Exercise these tips. Build behaviors that make you act like you are an amazing man or woman with a lot of potential. You will not just achieve your goals of cherishing yourself more, but you will be on the right path to developing your ability to have healthier relationships.

There are many books you can read that can give you ideas on improving your perspective of yourself, but ensure that the author is a qualified therapist.

What Are The 12 Laws Of Karma?

What Does Mean Karma, 12 Law Of Karma - Feature Image

What Are The 12 Laws Of Karma?

What Does Mean Karma, 12 Law Of Karma - Feature Image

Despite the varying definitions and interpretation of karma across the globe, certain things remain constant, and those are the 12 laws of karma — the 12 laws of karma are distinct guidelines that point out what humans should expect based on how they lead their lives.

Curious to learn more about the 12 karma laws? Then you couldn’t be in a better place. Read on as we provide an in-depth description of each, and how you can attract something positive in your life.

What Is Karma?

The well-known concept of Karma has been around for centuries. But what does karma mean? The principle holds that good deeds and intentions lead to good karma, while bad deeds and intents lead to bad karma. But as a widely used concept, karma is interpreted differently depending on culture and geographical location. Now that you’ve understood karma, let’s jump straight into the laws.

Karmas Meaning & Thoughts - The Law Of Karma Is About Past-Present Things Around

The 12 Laws Of Karma

1. The Law Of Creation

The Karmic law of creation holds that humans need to be active participants in life in order to get something of their hearts’ desires. Put simply, you cannot sit back and wait for things to happen. The idea is to surround ourselves with positivity and listening to your heart. Positive karma will follow you if you take the initiative to use your internal abilities to make sustainable outward gains.

Therefore, as per the law of creation, humans should create the world that they want as opposed to settling for what is already established. This law motivates us to look at our personal contribution in every action instead of waiting for other people to make things better around us.

2. The Law Of Humility

The law of humility is centered around the need to accept prevailing situations. To expound further, you must accept your situation (whether good or bad) for you to grow. You cannot get out of poverty if you don’t acknowledge that you have financial strains and consequently try to adjust your life to suit your circumstances.

Pretending to be something you’re not will only lead to disappointments, especially since denial only takes you further from your reality. This law is a great lesson and motivation for people undergoing difficulties in life. It urges us to accept difficult moments for they have something of a great significance in our lives.

3. The Law Of Growth

According to the karmic law of growth, real change starts with a person. It’s impossible to change the world if you don’t start by pursuing individual growth. The universe works by responding to people’s attitudes and behavior. Personal development through something like education or experience presents an opportunity to make changes in different areas of your life.

For instance, a lazy person who develops hardworking traits will attract positive energy due to his decision to embrace personal growth. Similarly, an individual who refuses to alter his actions will attract the energy that corresponds to his actions. The law of growth urges self-reflection in order to break harmful patterns of behavior.

4. The Law Of Cause And Effect

Also known as the great law, the law of cause and effect is arguably karma’s most popular law. [1] It holds that you reap what you sow. Therefore, positive patterns of behavior will lead to positive outcomes in the same way negative ones will lead to negative energy.

Nothing good comes from malice. The law of cause and effect urges us to practice the art of treating others as we would love to be treated. Further, it discourages negative attitudes and manipulating other people, arguing that what goes around definitely comes back to us.

Therefore, to attract positive energy and outcomes, individuals must strive to maintain positivity in their every action. Failure to make a personal contribution will lead to unpleasant consequences, which is how life works in general.

2 The Law Of Humility, 3 The Law Of Growth, 4 The Law of Cause & Effect/1 The Great Law Thoughts

5. The Law Of Responsibility

The law of responsibility is entirely against blaming others for the not-so-good occurrences in our lives. Remember how you blame your parents, friends, spouse, or even colleagues for something unfortunate? Karma says that’s wrong! The karmic law of responsibilities urges people to embrace their freedom, which in turn motivates their individual actions.

You are responsible for how people treat you, how you perform, how you react, and how life treats you. Taking responsibility helps to eliminate ignorance, ensuring that you stop claiming that someone else is the reason or source of your suffering.

6. The Law Of Connection

The law of connection argues that nothing happens out of coincidence. All things in this universe, from people to events and even memories are interconnected. This means that while the past you and present you might be different, you are the same person, and your experiences contributed to the person you’ve become.

This law acts as a motivation for anyone who doubts his or her hardships will yield any positive outcomes. It urges people to never take anything for granted and avoid giving up, even when something appears gloomy.

On many occasions, we tend to question our existence due to tough living conditions. Current and past difficulties have a huge significance to our future and should be taken as lessons in order to have the right effect.

7. The Law Of Force

Commonly referred to as the law of focus, this law advises against pursuing too many tasks simultaneously. Doing everything at once not only reduces your concentration but also your pace and commitment. But by focusing on something until it is fully complete, it’s possible for the mind to shift its attention to other projects.

From a spiritual perspective, the law of force insists that humans can’t serve two masters, meaning we need to choose between right and wrong for the two cannot exist together. You need to focus on the right energy and avoid focusing on ill motives that can lead to negative consequences.

8. The Law Of Giving And Hospitality

The law of giving challenges us to practice selflessness regardless of circumstances. It argues that if you have belief in a particular item, concept, or principle, then at some point, you’ll need to demonstrate your commitment and allegiance to the truth.

This karmic law insists that there is a connection between belief and practice, urging us to strive to ensure that our actions are reflections of our innermost beliefs. This law motivates us to share not for the sake of extrinsic gratifications but more for intrinsic satisfaction. Learning to give isn’t a sign of prosperity, but an act of kindness that leads to fulfillment.

5 The Law Of Responsibility, 7 The Law Of Force, 8 The Law Of Giving Thoughts

9. The Law Of Here And Now

In Buddhism, karma is centered on the need to accept the realities of the present and future. This law urges us to move on from the past and live in the present. While planning for the future is essential, it’s even more crucial to focus on the present, as doing your best now helps to secure your future.

The law of here and now advises us to focus on the present since it’s all we have. Failure to take responsibility for present needs will lead to regrets. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop a character trait that prompts you to increase your participation in pursuing immediate happiness and joy. At the end of the day, everyone just want to be happy.

Instead of making conclusions or trying to come up with an explanation about your circumstances, focus on your current chapter, which is now.

10. The Law Of Change

The law of change insists that change is part of the present and future, and must happen for life to move forward. The argument is that history will repeat itself unless you change something. So, if you’re stuck in a loop and don’t know how to improve your circumstances, the solution is to change your behaviors since old thoughts won’t help you to reap rewards.

Everything in the universe was designed to change, which explains why infants transform into toddlers and later on into adolescents, teenagers, and finally, adults. As we can observe from human history, nothing around us remains constant, and the best solution to recurrent problems is to change your approach. Karma wants us to value change and take responsibility to right our wrongs.

11. The Law Of Patience And Reward

The law of patience and reward seconds the claim that good things come to those who wait. Put simply, rewards require patience. Provided you work hard and stay committed to your goals, it’s only a matter of time before positive things start unfolding.

Therefore, you have to observe being patient regardless of the work you put in. Impatience leads to under-appreciation, whereby you take the small wins for granted. This urges that positive rewards require patience and better things will eventually come, provided you set a goal and act on it. The knowledge that effort, honesty, and hard work will lead to eventual successes is crucial in observing this rule.

12. The Law Of Significance And Inspiration

The law of significance and inspiration advises against undermining your value. You have to believe that all your positive contributions, no matter how small, add value to the community. This is a huge motivation for individuals who doubt their importance and urges us all to trust in our respective skills.

All humans are part of the universe, and without us, the universe wouldn’t function as it does. Therefore, this law promotes self-worth, harmony, and belief in humans, arguing that everyone has a role to play before death.

10 The Law Of Change, 11 The Law Of Patience, 12 The Law Of Significance Thoughts


Life is what you make it. Granted, life will be hard at times, but that’s just the way the universe is meant to work. These 12 rules of karma act as guidelines for living fruitful lives. It’s neither about the money nor societal influence; instead, life is all about attitude. Find out more when you download the secret rhonda byrne pdf.

As you look to integrate the karma philosophy into your life, it’s crucial to remain consistent as these laws will work only when observed religiously. And since no law is greater than the other, you’ll need to respect and observe all to notice positive changes in your life.

Karma is not just about reaping what you sow. This lifestyle urges you to be truly one with yourself, learn how to like yourself to allow you to unleash your full potential, thus ensuring you live life to the fullest!

6 Easy Steps To Manifest Your Dreams And Live A Fulfilling Life

Believe in your dreams Feature Image

6 Easy Steps To Manifest Your Dreams And Live A Fulfilling Life

Believe in your dreams Feature Image

How often do you see someone and think that they are living the life you want? Or see something you desire but can’t get? Does fulfilling these desires seem impossible? Like they remain to be dreams?    

This article will give you answers on how to make it happen. Having dreams is step 1 for a better life. Next, you need to change your mindset and put in the work necessary to see your dreams manifest.

How To Manifest Your Dreams?

Here is the formula that will help you manifest your dreams and live a life of purpose.

Create A Vision About Your Dreams

Visualization is a powerful way to manifest your dreams. Making your aspiration come true mentally is step 1 to achieving it in real life.

In a study at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation [1], results showed a powerful connection between the mind and the body. It showed that mental efforts activate the same part of the brain as physical efforts. Success in manifesting your dreams begins in the mind. Visualizations bring you one step closer to making it a reality.

Picture how you want your life to be once you manifest your dream. Create a vision board. Add all the things associated with achieving your dreams and put them in a banner. Internalize every detail as the truth about your future and stick the images in your mind.

Visualization sheds light on the end result of manifesting your dream. You can later use it for guidance and inspiration when working on your vision.

Start with having a vision


Step 2 is to believe in the manifestation of the dream in your life. Let go of fear and develop a sense of self-efficacy. Albert Bandura, the father of self-efficacy, says you need to believe in your capacity to carry out behaviors that influence a specific performance. It is vital in manifesting dreams.

Self-efficacy gives you confidence in your ability to control your motivation and behavior to align with your ambitions. You handle situations threatening the achievement of your desires with authority.

