How To Listen To Your Heart?

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How To Listen To Your Heart?

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Facing too many decision-making issues? Every change in life feels like a challenge? Starting to prefer third-party judgment rather than establishing your own sense of control? These are signs you need to reignite the connection between your heart and mind. Trust your heart and begin learning to listen to your heart. This gives you comfort in your thoughts and a more universe-centric purpose towards life.

Begin to block feelings that are influenced by people who bring no value to your life. The voice you chose to hear and the decisions you make are solely your choice. Not everyone will follow intuition when it’s time to face fear. People prefer going down the logic route, rather than following their inner voice.

What Does It Mean To Listen To Your Heart?

To listen to your heart is something that does not require the influence of a relationship with family or friends. All one has to do is give serious thought to the nature of their feelings. Once a person grasps the ability the understand the language of their heart, external opinions will have little consequence.

Wondering whether you should move across the country for a new job? Or should you take the challenge of a new educational course? You will find the correct answers to these questions when listen to your heart.

When you listen to your heart’s voice, it doesn’t mean you don’t use your head. All the basic questions and reasons for your decisions will be derived through your mind. But if you follow the vibrations of your heart, things will turn out to be more comfortable in life.

At times, the best thing you can focus on is go and listen to the voices in your heart

Benefits Of Listening To Your Heart

No matter how good or bad the nature of your decisions is, the benefits of listening with your heart far outweigh the downsides of this conscious action. Others speak about the connection between successful humans and their decision-making process. But very few people will lay emphasis on the strength and power of trusting your heart.

Here are a few of the best outcomes when you listen with your heart more than with your head.

Clarity In Priorities

Are you someone who fails to prioritize at times? Are you perpetually confused about the right way to go about things? In that case, pay more attention to what your heart is trying to show you. When you listen to heart, you are actually listening to what you really want, you are getting into the space you prefer. This rewards you with a better direction in life. Eventually, you will make decisions with ease as you will begin to notice your true desires.

Remember, apart from reducing your pain and attracting love, if you listen to your heart with trust, you will face lesser troubles in setting your life priorities. Wondering how to listen to your heart? We will get there soon.

Plenty Of Peace

Does a little bit of everything disrupt your peace? No matter how good the outcome of a situation, you yet feel like something is missing? Start basing each action you take on a conscious reason that stems from your heart, not your head.

In a world as progressive and fast-paced as ours, one needs to learn how to pay attention to things that matter. The greater amount of experience you gain when you let your heart offer a helping hand in life, the happier you will be. This is because your inner-self radiates what it truly wants the most.

In spite of having the power of words on the table, the true essence of your values and love for life will arise from your heart. Go with your heart and give it a chance to reason your choices, your needs, your love of life, and anything that you believe contributes to your peace.

In situations, your brain starts to doubt your heart, put your eyes on the opportunities in front of you

Relevant Opportunities

The more people follow their hearts, the more relevant a view they get of what the plan to achieve. The sooner one starts to trust their heart’s voice, the faster they will begin to attract relevant opportunities.

Churn out an outlook to life that gives your heart the upper-hand in the majority of happenings. This helps you clear the clutter and curb the background noise. Even better, the quicker the inconsequential thinking and happenings vanish, you will have more space for anything and everything that is relevant to your life goals, whether short-term or long-term.

If someone keeps fuelling your mind with negative words with an apparent intention to offer a helping hand in motivation, filter them out. Besides, somewhere deep down, your heart would give you signals to clear this obstacle anyway. Finding happiness by listening to your heart comes with the added benefits of work-life balance, stronger relationships, and lesser intake of negative information.


Once you learn how to think with your heart and how to follow your heart in love and faith, many simple and complex things come into perspective. You get a better foothold of what you want from life and the path you are currently following in.

Once this understanding gets your attention, all the loose ends of your life will strengthen and you will gain a healthy and synchronous attitude towards day-to-day life. All your prolonged doubts about yourself will gain crystal-clear answers with extremely valid reasons. This combats long-lasting pain and ensures each action you take is pulling you to a better space.