Here are the best tools you can use to improve your self-belief by intention and learn how to manifest your dreams:

1. Meditate

Meditation is one way to help clear your mind of self-doubt and lead your thoughts towards success. Make meditation a habit and love the process. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Relax in a quiet space with your eyes closed.
  • Step 2: Concentrate on your breathing and body movements, like the expansion of your belly and chest. Feel your heartbeat.
  • Step 3: Lead your thoughts to your vision. Paint a detailed mental picture of your dreams.
  • Step 4: Go back to focusing on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

2. Practice Mindful Yoga

Like meditation, mindful yoga is a technique that transforms your mindset and develops your focus, clarity, and control. Practice it with the intention to manifest your dreams.

Sync your breath with your movements. Regularly pause in a pose and lead your thoughts back to positivity. You will become in tune with your mind and body and increase your confidence. Use self-affirming language to believe in your abilities to achieve your dreams, an example is “I can and I will.” Thank yourself for taking an action that leads you to your desire.

3. Recite Positive Affirmations

A fact of life is that words have power. You can use them to get freedom from fear in your life. An affirmation transforms your inner state by altering your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. They direct your mind from negative thinking patterns that prevent you from manifesting your dreams in life.

Speak them at least three times every day and believe them as the truth. Speak them anywhere while in a relaxed state. Writing them on a paper can also help engage your entire being into the words. Find an area of weakness and work on it, for example, if fear is your flaw, say “I am fearless and empowered to make my dreams come true”.

Meditate to clear your mind

Take Action

With a vision and enough self-belief to manifest it, put in the work. Plan first. Preparing makes it easier to take action, think strategically, and handle challenges.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, one task is to read books and magazines on entrepreneurship. Sign up to get business articles delivered to your inbox and listen to the best business speaker in your intended area of business. Take a course and try to interact with other visionary students.

Make a list of the steps to take and the details of how these steps will look like. For instance, when will you quit your job and how much should you have saved? What costs will you cut to increase your savings?

Have specific terms like reducing your visits to the movies and eating out a lot less. Stipulate the frequency of saving, and everything else necessary to implement your idea to build a business. Women entrepreneurs who are moms can plan on how to manifest their dream business from home.

If you have a problem starting, get ideas from your best idol. Read their book or assess their style of working. You can then use your skills, knowledge, and strengths to guide you into making your outcome unique and valuable.

Next, take the step of handling the first bit. For example, try to create a sample of the product you intend to sell in your new business or create categories of whatever services you will offer, and the others will flow easily.

Plan and take action

Be Patient

Know what you want in the end but be flexible about your expectation on the specifics details of the outcome, such as time. For instance, you cannot expect to post a million dollars in profits from your business in a month. You might grow impatient if it takes longer and regret your efforts. This attitude then blocks you from achieving your desire in life.

Do your part by taking action, then allow the dreams to manifest. Find contentment in every stage of the journey. Do not question the process or have negative thoughts and fears.

Set dreams that you have the potential of achieving and break any relationship making you lack inspiration. Find ways to develop your ability for delayed gratification. If you need to save money for your business and get the impulse to buy an item with the money, think of the excitement of making enough profits to buy anything you want.

Mindfulness can also help develop patience in your mission. Feel the impatience but do nothing about it, and allow it to pass.

Learn to be patient

Stay Persistent

Get out of bed daily with a focus on manifesting your dreams into reality and achieving your desire in life. Start each day with inspirational stories from the type of people who stir up your hunger to achieve your desire.

Be consistent with your efforts despite any doubts and fears. Study successful entrepreneurs in your community, they often face a difficult situation or two without giving up. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your goal, break it into small short-term goals that build-up to the larger goal.  And to see your desires manifest, dream realistically.

Build relationships with like-minded individuals. Interact with the ones who carry positive energy and the right intentions. The people in your world should love you enough to want you to live your dream life. Anyone who does not support you or point out the issues blocking the path of your dreams manifesting is not a true friend.

Do not be in war with yourself or deny yourself something that will make you happy again while pursuing your goals. Keep your energy on top by creating time for those you love.

Here are four practices to keep your head clear. They will give you the power you need to get the job done and manifest your dreams:

  1. Exercise
  2. Make healthy food choices
  3. Get quality sleep
  4. Take breaks

Develop healthy habits. Your health and wellness have the power to influence your level of focus and how much you achieve. Feeling stressed makes it hard to find joy in the process of your dream manifestation.

Persistence and consistency is key

Feel Grateful

People living their dream have a place for gratitude in their lives. According to the law of attraction, the universe makes a positive thought draw positive experiences in your life while a negative thought attracts negative experiences. Every thought carries energy. This energy is released into the universe and shapes your experiences.

Gratitude will help you manifest your dreams into reality using the laws of the universe. It provides a positive attitude by having you focus on the good in your life rather than the obstacles. This, in turn, has the universe bringing positive things in your life, the right people, and many opportunities.

Appreciate everything in your world and see life as a gift. Gratitude alters the emotion you respond with to different circumstances. Joy and happiness in life is a reflection of a grateful heart.

It is best to make gratefulness your state of mind and have it order your day. Do not be a person who appreciates things going their way and carry negativity whenever they experience lack or tough moments. The negative vibration will attract negatives from the universe.

Make a commitment to list your blessings and consistently have a positive emotion. Pay attention to the energy you release. Find ways to appreciate everyone and everything surrounding your reality. For instance, as you take a walk, seize the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature.

See barriers as an opportunity to achieve development. Keep a gratitude journal. Find something to appreciate, including things that are yet to come.

Be thankful for blessings in life


If you can visualize it, you can live your dream life. Learn how to optimize the power of the universe using the law of attraction and love, how to believe in yourself for your dream’s manifestation, how to consistently do the work needed to fulfill your desire, and wait for your dreams time to materialize in your life. Know more about how to develop healthy practices and an attitude of gratitude when you download the secret book pdf. Follow these tips and you will experience your dream manifesting.

Understanding Everything About Manifesting Money

Manifestation for money Feature Image

Understanding Everything About Manifesting Money

Manifestation for money Feature Image

How do you manifest money? How to attract money? Is there a mental process for attracting money? The secrets for the manifestation of money and the law of attraction are similar. You need to learn to let the universe fall into positive sync with your mindset. Involve yourself in the excitement of more visualization habits.

Don’t let the brain deal with the stress of an empty wallet or low bank balance. Instead, convert that stress into a belief that your source of income is going to work out for the greater good. This article will help you practice healthy visualizations and give you suggestions on how to manifest money fast.

Understanding What Is Money Manifestation

Before jumping on the bandwagon trying to figure out how to manifest money fast, you need to grasp the concept of manifesting wealth. Gratitude practice and control over your abundance mindset are great ways to channel your energy in the right direction. Ultimately, the vibration that you give is the vibration you will receive.

Is Manifesting Money Possible?

Manifesting money is totally possible. The 12 universal laws can help you learn how to connect with the universe and adopt more accepting beliefs regarding the future of your wealth. Your mind needs to be trained not to let the burden of financial matters hurt your reality.

Almost everyone in society wants to be a millionaire. However, the amounts they wish to pocket would remain as incomplete desires if their hopes don’t possess an attitude of constant positivity.

Using the law of attraction to believe

How Can You Manifest Money?

Step 1: Identify Your Intention

If you become a money magnet, what do you plan to do with this financial abundance? Is it mainly to pay for your bills, food, clothes, and other materialistic wants? Or is it to invest in the maintenance of your mind and body? Irrespective, visualization of your end goals will bring more meaning to the power of the money you earn.

You must list down your thoughts and feelings, and pin-point what do you intend to do with the prosperity you own? Some people may plan to open a life-long business dream, whereas some may want to help the cash-deprived people with a change.

When an individual knows their desire and intention, their intuition will help them experience relevant outcomes of the money they manifest.

Step 2: Set An Amount Of Money You Need

None can have everything. Decide on how much money you need in your bank account. Remember, it’s never about the want, it’s all about the need. Once you are aware of your financial needs, your steps, thoughts, and course of action will flow smoothly.

Whether you need money for a simple roof over your head, a bedroom for your kids, or a big house for the entire family, look for info regarding how much money you need.

Needs are more achievable than wants and let you get your hands free and rest sooner. Many wealthy people have no idea what to do with all that moolah. They generally lose sight of their goal and divert somewhere within a realm off their mission.

Understand the concept to attract money

Step 3: Eliminate Any Doubts You Have

For success to arrive, fend off limiting beliefs. Don’t let faulty visualization command your lives. Change the habit of establishing a connection between what you want and what others say. Instead, begin to pay attention to what you know is achievable in the near future.

Your mind should be a place that has no scarcity of positive ideas. Everywhere you will come across false statements and downer-news such as “Money is the root of all evil”. The followers of these statements are facing the fogginess that attacks most individuals. You need to give yourself the affirmation of each action, and the trouble of every problem will naturally wear off.

Do you have wealthy desires? Do you also have some vague reasons that restrict you from achieving results? Well, it’s high time you work towards valuing the quality of information you intake.

Step 4: Act As If You’ve Already Manifested Money

The relationship between you and your prosperity doesn’t always have to be realistic. Master the ability to act wealthy. Guide yourself to a bunch of treats and increase the frequency of these episodes. Reward yourself with your favorite dinner once in a blue moon.

The key to manifest money lies in having fun with what you currently have. As a person seeking the secret of success in money-making, you need to exercise gratitude and give out a satisfying vibration. Via these steps, you will eventually experience a world where you are slowly getting all you want.

Over time these habits result in activating the law of attraction. Live life in ways that make you feel rich, and the universe will receive this energy and give you more of the same.

The right mindset and love will fit the bill

Step 5: Believe That Money Can Achieve Happiness

Adopt affirmations [1] that radiate positivity on your financial life. Involve yourself in a process that shares mutual feelings with that of being wealthy. Once again, this will help give out positive energy, and the world will send a similar vibration back your way.

Use tricks such as enacting your childhood approach to cash. 10 cents? I can get myself the best lollipop ever! The truth is, if you want to earn millions while getting lots of sleep, you have to delve into the aspect of accepting the fact that money will help cause no lack of happiness.