There are a lot of ways you can put your energy in listening your heart

Ways On How You Can Listen To Your Heart

You must be wondering, how to listen to your heart? How do you follow your heart? What do I need to do to listen to the heart indications I receive? Here are a few ways you can practice, to listen to your heart.

Develop A Toolkit Of Feelings

To start with, give yourself time to connect with the deeper part of yourself. Whether you love to go on a drive or love to play music, get your hands busy, and figure a set of feelings that bring you joy. Slowly and steadily the end result shows what is it that keeps your inner spark alive.

Once you have identified the piece of emotion or feelings that you thrive on, begin to incorporate it in your day-to-day actions. The more emotionally-relevant actions you make, the quicker the universe will send goodwill and positive energies your way. Humans, throughout their lives, try and trace their future paths. Don’t do that. Go with the flow and ideal future-oriented patterns will emerge.

Question Your Space

Ask yourself whether you are in the right space. Don’t let your mind and superficial words make the decision. Listen to the heart signals and form an opinion based on what you understand.

Even if everything seems fine, the discrepancies that bring that occasional discomfort may be hidden. It would be best to question your surroundings, your connections, your ways of dealing with incidents, and your unwarranted trust in your outlook of life.

If you want your life to get in good hands then start to pay attention to where you are and where you actually belong. When people listen to their heart’s calling, this process becomes much easier and has an instant impact on their lives.

Sign that you should look for the truth your heart desire instead of listening to another friend

Commit To Yourself, Not People

If you have goals, don’t look at life through the eyes of others. Trust your instincts, trust your beliefs, trust your actions, and be consistent in this demeanor. Plenty of human influence tends to drift an individual off his or her path. You need to follow what actions stem from your heart. If you follow others, you are basically going on a path that their heart is taking them on.

At times, people get lost in their lives due to unforeseen circumstances and unpredicted lifestyle changes. It depends on the person to strike back to this dilemma. Rather than seeking therapy or visiting healthcare professionals, you must master the art of how to listen to your heart. Remove some “me-time” when at home and make notes based on things you want to achieve. Don’t give all your time to tasks for third-parties.

Seek Unconditional Love

First, learn a thing or two about unconditional love [1]. Get a good grasp of how either person in a relationship deals with occurrences to make it last longer. Just set one limitation. It is best to let your heart be the key ingredient in maintaining and nurturing these bonds.

The mind will often woo the long-term values and relationship etiquettes in the whisk of a thought. The best way to gather bonds that work on unconditional love is by letting your heart determine the outcome (if any).


Now that you know how to listen to your heart, chances are that you can improve your own and other’s lives. There is ample evidence stating the broad spectrum of lifestyle changes that can be brought upon by developing a stronger bond with your heart. Remember, when times arrive that make you lost, confused, or unhappy, try and listen to your heart.

Tips On How To Rebuild Your Life

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Tips On How To Rebuild Your Life

Many Ways To Rebuilding Your Life Feature Image

Are you exhausted dealing with stress, downfalls, uncertainty, hopelessness, and things that break you down? This gives enough reason for life changes, making pending decisions, and opening the doors to a new world of positive solutions and opportunities.

Consider this a sign that you need to take a step back, focus on yourself, and adapt to the change in the ways of the world. Your feelings are infiltrated by your surroundings, but when you practice allowing the right kind of energy you want in your life, you begin to face mental growth, momentum, and gain valuable insights.

The challenges, limitations, and struggle of tackling negativity can be curbed by the fulfillment of your desires. In reality, the fact is not everyone finds success in rebuilding their life. But when you hit rock bottom, no matter your thoughts and problems, step by step is the way to go.

What Do You Want To Achieve In Your New Life?

Figure out what you are seeking from life. Is it attachment, appreciation, tranquility, criticism, or approval? Irrespective of your current struggles, shut your eyes and begin thinking of every day that felt great before. Your imagination will churn out the truth from your life experience to date.

There is no better source than your inner voice to establish a sense of awareness and visualization of your purpose. The beginning can be hard, but your brain and hidden wisdom will prove to be sub-conscious therapy to deal with every problem. At the point you know what you want from life, loneliness and resentment would be rare experiences.