At times, some things in life may force you to experience an abundance of money as a curse. It depends on you to channel the right energy and find something good in the money you have at your disposal.

Step 6: Visualize Wealth & Abundance

Replace the images of bundles of cash with what you want to achieve. Get a chart paper and post it on your wall. Anything you want with the money you plan to earn, be it being a speaker at a TED talk or providing services to the underprivileged community, jot it down on the paper.

Use your visualization capabilities wisely. Piece-by-piece, you need to create a dream board that reflects your actions with the abundance of wealth you may possess. Also, keep this board in your sight during exercise.

Do your monthly bills lead to a lot of mental stress? Consider looking at your dream board from time to time. It should bring hope and confidence in several ways into your life.

One way is to believe in your dreams

Step 7: Brainstorm And Start Taking Action

The most important thing is to take action. It’s time to acquire the material version of your visualizations. Stop talking, and start taking action!

Look for something that accelerates the process and pushes you towards working towards manifesting money fast. Once you bring order to your thoughts, you will naturally come to the point that calls for the inclusion of actions.

Start partaking in the fun of executing your vision, salvage tips from your dream board repository, and get into a situation that enforces action.

For example, all students want to nail their result, but seldom does over 50% of the class do this. Why? This is because they are stuck in the flow of thoughts and don’t put in enough energy towards actions.

Step 8: Be Thankful For The Money You Have

No one forgets to thrive on attracting money, but very few appreciate what they already own. Keep a journal to inform you of how the recently earned money has benefited your life. Whether you stick receipts from your favorite diner or put up a photo of the three musketeers statue you could buy from last month’s savings, learn to cherish these things.

Life is too short to keep wanting more! If you send out a vibration that is overloaded with wants, the universe will do the same. Refrain from letting the law of attraction get the better of you. More than a few times, appreciate and acknowledge what you have.

Remember, if you did not have the little money that you have today, you would not be standing here. Consider yourself in debt to life, and the only way to appreciate it being thankfulness.

Having an order and plan is one way

Step 9: Perseverance

Be consistent. Don’t let your desire burnout. Increase the frequency of incidents where you follow your intuition in money-related matters. Be it an author giving out 100 books for free or a job-seeker donating to the poor despite dealing with the troubles of unemployment.

If you are looking to manifest money, then something that will support you throughout your journey is sheer perseverance. Don’t lift your foot off the pedal, at least till you start showcasing results.

Love the process that shares the same manifestation


Last but not least, do you want to manifest wealth? Respect, acknowledge, and fear the law of attraction. The kind of vibration you radiate will have a major contribution to your immediate journey and eventual success.

Be accepting, cut down barriers, show immense love, breakdown unwarranted beliefs, and involve more things positive.

How To Manifest Love With A Specific Person Using The Law Of Attraction

Manifest love in life feature image

How To Manifest Love With A Specific Person Using The Law Of Attraction

Manifest love in life feature image

Wondering how to manifest love with a specific person? Or are you wondering how to include love manifestation in your life in general? Either way, remember, the law of attraction [1] with love goes hand-in-hand with your attempt at the manifestation of love. Find out more when you check out the secret law of attraction rhonda pdf

The universe will only get your signal and contribute to the manifestation process when your commitment is evident in the mirror it holds. It’s not a matter of wanting something, your mindset and actions should naturally open opportunities when you really want a specific person.

The key is not in materialism, it is in capturing and nurturing the relationship with your partner. Look for ways to give out energy to the universe that builds a sense of want for that someone.

When you find someone with a lack of qualities you’re looking for, you begin to open your doors to anything that attracts you even mildly. Remember, if your reason to manifest love is to find a true life partner and build on a desirable relationship, then give up on solely focusing on self-love.

Be more giving in the various aspect of your relationships. Indulge in a collective experience with the world rather than paying attention only to your traits and beliefs.

How To Manifest True Love?

The law of attraction for love has everything to do with manifesting the same. You need to match the frequency of your thoughts, heart, and words, with that part of your better half’s. As time progresses, you need to adapt, not force yourself to be learning the ways of your lover.

Budding emotions will lead to uneasy expectations that trouble your subconscious with rejection. If you find your soulmate, then take it easy on putting out your self-worth and work on activating the chemistry. Maintain a feeling of belief and hope, that you have all the reasons to attract adoration.

Don’t let boundaries disintegrate your fondness into parts. Follow your intuition with utter determination and fend off all disappointment. Develop an approach where you want a stronger connection with the universe, alter the course of your fear to fail, and carve out a way that demands mental control and a soul that is at peace.

Be The Person You Love

Manifesting love would be much easier when you start to be the man you adore. Do things in life that your ideal partner would. Take steps back to involve yourself in a case where you practice the personality of your desired lover.

Maintain a journal, and ask questions that you’d like to know. Show gratitude to things that immediately knock off obstacles in the chapter of your life. Give yourself permission to mimic the essence of the one you are fond of. For instance, if your crush has a tendency to narrate family stories to orphan children, you must do the same.

Enact this version of yourself when at home. For example, when your parents compliment you on the positive change, you know you are well on the path to manifesting love. Incorporate the type of lovers-personality you desire into your life.

Can you think of someone you’d adore to be in a relationship with or wondering how to make someone feel important? Let the feeling that they pass on be radiated from you. Take part in a visualization process where clarity on your crush gives you the ability to naturally attract your relationship-related dreams and goals.

Being a woman, you can start to help yourself by realizing the kind of person you would want to get into a marriage with. Give it extra thought the first few times, eventually, you will develop confidence and have a better understanding and clarity of the reality you are trying to call.

Acknowledging The Right Person For You

Nothing beats the authenticity of following your heart and mind. Identifying anything from feelings, trust, or attraction can be the magic ingredient in finally acknowledging the right man for you. Learn how to follow your heart and don’t get yourself in the problem of making useless attempts that state your ex or temporary partners as your calling.

Use your emotional resources and study the aspects of the relationship using techniques that pen down things you are looking for when in love. Can your attraction heal your wounds? Would you mate with the individual and give kids? Would the common pain be neutralized by the hopeful abundance of fondness? Your experiences with the person give you signs of whether the partnership is worthy or not.

The truth will lie in how much fun can you have with each other’s friends and what relation do you share on stormy days. If the result is positive and you have no doubt or question regarding your girl/guy, then care no more and begin to acknowledge your gift.

In fact, list down the best qualities of your “apparent” soulmate. Then see what you desire and what brings you the most happiness from them. Your intention and core purpose should be to look for compatibility.

Sometimes, if not everything and even something clicks, many people consider it a blessing and compromise on change for the greater good.

Manifest back to anyone - women, and guys

Identify Your Feelings

Manifested love could only arise when you have pin-pointed your feelings. Whether it’s how you feel toward a specific person or how you feel like in general, take the necessary steps to grasp these feelings. A lack of desire to do this generally leaves people in unhealthy love lives.

Delve within your happy place and deduce information that you can use to your advantage. Get yourself in a community where people are proactive in figuring out all kinds of stuff in the heads. Throughout your life journey of searching for the right relationship, the power of knowing the moments that spark happy vibes within you are the key.

Some examples could be: “Do you feel joyous in the mountains or city?” “Do factors such as money, body, and cars affect the feeling you have for a person?”.

Take 10 minutes out of your routine each day, get into the room, shut your eyes, track down physical places, movies, and mental spaces that you were comfortable in.

Coach yourself to capture any sight that caters to your terms when you develop a crush. Remember, in order to reap the perks of the law of attraction on love, you need to get an idea of what feeling activates love within you.

Visualize The Feelings

The law of attraction and love can only sail in the same boat when you can visualize the feeling you’re looking for. Whether it’s the time you spend with a specific person amidst dusty books at the back of a library or at that garden four blocks down your house, match it with your imagination.

Visualizing feelings not only attract the things you’re searching for but also acts as a natural therapy. So what if you can’t feel the touch of his chest in real life? Your thoughts can easily put you in the space you want. The best bit is when you match the place and subtle desires of what you are manifesting.

Keep in mind, this concept of manifesting love will only start where you provide answers to the world’s vibrations of asking you your wants.

Even relationship experts tell their clients that if they desire someone and feel the urge to have them, then the little something they can easily do is visualize. Eventually, the best feeling is when you can picture the ideal relationship in the form of what you feel.

Cultivate The Relationship

Your attraction towards a specific person would never materialize if you don’t take the relationship-cultivating step. Take the first step yourself. You could either purchase the favorite food of your partner or simply ask your friend to cover up your work and remove more time for the one you want to get into a relationship with. More decisions and actions towards your desire for affection makes it more likely you will succeed to manifest it.

A lot of time goes in merely pondering over some sort of tender information regarding your crush. Rather work towards investing that time to convert your desired love life to reality or even learning how to rebuild your life. Get yourself in a face-to-face situation. Go for dinners. Go for music gigs. Go for walks. Share childhood novels. Learn the things that fascinate each other. Plan road trips. Go camping. Both sides of a relationship must be the freest version of themselves to genuinely cultivate a meaningful relationship.

Not too good at cultivating relationships and taking the first step? Wondering what to do? Well, the answer is simple.

Choose a topic you both mutually disagree on. Understand the reason for the disagreement in detail. Deep-dive into the things that make each of you have varied perspectives on the same story. In the process, you both will unfold secrets about each other’s thought-process that you would otherwise take years of little incidents to find out.

Author series: run tests for others, including mine


Note that if you’re yet looking for tips then remember one thing, everyone must promise to have a goal of radiating affection in the way they want to receive it.

Want to make a specific person an integral part of your love life? Dig deep within your soul and bring out the most essential natural resource that mankind possesses, love.

How To Make Someone Feel Special

How To Make Someone Feel Appreciated - Feature Image

How To Make Someone Feel Special

How To Make Someone Feel Appreciated - Feature Image

Let’s face it, we often take people in our life for granted and do not do the small stuff that makes them feel important and special. Whether it may be your parents, siblings, significant other, family member, workmates, classmates, or simply someone you know, they all desire the same thing: feeling special.

Making someone feel special doesn’t have to be complicated. We might not always be able to offer big gestures, but there are many ways to show our loved ones that they are special and they matter to us – it only takes a little time, effort, and consideration.

So the burning questions are: How do you make your best friend feel special? How do you tell someone they are important? How do you tell someone that you are loved and appreciated? Read on to learn how to make people feel good and loved.

9 Simple Ways To Make Someone Feel Special

Here are some important ways on how to make people feel special:

1. Give Them Your Full Attention

When you’re speaking to someone, maintain eye contact, nod, smile, respond appropriately, quote them, and they will definitely feel important. This is referred to as active listening and is an important skill in business. It is also a great way to show how you care about someone and to show people they are important.

Honing your active listening skills is one way that will help one feel they matter when around you and can also help to strengthen your relationships with them. [1]

Keeping your phone away when they are around is also an important thing to note. Experts say that one feels recognized and appreciated when you give them your undivided attention. Therefore, listen to everything they say and respond accordingly. When you listen to people, their fondness and love for you will grow deeper since you have taken the time to listen to them, even if you’re not able to solve their issues.

2. Recognize Them For Who They Are

We are all human and desire to be recognized for who we are. Rich or not, male or female, black or white, child or adult, we all deserve to be equally valued and appreciated as human beings first.

Something we all want is to be recognized and appreciated, particularly by people we truly love and care about. Celebrate your friend’s little achievements and let them be who they are. That way, you can create a room for every person around you to be themselves.

Avoid jumping to judgment or criticizing them whenever they do anything wrong. Listen to them without judging and don’t ask questions if they tend to be defensive. You need to realize that everybody has strengths and weaknesses and therefore, you should avoid comparing them to others – especially negatively.

Do all this and much more without asking for anything in return other than true friendship and love. In any case, we are all human and have the ability to be good friends at all times. Once you’ve established self-acceptance, you will always find something or some way to offer others.

3. Make Time For Them

Unique gifts from the heart are truly the best. Giving someone the gift of time shows that you care. Try to find time for each other, go with your heart, and enjoy each other’s company, always. You can plan regular meet-ups to give undivided attention and priority to each other; allow things to flow naturally. Such regular meetings will give the impression that you enjoy being around them.

You can also decide to watch something together – pick a good movie and of course, avoid checking your phone or other kinds of distractions when you’re together.

Power Of Taking Notice And Looking Into Eyes

4. Be Spontaneous

Who doesn’t like surprises? Even if some people claim that they don’t like surprises, they certainly like it when someone does something good for them. You would also like to do something special for someone you love.

Whether it’s planning a day of fun, buying them a spontaneous gift card, writing a note or letter to a loved one, preparing a surprise dinner, or arranging a trip to somewhere they have always wanted to visit, it’s not so hard to impress someone your love.

With a bit of creativity, you can surprise someone you love and remind each other not to take your relationship for granted. Seeing their face light up is the best feeling ever.

5. Share Yourself With Them

How to tell someone they are special is by sharing yourself with them so you can make them feel they matter. Opening up to your wife, partner, or someone else you love will make the other person feel important, so make sure to share your feelings, emotions, opinion, aspirations, dreams, and stories with them.

Share something about your deepest feelings, fears, and concerns with other people to let them know that you truly appreciate their wisdom, advice, and support.

Also, share something you know they would like. Share your activities, food, tools, and resources with them. If cooking is one of your hobbies, invite them and put in the effort to prepare a home-made dinner or a simple hot chocolate drink. Know their likes and preferences so you can share whatever they enjoy together.

Talk to them. Say their name frequently in conversation. Watch out for the words you say to them. Be nice to everyone around you. Let them know that they aren’t alone. Make connections with one another because it’s such connections that determine the life you lead.

6. Provide Them With Adequate Physical Affection

Physical touch is one of the best ways to make known and express your feelings. It’s typically associated with great relationships since it helps others feel closer to you. Research has shown that kids who receive physical affection at home have lower stress levels and enjoy more satisfaction.

Some important ways you can show greater love language include holding hands, back rubs, hugging, holding, kissing, cuddling, and massages. There are definitely more ways that would strengthen your relationship and make the other party feel special whenever they are around you.

Give people a hug to help lift their spirits. Try and pat them each time you want to praise them. Hold their hand when they are fearful. Cuddle up to them rather than keeping distance on the sofa when at home.

You may also give them a massage to let them know that you would also appreciate receiving it. Literally kiss them, hold hands in public, and sit close to them to ensure you enjoy physical connection. If they don’t like too much physical contact, you can try giving them a firm handshake to let them know that you appreciate and respect their choices.

How To Make Someone Feel Important - Passion And Kindnesses

7. Create A Habit To Check On Their Well-Being

Checking on your loved ones has great benefits for their well being, mainly keeping them physically young and emotionally satisfied. It may seem like a given, but making it a habit to check on them can make them genuinely happy.

Set plans to call a parent/grandparents or send them a quick message while on the job can be a valuable reminder that you are thinking of them even if you are not around them.

If someone special has crossed your mind and you haven’t interacted with them in some way today or recently, then you should check on them to let them know that you care about them. Return their calls if you may have missed them.

Get into the habit of checking on your loved ones from time to time by calling or texting them. Sometimes it is impossible to visit your buddies and close relatives in person, regardless of how much you want to check on them and spend some quality time with them.

Thankfully, there are many other ways that you can remind your loved ones that you love them, including something as simple as emails, social media, letters, cards, and photos. Regular communication can help bridge the distance, and reduce loneliness, so get into a habit of checking on them regularly. It can mean the world to them.

8. Encourage Them

Although we all want to fulfill our responsibilities, succeed, and achieve our goals, we all need some form of encouragement. No one is saved from going through stages in their life of feeling down, and we would all love to have someone talking to us and reassuring us that things will be fine.

It is important to know how to make someone feel better about themselves and what to say, especially when they were down. Believe in them even when they seem to be in doubt. Friends and family believe in our abilities. Therefore, they offer encouragement and support that we require to become better in various aspects of our lives.

If you think the love of your life is doing a good job at work, compliment them often. Both adults and children enjoy it when we offer compliments about something be it their appearance or sense of fashion. Encourage their dreams and celebrate their successes, whether it’s at work or school. Nothing will encourage them more to do better.

So, it’s important to be more considerate and try to encourage and motivate others. It’s best to be there for anyone who needs some form of support that will definitely make a difference and enable them to get through their difficult moments.

9. Create Memories Together

Every day is an opportunity to create precious memories with friends and loved ones. It gives you a chance to discover new things that interest both of you and to enrich your story together. Here’s how to make someone feel loved by creating a new memory together.

Find ways to spend time together or visit a place where neither of you has visited before. Call them up to join you on a new adventure or spend some time doing something valuable to the two of you. Another idea would be to plan a memorable event, either to mark an achievement or to celebrate a victory, no matter how small. Ask them to join you in a sporting activity or spa event to help strengthen your bond.

You may also give them a ticket or two to an event you think they would enjoy. Inviting them to a group event can be a great gesture to show someone that you consider them an important part of your life. If you’ve had a bad day at work, let them know that you miss them and perhaps ask them out for a cup of coffee.

List Of Suggestions And Actions To Experience Happiness In Friendships


There are numerous other simple ways on how to make someone feel good about themselves and recognized. Get your creative juices flowing, and find new ways to make sure you show how you feel about someone. Think about what you’d like other people to do for you. Everyone wants to be loved, appreciated, and listened to.

The more you make others believe that they are appreciated and loved the more satisfied they will be. They will realize that they truly matter and that their ideas, thoughts, and contributions were genuinely recognized and valued.

They feel important, rather than just being taken for granted. By helping other people to feel special, you are helping to make the world a better place to live. The kindness and simple acts of service you show them might make a world of a difference in their life and may be the shining light they need to get through difficult times.

What Are The 12 Universal Laws?

Power Of 12 Universe Laws - Feature Image

What Are The 12 Universal Laws?

Power Of 12 Universe Laws - Feature Image

When many people hear about the laws of the universe, they usually think of the Law of Attraction. However, it seems there is an entire system of interconnected spiritual laws that can influence every aspect of our lives. Mastering the 12 Universal Laws can transform every aspect of your life. At times, the understanding itself will bring the change we need to produce the results we desire.

In this post, we’ll discuss the 12 Universal Laws, their meaning and impact on your life so that with this consciousness and understanding, you will know how to be at peace with everything in the universe. This will also enable you to live your life with more purpose and intention.

The Universe reacts to just one thing: purposeful action. And you can only take purposeful action if you know exactly what you want, where you want to go and what you want to achieve. With this clarity of purpose and intention, you can definitely set yourself on the path towards personal growth, success, and greatness.

What Are The 12 Laws Of The Universe?

So, what are the Universal Laws? Well, they are invariable principles that cause the world to go round. They consist of a network of spiritual laws that interconnect intricately to create the perfect balance and harmony in every part of your home, work, and you.

Mastering these 12 Universal Laws will enable you to gain a good understanding of how the universe operates. You’ll also know how to apply the Law of the Universe to your day-to-day routine. Here is our breakdown of the 12 Universal Laws and how to apply them in your own life.

12 Laws - Meaning And Lessons From Human Experience, Lives, And Actions

How to Apply The 12 Different Universal Laws

1. Law Of Divine Oneness

The first of the Laws of Universe is the Law of Divine Oneness, which states that every person, every living thing, and every situation (and in fact, everything) is connected. What a person thinks or does can affect your life in one way or another and vice versa.

This spirituality law explains that there are just one mind and one flow of energy, so we are connected to one another. In other words, each word you utter, each decision you make or each action you take has an influence on the Universe.

2. Law Of Vibration

The Law of Vibration explains that everything in the universe moves, vibrates, and travels in a circular motion. The same principle can be used to explain our thoughts, feelings, and desires. The old adage ‘like attracts like’ truly refers to how each and every thought, feeling, or emotion attracts similar or the same vibration energy.

Similar vibration frequencies attract, and that is how this Universe Law is connected to the Law of Attraction. Fortunately, we all have control over the vibrational energy that we release, and thus, control over any kind of energy or frequency that comes our way. [1]

Once we understand and harness this energy, it is extremely powerful and can guide us through our day-to-day lives. You like or dislike some individuals, places, or objects because the vibrational energy is not the same.