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind and focus on things that you really want

Create A Journal Of Your Plans

Map out your vision, let go of the fear of commitment and unhappiness, you will begin to see endless positive possibilities. Human beings fail to make the effort to harness the power of thoughts. Mentor yourself in silence and jot down your future plans.

How Can You Achieve What You Want?

Your intention may be to combat depression and let go of emotional weakness. But this will remain in the dark till you take action. Open up regarding your life situation and begin to make a journal of your plans. This will give you motive, knowledge, and an idea of how to lift yourself from societal resentment.

Whether it’s a mountain peak reaching the sky or an apartment room loaded with art in New York City, give yourself reasons to achieve your objectives. This lets you release unnecessary emotions and work towards stuff that will make the difference.

Rebuilding Myself - Trust and love one and another is the way to go

What Is Holding You Back From Rebuilding The Life You Want?

Make a commitment to be accepting toward everything life offered you and will offer you. Simultaneously challenge life at times you sense something is wrong.

Learning To Let Go Of The Past

Rebuilding your life requires you to make choices between places, friends, family, and relationships. Secluding past behaviors and expectations from life may sound like a miracle. But how to rebuild yourself, first lies in letting go of the things that are holding you back.

Chances are, you can collect the strength to shower forgiveness to your past ties. There is no harm in coming to terms with back-in-the-day drama, heartbreaks, sadness, and resentments. Allow yourself to live in the now and show compassion to your past deeds.

Have a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend regarding everything you wished you did differently. Pouring it all out will give rise to healthier questions, and also answers with the meaning you may be looking for.

Piece by piece, you will find the courage to bring stability to your life. Above all, you will start to show gratitude to the littlest things and also influence the lives of others. In short, value present moments and free your spirit from past thoughts that cause you pain.

Time for my people to show that love is all that matters

Understand That Mistakes Happen – Forgive Yourself

People hope the past will get suppressed [1]. That is an unwise choice and will continue to be a distraction unless you give yourself the leniency to properly release it from your heart.

Rather, embrace your destiny and ease the struggle. A lot has to do with freeing yourself (or others) from the guilt of the past. Remember, whether is it you or me – people make mistakes. Learn from it and give yourself (and others) the second chance.

Create A Solitude

Build a state of solitude that lets you stay on the ground and use your available tools and skills without stress. Picture yourself with someone close in a place you want to be in. Even if its the movies, some corner of this planet, or cycling on the road, identify what desire gives the best results.

Give yourself permission to explore nature, poverty, and your wildest dreams. When the pieces come together, there won’t be tears, only light. Everywhere you go, let your solitude make it home. Remember, each path in life teaches you a lesson, as long as you are aware, patient, and thinking right, happiness is inevitable.

One way people should let things be as it is - Everybody is different, show grace and mercy

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Go for events where happiness is flowing. Take up a habit to surround yourself with good company. Whether it’s your parents, books, trees, dogs, plants, or your 70-year-old fruit vendor. Make a list of activities where your mind is at peace and nothing can take the peace away.

Do not forget, these steps will only matter when you take action. Your journey will not start until you don’t attempt to transform your imagination into reality. The joy of being around something that radiates happiness has a major role to play in rebuilding yourself.

Whether it’s one person or multiple people, the ones you choose will play a vital part in letting you adapt to the much-needed change. Follow your heart when it comes to nurturing relationships. The world can throw anything and everything in your way. But in the end, sometimes you just need the right friends to top up your day with positive energies.

Be Daring – Take The Leap Of Faith (Even With Baby Steps)

Rebuilding your life after losing everything may feel like a superhero. The first opportunity you have to start fresh is taking the leap to clear self-doubt. This process will test the strengths you need to flourish in life once again.

The smallest steps make all the difference in every day life. Think about it, athletes initially did not know they are going to be athletes. The simple act of performing exercise every day (before the goal was set) yet contributed to their final achievements.

The images of your loss will be a roadblock to succeed in your newly founded passion. You need to get out of the bed, break the chains, and set free like a butterfly.

People say “A butterfly cannot see its own wings”. As a human you are in luck, you not only get to see them but also get to choose them.