3. Law Of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence says that one’s outer and inner world is similar. In other words, your outward experience is a direct reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

A good concept that is commonly used to explain this law is the adage ‘as above, so below’. It simply means that your feelings in the physical world affect the non-physical world, which will then be noticed in the physical world.

It also implies that thoughts turn into reality, i.e. what happens in your brain is manifested on the outside. This law shows that your feelings have an impact on what you produce on the outside. So, it’s important to change the patterns that do not serve you anymore.

4. Law Of Attraction

As we’ve mentioned above, this is the most popular Law of Universe. It explains how to attract everything you desire in life. For instance, it seeks to bring the sort of dreams, achievements, and everything else you desire to reality. If you continuously feel, think, or do particular things, you generate an energy vibration that ultimately attracts the same frequencies.

Remaining proactive and staying positive will attract similar frequencies around you. On the contrary, staying negative, with fear or sadness will attract similar energies.

To avoid negative energies even when you feel down, you should focus your mind on the patterns that create joy and happiness. Since like attracts like, whatever you see around you is what you have been attracting. We attract what we focus our minds on. You can look at the secret law of attraction pdf free download for more information.

Experience Love, Desires, Actions, and Light - Way To Appreciate Blessings

5. Law Of Perpetual Transmutation Of Energy

According to the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, you have the capability to change any aspect of your life, so you can become what you want. It’s your responsibility to rebuild yourself, but you can choose to accept or reject the chances that the world offers you. Energy is constantly moving, and everyone has a choice of whether to follow the flow or not.

If you think you’re not where you want to be, you can change your energies, thoughts, and actions in order to achieve whatever you desire. Such energy vibrations can overpower the disagreeable ones and ultimately, you will find yourself in the flow level you desire.

6. Law Of Cause And Effect

According to the Law of Cause and Effect, events don’t occur accidentally. Every action has an equivalent reaction. There’s a name for each and every religion. A related concept that can be used to explain this principle is the saying ‘you reap what you sow’. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Everything happens for a reason. This Universal Law is often associated with the law of karma. Whatever you do in your life has an impact on everything around you, which affects your spiritual life. Whatever you do, whether good or bad, will ultimately return to you. This should encourage you to be careful with your actions and think twice before you take any action.

7. Law Of Compensation

As we’ve already mentioned, all of these always are intricately connected, regardless of which of the 12 Universal Laws is involved. The Law of Compensation is quite similar to the Law of Cause and Effect. What you give to other people is what you get back. If you would like to get more of whatever you desire, then be whatever you would like to see.

If you manifest love, then you’ll receive love in plenty. Support others and the world and you will truly get back the help you need. If you do good deeds, you will get back good in abundance. The same will happen if you put out negative energy as well.

8. Law Of Relativity

According to the Law of Relativity, the Universe is entirely neutral whilst standing alone. Every challenge we face in life is an opportunity for us to change our perspective and life so we can continue improving ourselves. These obstacles allow us to learn to avoid judging people and events as good or bad, kind or unkind, beautiful or ugly, big or small, and so on.

When you face challenges, you should remember that yours isn’t the biggest challenge, someone else is facing a bigger challenge. It is relative. You should look within to find the power and strength to overcome those challenges.

Have Awareness And Practice Ways To Manifest Goals And Dreams In Your Work

9. Law Of Polarity

According to the Universal Law of Polarity, everything around you has an opposite. If you have never seen darkness, you won’t appreciate the light. Cold weather compels you to appreciate warm weather. This awareness allows you to best appreciate the world. It helps us to focus on the patterns that matter most so we can be where we want to be.

This law will help you appreciate the difference between good and bad so that you can change the thoughts that you don’t want into the specific thoughts that you actually want.

10. Law Of Perpetual Motion

Sometimes known as the Law of Rhythm, this law is based on movement. It particularly states that everything moves in cycles. This is evident in nature, for example, in the seasons and the aging process of the body.

The Law of Rhythm similarly applies to an individual’s life stages, and thinking about this allows you to understand life better. The current season may be bad, but nothing lasts forever. While you may be going through a rough patch, it may be preparing you for better things to come next season. If the season is good, enjoy it to the fullest because nothing lasts forever. There may be a negative change in cycle next season.

11. Law Of Giving

This Law states that the more you give without expecting anything in return, the more you will receive back. Provided you give, you’ll receive. This can come back in the form of better relationships, friendships, money, gift, inheritances, and more.

This is because when you receive a gift, you are likely to give something in return. So, do keep prosperity circulating by giving the most valuable gifts and blessings: love, affection, appreciation, and caring.

12. Law Of Gender

This law does not really refer to natural gender. However, there’s both masculine and feminine energy within you. The Law of Gender teaches about exercising patience and persistence or masculinity in our day-to-day and long-term activities, as we look forward to manifestation or the results (femininity) of our efforts.

For you to live a life that you will always remember, you must balance the feminine and masculine energies within yourself. That’s the only want you can bring your goal to fruition.

Understanding Others In Our Lives And The Rhythm Of The Earth

How To Be Happy Again?

Journal Of Happiness - How To Make Us Feel Happy Feature Image

How To Be Happy Again?

Journal Of Happiness - How To Make Us Feel Happy Feature Image

Are you wondering how to feel happy again? Trying to let go of your past to feel better, facing challenges with your family, job, house, lifestyle, or other problems? If you find yourself in self-doubt and are facing experiences with an increase in troubles, then you need to clear your head, gather some strength, and control the situation with a self-commanding attitude.

People face hardships in their life where their self-esteem gets crushed, leading to a state of adversity and lost peace. Perfection in life is the last thing an individual can achieve. There will be issues throughout the journey of life.

Never forget, the struggle is real, hopelessness will arrive, and society will force you to feel regret. But it solely depends on the person to nullify the error and reestablish a path to happiness.

Human beings can enhance happiness levels by clearing inconsequential thoughts, embracing sadness [1], and daily yoga practice. The mind and body need to work in unison to get a hold of your emotions, manage relationships better, and allow joy to replace stress.

What Is Your Concept Of Being Happy?

Your concept of being happy will support you throughout the journey to find happiness again. Whether it’s collaborative and lawful creativity at the workplace, a road trip with friends, or subtle family moments, you need to identify what pleases you the most.

Irrespective of the reasons and aspects of your current life situations, memories will reemerge to guide you in finding a connection to happiness. Your past interests, reaping of the freedom of thought, perspective, and desire for discovery will reignite the awareness of a need for self-transformation.

Let your intentions flow naturally. Give it flexibility. Your identity will be revealed once you partake in an activity that stems naturally within you.

The Ones Who Experience Every Aspect Of Happiness

Some people find happiness in life-conversation with a stranger, resilience to insecurity, learning patterns of emotional self-stimulation, reading, and even cooking food. The quicker you answer questions about how to make yourself happy again, the faster you can begin to trigger a positive vision.

Remember, changes will only be evident when you stop doing nothing. Indulge in several activities, write articles for yourself on self-care, gather the courage to face your feelings, and look for a purpose that attracts you.

Maintain a journal explaining various circumstances you’ve been in, the compassion you’ve faced, and the lessons of well-being you discovered. Somewhere in the process, you will get a response answering what you recognize as joy.

Is There Something That Makes You Feel Like You Can't Be Happy

Why Are You Feeling Unhappy?

Find out why you are feeling unhappiness. Is it anger with your friends? Lack of gratitude from your parents? Inability to focus your energy on problems at hand? Recognize the symptoms of unhappiness and relate them to the impact of unwanted unhappenings in your life.

If your unhappiness is a consequence of your job stress and money, then either speak to your manager or resign. Life has more values to offer than a workplace that causes depression and sadness in the lives of employees.

Find out the reason why you think it’s time to be happy again. Along the way, you will stumble upon common reasons that could blur your mindfulness. Curb the fast-paced life and take a break. Write music, grasp the opportunity to check out unexplored areas, make diet choices that help your thought-process, and keep plenty of “me time” in your routine.

Get yourself into environments that alter daily. Shock yourself by beating boundaries while yet radiating kindness and constant smiles. Dwell with your co-workers and fellow acquaintances over a coffee. These acts will give you a sense of what is making yourself happy.

Millions of people say, “I just want to be happier,” “I just want to be happy again,” “Am I ever going to be happy again?” The anxiety and unwillingness to look for information that will help influence a change are what’s preventing these people from getting control over their mental state.

Take a moment, look back at your life story, embrace the beauty of places you’ve been to, no matter if it’s your childhood house or a nearby beach. At the end of this flashback of events, you will be able to make a comparison with your current priorities. These techniques help catch discomfort, regrets, and the drop in quality of life.

Is There Anything - Work, People Or Things That Are Bothering You

Eliminating The Factors That Are Holding You Back

The problem lies in everything that is holding you back. Learn the art of letting go. Take actions that help you deal with more power, control, positive energy, and point-blank focus. Reduce the number of elements that deprive you of the steps to your goals.

No matter how insightful your day-to-day experiences are, the fact is, problems will arise. But anyone can possess the abilities to beat through the bottom and adopt contentment. Based on the lesson, your opinions teach you how to take the leap, fight the battle against sadness and depression.

Human beings are creatures that possess the basic intelligence to experiment with behaviors and learn from subtle moments. We need to open our eyes and achieve a balance between the pleasure, love, and trust, we give and take. Set a condition to rest only after you search for clarity in your dreams and desired personality appearance. The potential and benefits of working on these points will help you learn how to be happy again.

Here are some common factors you probably need to let go of:

Way On How To Be Happy

1. Invaluable relationships

Make an effort to remove people who bring pessimism into your life. Consider them as enemies of your positive mood. The path to rediscovering happiness includes filtering out negativity. Pay close attention to the periodic outcome of every relationship you maintain. Many will have little understanding of your emotions and will contribute to a greater struggle in your future.

It is worth giving those relationships a chance that comes with a lifetime of reliable faith, appreciation, and the ability to bring a smile on your face. Begin to refine your space with a more significant amount of progress and growth opportunities. Poor company will leave you with a disrupted mindset and in need of therapy from a counselor.

All your relationship decisions and efforts must reflect the nature of your positive habits that help in shaping a desirable outlook to life.

2. Guilt

Never live in denial and also value each event in life as a gift. Blocking out the past is not a solution. Rather, use the elements of your past as tools to create better present living conditions.

Psychology-based research studies state that as you age, you come to terms with the entire walk of life and find common ground to embrace happiness. Now that you’re aware of this expert opinion, why not instill it sooner? Two, three, four, five years down the line, your mental health might get worst, and the chances and hope of achieving satisfaction from life will greatly diminish.

You're Not Responsible To Make Sacrifice For Everyone - Love And Question Your Priorities

3. Unwanted Responsibility

At times, a person from a varied background has to sacrifice happiness due to several responsibilities. For example, a wife dedicates her life to ensuring her husband can nail the office game. Then, she gets children to nurture with a combination of immense love, concern, and passion. After all, sorting out the life of the child is another task that requires substantial emotional investment.

Some people proudly put in the fullest of their efforts to shape families. Whereas some are in half mind, out of options, mental misery, and eventually land up in a tragedy. Master your sense of anticipation for such situations, rather than dealing with these mistakes via avoidance. Above all, take a wise call and make a decision based on your ideas of marriage.

4. Embrace Every Problem

Everything can never be perfect. The beauty of life lies in the courage to constantly overcome sadness and achieve happiness. When you practice mindfulness and meditation exercise, you not only improve your working memory but learn to feel good amidst calamity. These practices will make sure you face a natural increase in the level of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin in the brain.

You can convert a commute-based schedule issue into a time to reflect on your behavior, tackle your addiction to searching happiness, and find answers for your daily questions. Results will be visible when you get into the habit of thinking positively, irrespective of the overall experience.

Whether it’s a breakup, close-friend suicide, fears of an alternative emotion, or tiredness due to lack of sleep, everything has a positive side. It’s your choice to look at it or not.

The Beginning To Happiness Is In The Act Of Believing

Believe That You Can Gain Happiness Back

Happiness may be momentary, but people with a goal-oriented mind and the power of acting and thinking with gratitude can increase the frequency of happy moments. Care for every experience you deal with; this consistently teaches you lessons to acquire happiness bit by bit and prevent the loss of time.

Make a list of things you use to do, be it watching a movie, going on a vacation, trying different foods, or learning more about cars. Up next, begin to look in detail and identify which of these tasks are in favor of your happiness.

People who once believed in religion and then lost respect also benefit from resuming religious practice. Some may call it blessings, but it’s more of a war of minds. The best way to recover from a disaster is to soak the pains and permit yourself to deal with reality with your chin up.

People allow their lives to be covered with sadness and depression until the very end. The very basis of recovery is lost due to the disbelief that there is “no light at the end of the tunnel.” In such a situation, track the minor success you achieve in each step along the path.

Don’t let words be a calculating factor in determining the end result. Let your feelings be the judge of your progression. Feelings that make you feel sad should be freed from the heart. No strings attached.

Your mind may create blurriness with questions like, “Will I ever be happy again?” “How to get happy again after all that’s happened?” You must pressurize your soul, no excuses, that your needs are more valuable than your wants. Gather greater control of your breathing, second by second. You will understand the technique eventually and have little difficulty in creating a happy environment.

Tips - Things That You Can Do To Start Feeling The Change & Gain Back Happiness

4 Ways You Can Make Yourself Happy

There are innumerable ways to make you feel happy again. Sacrificing your comfort zone may also help, but it makes our body, mind, and mood vulnerable to the change of environment. No amount of money earned, Europe trips, or Katty Perry concerts can bring long-term happiness.

This key lies in the smaller parts of life. Such as being humble to strangers, taking up a sport, going for a run, or restarting your gym visits. Here are a few more elements that can help make yourself happy again:

1. Follow Your Instincts

True life satisfaction arrives at times when you get what your mind claimed you needed. Nobody has the right to deprive you of your decision-making style. One can only hope for improvements when each action they take correlates to their true thoughts and work.

There is a major difference in trusting the heart and trusting the mind. The latter comes with logic, whereas the heart radiates what you truly want. It is important to learn how to listen to your heart. Moreover, there is no shame in the idea of following your heart. Besides, it is what keeps you more on-point with the natural essence of humanity.

So what if people’s idea of fun is to go on a TV show spree? If your thought is to soak your skin under the sunlight on a warm-weather day, then go for it.

2. Do Not Resist Pain

All pain is not worth it, but some of it definitely is. Some mandatory pain is a part of life that helps you change as you grow – losing your dad/mom, for example. This loss should teach you the manner of dealing with pain rather than suppressing it with drugs and chemicals.

Remember, there is a meaning for every little thing that happens in life. Destiny has made it happen to bring about planned order for your betterment. Another example could be cancer patients. They deal with the very depths of pain despite being utterly low in spirits. But when they emerge victoriously, they have a great deal of knowledge to share regarding dealing with life and death.

Maybe it’s time for your kids to leave the country to further their studies. Perhaps your sister or brother has found their life partner and is getting married soon, or maybe even, your ex has moved on. Learn to let them go. It is a human tradition to get lost in the process of fighting pain. And although it may be as easy to say – don’t ever venture onto that part of life, at times it is just inevitable. But don’t give up. Everyone (including you) deserves another chance in life on rebuilding yourself

The Kind And Option Of Positivity That May Also Affect Your Outlook In Happiness

3. Think Positive

This may seem like a cliche, but it is the raw reality of life. If you want to feel like other happy people, you have to include a part of their demeanor in your life. Many times, people who think of happy thoughts manage to boost their chances of attaining happiness.

Try reading through your childhood notes, and appreciate the person you have grown into. Look back at pictures where you are out in the park with your family in the rainy season. Place your bed such that sunshine falls into all corners of your room each morning.

Anywhere you are, let your humor play a role in uplifting your mood and bringing about motivation to find happiness again.

4. Take Up A Project You’ve Been Planning To

Whether you’ve been planning to sew clothes for orphans or gathering more subscribers to purchasing a subscription for your product channel on YouTube, it’s time to start. Get your feet moving, form a plan, eye a goal, and put in a conscious effort to complete the stuff you have planned to.

The field and intricate details of the project won’t matter if you have started working on it and are growing every day. It is best to use a penalizing factor. This means if you do not reach your goals, charge yourself a small penalty such as a quarantined weekend, one week off social media, stringent book-reading deadlines, etc.

As long as the penalization factor has beneficial downfalls, you could be opening a greater number of channels to rediscovering happiness.

The Way On How You Can Exercise Happiness In Your Life


At the end of the day, there are plenty of people, friends, and even strangers who can ignite the much-needed spark of happiness in your life. That too within the spur of a moment. Get yourself out there and learn how to love yourself. No one is going to be able to make you put in the efforts required to find joy in life again. This entirely depends on you.

Remember, the world is a beautiful place. The more you indulge, seek, appreciate, and give, the more you are rewarded with the fantastic spectacles in store for humans. Look at the world as a basket filled with revealing elements. You get to choose what you want and what you do not. That, too, with complete freedom.

How To Listen To Your Heart?

Way To Listen Your Heart Feature Image

How To Listen To Your Heart?

Way To Listen Your Heart Feature Image

Facing too many decision-making issues? Ever told yourself that ‘ I want to start over ‘ ? Every change in life feels like a challenge? Starting to prefer third-party judgment rather than establishing your own sense of control? These are signs you need to reignite the connection between your heart and mind. Trust your heart and begin learning to listen to your heart. This gives you comfort in your thoughts and a more universe-centric purpose towards life.

Begin to block feelings that are influenced by people who bring no value to your life. The voice you chose to hear and the decisions you make are solely your choice. Not everyone will follow intuition when it’s time to face fear. People prefer going down the logic route, rather than following their inner voice.

What Does It Mean To Listen To Your Heart?

To listen to your heart is something that does not require the influence of a relationship with family or friends. All one has to do is give serious thought to the nature of their feelings. Once a person grasps the ability the understand the language of their heart, external opinions will have little consequence.

Wondering whether you should move across the country for a new job? Or should you take the challenge of a new educational course? You will find the correct answers to these questions when listen to your heart.

When you listen to your heart’s voice, it doesn’t mean you don’t use your head. All the basic questions and reasons for your decisions will be derived through your mind. But if you follow the vibrations of your heart, things will turn out to be more comfortable in life.

At times, the best thing you can focus on is go and listen to the voices in your heart

Benefits Of Listening To Your Heart

No matter how good or bad the nature of your decisions is, the benefits of listening with your heart far outweigh the downsides of this conscious action. Others speak about the connection between successful humans and their decision-making process. But very few people will lay emphasis on the strength and power of trusting your heart.

Here are a few of the best outcomes when you listen with your heart more than with your head.

Clarity In Priorities

Are you someone who fails to prioritize at times? Are you perpetually confused about the right way to go about things? In that case, pay more attention to what your heart is trying to show you. When you listen to heart, you are actually listening to what you really want, you are getting into the space you prefer. This rewards you with a better direction in life. Eventually, you will make decisions with ease as you will begin to notice your true desires.

Remember, apart from reducing your pain and attracting love, if you listen to your heart with trust, you will face lesser troubles in setting your life priorities. Wondering how to listen to your heart? We will get there soon.

Plenty Of Peace

Does a little bit of everything disrupt your peace? No matter how good the outcome of a situation, you yet feel like something is missing? Start basing each action you take on a conscious reason that stems from your heart, not your head.

In a world as progressive and fast-paced as ours, one needs to learn how to pay attention to things that matter. The greater amount of experience you gain when you let your heart offer a helping hand in life, the happier you will be. This is because your inner-self radiates what it truly wants the most.

In spite of having the power of words on the table, the true essence of your values and love for life will arise from your heart. Go with your heart and give it a chance to reason your choices, your needs, your love of life, and anything that you believe contributes to your peace.

In situations, your brain starts to doubt your heart, put your eyes on the opportunities in front of you

Relevant Opportunities

The more people follow their hearts, the more relevant a view they get of what the plan to achieve. The sooner one starts to trust their heart’s voice, the faster they will begin to attract relevant opportunities.

Churn out an outlook to life that gives your heart the upper-hand in the majority of happenings. This helps you clear the clutter and curb the background noise. Even better, the quicker the inconsequential thinking and happenings vanish, you will have more space for anything and everything that is relevant to your life goals, whether short-term or long-term.

If someone keeps fuelling your mind with negative words with an apparent intention to offer a helping hand in motivation, filter them out. Besides, somewhere deep down, your heart would give you signals to clear this obstacle anyway. Finding happiness by listening to your heart comes with the added benefits of work-life balance, stronger relationships, and lesser intake of negative information.


Once you learn how to think with your heart and how to follow your heart in love and faith, many simple and complex things come into perspective. You get a better foothold of rebuilding life or just simply, what you want from life and the path you are currently following in. 

Once this understanding gets your attention, all the loose ends of your life will strengthen and you will gain a healthy and synchronous attitude towards day-to-day life. All your prolonged doubts about yourself will gain crystal-clear answers with extremely valid reasons. This combats long-lasting pain and ensures each action you take is pulling you to a better space.

There are a lot of ways you can put your energy in listening your heart

Ways On How You Can Listen To Your Heart

You must be wondering, how to listen to your heart? How do you follow your heart? What do I need to do to listen to the heart indications I receive? Here are a few ways you can practice, to listen to your heart.

Develop A Toolkit Of Feelings

To start with, give yourself time to connect with the deeper part of yourself. Whether you love to go on a drive or love to play music, get your hands busy, and figure a set of feelings that bring you joy. Slowly and steadily the end result shows what is it that keeps your inner spark alive.

Once you have identified the piece of emotion or feelings that you thrive on, begin to incorporate it in your day-to-day actions. The more emotionally-relevant actions you make, the quicker the universe will send goodwill and positive energies your way. Humans, throughout their lives, try and trace their future paths. Don’t do that. Go with the flow and ideal future-oriented patterns will emerge.

Question Your Space

Ask yourself whether you are in the right space. Don’t let your mind and superficial words make the decision. Listen to the heart signals and form an opinion based on what you understand.

Even if everything seems fine, the discrepancies that bring that occasional discomfort may be hidden. It would be best to question your surroundings, your connections, your ways of dealing with incidents, and your unwarranted trust in your outlook of life.

If you want your life to get in good hands then start to pay attention to where you are and where you actually belong. When people listen to their heart’s calling, this process becomes much easier and has an instant impact on their lives.

Sign that you should look for the truth your heart desire instead of listening to another friend

Commit To Yourself, Not People

If you have goals, don’t look at life through the eyes of others. Trust your instincts, trust your beliefs, trust your actions, and be consistent in this demeanor. Plenty of human influence tends to drift an individual off his or her path. You need to follow what actions stem from your heart. If you follow others, you are basically going on a path that their heart is taking them on.

At times, people get lost in their lives due to unforeseen circumstances and unpredicted lifestyle changes. It depends on the person to strike back to this dilemma. Rather than seeking therapy or visiting healthcare professionals, you must master the art of how to listen to your heart. Remove some “me-time” when at home and make notes based on things you want to achieve. Don’t give all your time to tasks for third-parties.

Seek Unconditional Love

First, learn a thing or two about unconditional love [1]. Get a good grasp of how either person in a relationship deals with occurrences to make it last longer. Just set one limitation. It is best to let your heart be the key ingredient in maintaining and nurturing these bonds.

The mind will often woo the long-term values and relationship etiquettes in the whisk of a thought. The best way to gather bonds that work on unconditional love is by letting your heart determine the outcome (if any).


Now that you know how to listen to your heart, chances are that you can improve your own and other’s lives. There is ample evidence stating the broad spectrum of lifestyle changes that can be brought upon by developing a stronger bond with your heart. Remember, when times arrive that make you lost, confused, or unhappy, try and listen to your heart.

Tips On How To Rebuild Your Life

Many Ways To Rebuilding Your Life Feature Image

Tips On How To Rebuild Your Life

Many Ways To Rebuilding Your Life Feature Image

Are you exhausted dealing with stress, downfalls, uncertainty, hopelessness, and things that break you down? This gives enough reason for life changes, making pending decisions, start life over, and opening the doors to a new world of positive solutions and opportunities.

Consider this a sign that you need to take a step back, focus on yourself, and adapt to the change in the ways of the world. Your feelings are infiltrated by your surroundings, but when you practice allowing the right kind of energy you want in your life, you begin to face mental growth, momentum, and gain valuable insights.

The challenges, limitations, and struggle of tackling negativity can be curbed by the fulfillment of your desires. In reality, the fact is not everyone finds success in rebuilding their life. But when you hit rock bottom, no matter your thoughts and problems, step by step is the way to go.

What Do You Want To Achieve In Your New Life?

Figure out what you are seeking from life. Is it attachment, appreciation, tranquility, criticism, or approval? Irrespective of your current struggles, shut your eyes and begin thinking of every day that felt great before. Your imagination will churn out the truth from your life experience to date.

There is no better source than your inner voice to establish a sense of awareness and visualization of your purpose. The beginning can be hard, but your brain and hidden wisdom will prove to be sub-conscious therapy to deal with every problem. At the point you know what you want from life, loneliness and resentment would be rare experiences.

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind and focus on things that you really want

Create A Journal Of Your Plans

Map out your vision, let go of the fear of commitment and unhappiness, you will begin to see endless positive possibilities. Human beings fail to make the effort to harness the power of thoughts. Mentor yourself in silence and jot down your future plans.

How Can You Achieve What You Want?

Your intention may be to combat depression and let go of emotional weakness. But this will remain in the dark till you take action. Open up regarding your life situation and begin to make a journal of your plans. This will give you motive, knowledge, and an idea of how to lift yourself from societal resentment.

Whether it’s a mountain peak reaching the sky or an apartment room loaded with art in New York City, give yourself reasons to achieve your objectives. This lets you release unnecessary emotions and work towards stuff that will make the difference.

Rebuilding Myself - Trust and love one and another is the way to go

What Is Holding You Back From Rebuilding The Life You Want?

Make a commitment to be accepting toward everything life offered you and will offer you. Simultaneously challenge life at times you sense something is wrong.

Learning To Let Go Of The Past

Rebuilding your life requires you to make choices between places, friends, family, and relationships. Secluding past behaviors and expectations from life may sound like a miracle. But how to rebuild yourself, first lies in letting go of the things that are holding you back.

Chances are, you can collect the strength to shower forgiveness to your past ties. There is no harm in coming to terms with back-in-the-day drama, heartbreaks, sadness, and resentments. Allow yourself to live in the now and show compassion to your past deeds.

Have a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend regarding everything you wished you did differently. Pouring it all out will give rise to healthier questions, and also answers with the meaning you may be looking for.

Piece by piece, you will find the courage to bring stability to your life. Above all, you will start to show gratitude to the littlest things and also influence the lives of others. In short, value present moments and free your spirit from past thoughts that cause you pain.

Time for my people to show that love is all that matters

Understand That Mistakes Happen – Forgive Yourself

People hope the past will get suppressed [1]. That is an unwise choice and will continue to be a distraction unless you give yourself the leniency to properly release it from your heart.

Rather, embrace your destiny and ease the struggle. A lot has to do with freeing yourself (or others) from the guilt of the past. Remember, whether is it you or me – people make mistakes. Learn from it and give yourself (and others) the second chance.

Create A Solitude

Build a state of solitude that lets you stay on the ground and use your available tools and skills without stress. Picture yourself with someone close in a place you want to be in. Even if its the movies, some corner of this planet, or cycling on the road, identify what desire gives the best results.

Give yourself permission to explore nature, poverty, and your wildest dreams. When the pieces come together, there won’t be tears, only light. Everywhere you go, let your solitude make it home. Remember, each path in life teaches you a lesson, as long as you are aware, patient, and thinking right, happiness is inevitable.

One way people should let things be as it is - Everybody is different, show grace and mercy

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Go for events where happiness is flowing. Take up a habit to surround yourself with good company. Whether it’s your parents, books, trees, dogs, plants, or your 70-year-old fruit vendor. Make a list of activities where your mind is at peace and nothing can take the peace away.

Do not forget, these steps will only matter when you take action. Your journey will not start until you don’t attempt to transform your imagination into reality. If you are always thinking ‘I just want to be happy again‘, then the joy of being around something that radiates happiness has a major role to play in rebuilding yourself.

Whether it’s one person or multiple people, the ones you choose will play a vital part in letting you adapt to the much-needed change. Follow your heart when it comes to nurturing relationships. The world can throw anything and everything in your way. But in the end, sometimes you just need the right friends to top up your day with positive energies.

Be Daring – Take The Leap Of Faith (Even With Baby Steps)

Rebuilding your life after losing everything may feel like a superhero. The first opportunity you have to start fresh is taking the leap to clear self-doubt. This process will test the strengths you need to flourish in life once again.

The smallest steps make all the difference in every day life. Think about it, athletes initially did not know they are going to be athletes. The simple act of performing exercise every day (before the goal was set) yet contributed to their final achievements.

The images of your loss will be a roadblock to succeed in your newly founded passion. You need to get out of the bed, break the chains, and set free like a butterfly.

People say “A butterfly cannot see its own wings”. As a human you are in luck, you not only get to see them but also get to choose them.

One way things work out is people putting discipline is their actions

Love Yourself And Stop Living Under Other People’s Expectation

Commitment has a chance of pulling you into a negative space. Avoid making the mistake to let anger get the better of you in a relationship. Just like rain water is heated in a vessel for purification, humans are roasted by societal expectations. The prime difference is that the former succeeds for the better, but the latter for the worse.

The journey to rebuilding life becomes simple when the soul gets to flow in whatever direction as pleased. When you burden yourself with the mistakes and dreams of self-centered people whom you are doing a job under, you will see a myriad of human appearances. This is when you filter out the people who infect you with harmful anxiety.

Learn to love yourself and give yourself permission to care for your body and mind. These two elements when merged can bring joy and peace of another order.

Reward Yourself

You deserve more than you think in life. Not materialistically, but emotionally. Whether you want rest or adventurous activity, make a conscious effort to do it.

For those who ask “How to rebuild life?” Rebuilding your life comes with breaking the barriers. Before you are ready to step into the direction of executing your ideas, question yourself, and create a list of things you want to do.

If you are wondering how to make someone feel special , you may want to watch a frequent movie with someone special or spend regular quality time under the moon on a starry night. There are no limits and the lack of realization of this fact is a classic example of why people are unhappy.

Don’t build opinions in your head about your wants. Get out there and fetch it rather than waiting for life to teach you more lessons. Besides, the real thrill is when you have embraced the emotion that a reward has brought upon.

Put Your Thought Into Actions

Cultivate Self Discipline

Self-discipline has an integral role to play when you decide to rebuild your life. No one can teach you this, whatever the situation. There has to be an internal urge that wants to place self-discipline in the front of your personal-development arsenal.

Parts of your life you are trying to recover from will give you several opportunities to self-reflect. In the end, you have to follow the command of your heart when it comes to changing behavior. It would be best to pick out a few highly disciplined friends. Pin-point their positive attributes and try to inculcate it in your life.

Destinies can easily change, it is you who has to adapt and care for the forthcoming.

How To Start A New Life From Scratch?

Building Your Life From Scratch Feature Image

How To Start A New Life From Scratch?

Building Your Life From Scratch Feature Image

Since 2015, 16 million adults in the United States have had at least one depressive episode. Life can spin out of control, that’s the reality. Whether it’s due to your career, relationships, or even health problem, it’s okay to feel dissatisfied over the choices you made (or didn’t make). Nobody likes to hit the rock bottom. But there is an opportunity for you to start a new life.

Starting over with nothing can be extremely daunting, which is why some people choose to take a step back from it. However, that does not mean you can’t do it. That does not mean it’s impossible. The path we choose, the changes we make, it all requires faith. 

In times of doubt when you can’t see a balance between the outcome and the efforts you put in, we hope this article could provide you with answers on how you can approach the big question – how to rebuild your life from scratch.

Is Starting New Life From Scratch Possible?

Yes, starting a new life alone from scratch is possible even if your gut feeling is telling you otherwise. While this is no way of telling you not to trust your gut, the fact is – starting from the bottom of a mountain seems so far fetched it makes people look only at the present and not ahead.

You can make that choice of halting expectations on how quickly you can reach that peak and build the courage and patience to deal with the challenges ahead so you could keep going.

Remember, each day is a new beginning and chance to change your life for the better. Even when yesterday deemed your effort a failure, the approaches that you take to get on the path of becoming the best version of yourself can remain.

The decision that you make could one day bring you to where you want your life to be. So, believe that you can start over from scratch, and don’t forget that no matter how hopeless things are, you have the power to dictate who you want to be.

Here are some tips:

  • Emotions may play a big part in your life, but your attitude towards it can make a difference
  • You may not have an option to where life leads you to your current circumstances at times, but you have the right to close that chapter to somewhere else it can bring you satisfaction and joy
  • The achievements that you want – to make changes or live your dreams, lies in how you spend your time working towards it

What is your reason to change your experience elsewhere

Understand The Concept Of Starting A New Life

Have Patience

The idea that you’re looking for ways on how to start all over means you desire to have a new chapter in your story. While this sounds like an exciting journey, you have to be prepared that this does not mean a smooth-sailing ride to the mountains’ peak. You’re still going to encounter ups and downs as you path the way to new life.

Hold tight onto your faith that things will – however, get better. The joy of going through this process means you are stronger than before. The development of how to start life over requires you to be persistent and – as childlike as it may seem, believe that dreams do actually come true.

Self-love, inner strength, and the respect you give yourself and others are all essential traits to have during this process. You have a long journey ahead of you, so it is important to start prioritizing which life areas are most important.

Anything is possible, don't let fear and anyone's opinions stop you

Your Cup Is Half-Full

Making mistakes are part and parcel of life – everyone makes them. While learning from your past mistake is important, the effect of agonizing over each and every mistake made could impact your life more than you think.

It burdens you over pessimistic things that you can’t undo and it affects your mental condition. In situations like this, break them down and take on the growth mindset:

  • You just lost a job (maybe a job that you like a lot) – The world of businesses and organizations are so big, it could be a sign that there are better opportunities out there. It’s not too late to take on a new job – probably a new adventure that could bring you further.
  • You just went through a divorce (or broke up with your other half) – Genuinely, give yourself permission to be sad and love who you are. Remember, this does not mean you’re not worth the love. Instead, it just happens that you’re at each other’s end of the chapter. But the pages do not stop there.It could very well be the beginning of another new chapter for someone else searching for you, or it could be a chance for you to improve on becoming a better partner and work on yourself.
  • Your normal routine is put on hold due to a physical injury or illness – This is not the end. No matter how your brain is telling you that it can’t get any worse, the worst thing that you can do to yourself right now is giving up on yourself. So, take a breath, the adversity is a challenge to test your mental strength. You’re much greater than what you think.

Take Full Responsibility

If you want to achieve something, if you want to experience a life far more marvelous than what you have right now, the only person that you should hold accountable for is yourself. The standards that you want for your life, those are decisions that you have to take responsibility. Understanding that you have the option to take control of how you want to put the pieces of puzzles together can bring you further in life.

Your behavior towards experiences lives outside your head

What Are The Things That You Need To Prepare?

Saving Money

There are many potential expenses you need to consider when starting from scratch, such as travel expenses, buying a new home, and much more. Thus, it could be really helpful to have a large sum of money. The solution to gain income could come from two strategies – selling unwanted items and taking up extra shifts.

By taking the step to sell certain belongings, it’s also a good way of letting go of everything that reminds you of the past. Starting all over with a clean slate could give you the motivation to begin the new chapter you want.

When it comes to taking up extra shifts, these could come in ways such as getting flexible side jobs from doing food delivery, driving Uber, or even making money online – writing, video editing, graphic designing, etc.

Have Conversations With Loved Ones

No matter how badly you want to start over, sometimes you need to sit down with your family members (and friends), have a heart to heart conversation, so you could have the “closure” and confidence to move forward. Starting your life from scratch does not necessarily mean putting an exit to all of your past – but the ones that are holding you back from becoming happy and satisfaction.

Letting them know what your thoughts are, and listening to them could sometimes take the weight off your shoulder – provided they are people you still want in your life and whom you know have good intentions for you. To move on, you need to let go of any regrets you have from the past.

Let no one look down at your value of compassion and creativity

Complete Existing Obligations

The reality is, in a situation where you still have obligations weighing you down, it is going to be difficult to start a new life. Take it for granted that you may be in the middle of your education, could you afford to be more patient and complete your school first? Will you be able to wait till you pay off all your debts? You would have to choose either quitting them or finishing them.

Focus On Your Inner Beliefs & Thought Patterns

What goes on in your mind has a lot to do with your current life situation. The stories you tell yourself are a direct correlation to your actions. For example, if you often have negative self-talk such as “I am a failure” or “I can’t do it”, you’ll come up with reasons that things aren’t working. Try rephrasing the thoughts in your mind.

You can start a gratitude journal or start surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people around you. Also, question everything, such as your world views and behaviors. You’ll bring attention to things that aren’t serving you.

Different environment, new hobbies, new habits, new friend

What Are Your Options To Start A New Life?

Just the mere thought on how to start a new life can be extremely frightening. You should realize that you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Having a support group to uplift your mood will provide you with the confidence to move forward.

Mental Help

Having mental health professionals can help you get over the fears you have. They may prescribe helpful exercises such as meditation or yoga. If you are struggling with a relationship, a therapist may be more helpful.

Life Coaching

You’re not meant to figure out everything on your own. Having a life coach can help guide you to where you want to be. They can ask you deeper questions to bring awareness to what is holding you back and how to find your true purpose.

The thing about having a mentor is that they will hold you accountable. If you promised your mentor that you are developing a new habit like going to exercise, you don’t want to end up lying to them. Not to mention, they can impart valuable wisdom and point you in the right direction.

Peer Support

Creating lasting friendships is the key to achieving happiness. Peers can be a sounding board to listen to your problems and provide feedback from their perspective.

Soul searching in a different city

Steps To Begin A New Life

1. Plan Your New Life

Take some time to contemplate your dream life. How would you live if there were no obstacles? Write down your big goals and ideas in a journal. Or create a visual representation of how you want to live your life. For instance, if you love to travel, you can put pictures of all the places you’d like to go to. If you want to pursue your passion of becoming a writer, you can have pictures of your favorite novels or books.

You should be very detailed with your vision. You’ll want to know where you want to live, what you want to spend your time doing, what kind of friends you want to have, and more. Living on your terms is a much better way to live life.

2. Craft Your Plans

Regardless of how big your dream is, you need to devise a plan. One of the biggest aspects of this is your financial game plan. How much money do you need to afford your ideal lifestyle? You should know how much money you’ll need to save each month from hitting your goal. If you’re looking to quit your job to travel the world, you may want to look for work from home resources [1].

You also need to consider how you’ll leave your home. If you own a home, you need to figure out how to sell your property. Also, you’ll need to find a new place to live. You can begin looking for apartments available for rent that match your lifestyle. If you’re someone who wants the flexibility of travel, it’s best to get a cheaper apartment or downsize your living expenses to prepare for your move.

Don't disguise your pain and needs for help, consider counseling if you need

3. Executing Your Action Plans

Now it’s time to make your ideas come to life. Something you can do if you’re short on money is to start taking extra shifts at work or starting a new side hustle. Or maybe your dream is to live in another country. You can begin by taking language courses to prepare for your trip. You don’t have to execute your plans all at once. Do one thing at a time.

4. Arrange The Logistics

Begin to arrange the logistics of your strategy. This consists of moving into your new place and settling into your new location. Some logistics need to be taken care of, such as registering your car in your new state.

Things will get better, find your happy place. Don't ever harm yourself


You have the ability to start from scratch anytime you wish. No matter how long or how difficult it takes, how to start your life over begins from taking that leap of faith. There’s no use in living a life you hate. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Whether you’re searching for success, happiness, spirituality, or adventure, this is a fresh start for you. Take baby steps, and you’ll remember this as being one of the greatest moments in your life.