One way things work out is people putting discipline is their actions

Love Yourself And Stop Living Under Other People’s Expectation

Commitment has a chance of pulling you into a negative space. Avoid making the mistake to let anger get the better of you in a relationship. Just like rain water is heated in a vessel for purification, humans are roasted by societal expectations. The prime difference is that the former succeeds for the better, but the latter for the worse.

The journey to rebuilding life becomes simple when the soul gets to flow in whatever direction as pleased. When you burden yourself with the mistakes and dreams of self-centered people whom you are doing a job under, you will see a myriad of human appearances. This is when you filter out the people who infect you with harmful anxiety.

Learn to love yourself and give yourself permission to care for your body and mind. These two elements when merged can bring joy and peace of another order.

Reward Yourself

You deserve more than you think in life. Not materialistically, but emotionally. Whether you want rest or adventurous activity, make a conscious effort to do it.

For those who ask “How to rebuild life?” Rebuilding your life comes with breaking the barriers. Before you are ready to step into the direction of executing your ideas, question yourself, and create a list of things you want to do.

You may want to watch a frequent movie with someone special or spend regular quality time under the moon on a starry night. There are no limits and the lack of realization of this fact is a classic example of why people are unhappy.

Don’t build opinions in your head about your wants. Get out there and fetch it rather than waiting for life to teach you more lessons. Besides, the real thrill is when you have embraced the emotion that a reward has brought upon.

Put Your Thought Into Actions

Cultivate Self Discipline

Self-discipline has an integral role to play when you decide to rebuild your life. No one can teach you this, whatever the situation. There has to be an internal urge that wants to place self-discipline in the front of your personal-development arsenal.

Parts of your life you are trying to recover from will give you several opportunities to self-reflect. In the end, you have to follow the command of your heart when it comes to changing behavior. It would be best to pick out a few highly disciplined friends. Pin-point their positive attributes and try to inculcate it in your life.

Destinies can easily change, it is you who has to adapt and care for the forthcoming.

How To Start A New Life From Scratch?

Building Your Life From Scratch Feature Image

How To Start A New Life From Scratch?

Building Your Life From Scratch Feature Image

Since 2015, 16 million adults in the United States have had at least one depressive episode. Life can spin out of control, that’s the reality. Whether it’s due to your career, relationships, or even health problem, it’s okay to feel dissatisfied over the choices you made (or didn’t make). Nobody likes to hit the rock bottom. But there is an opportunity for you to start a new life.

Starting over with nothing can be extremely daunting, which is why some people choose to take a step back from it. However, that does not mean you can’t do it. That does not mean it’s impossible. The path we choose, the changes we make, it all requires faith. 

In times of doubt when you can’t see a balance between the outcome and the efforts you put in, we hope this article could provide you with answers on how you can approach the big question – how to rebuild your life from scratch.

Is Starting New Life From Scratch Possible?

Yes, starting a new life alone from scratch is possible even if your gut feeling is telling you otherwise. While this is no way of telling you not to trust your gut, the fact is – starting from the bottom of a mountain seems so far fetched it makes people look only at the present and not ahead.

You can make that choice of halting expectations on how quickly you can reach that peak and build the courage and patience to deal with the challenges ahead so you could keep going.

Remember, each day is a new beginning and chance to change your life for the better. Even when yesterday deemed your effort a failure, the approaches that you take to get on the path of becoming the best version of yourself can remain.

The decision that you make could one day bring you to where you want your life to be. So, believe that you can start over from scratch, and don’t forget that no matter how hopeless things are, you have the power to dictate who you want to be.

Here are some tips:

  • Emotions may play a big part in your life, but your attitude towards it can make a difference
  • You may not have an option to where life leads you to your current circumstances at times, but you have the right to close that chapter to somewhere else it can bring you satisfaction and joy
  • The achievements that you want – to make changes or live your dreams, lies in how you spend your time working towards it

What is your reason to change your experience elsewhere

Understand The Concept Of Starting A New Life

Have Patience

The idea that you’re looking for ways on how to start all over means you desire to have a new chapter in your story. While this sounds like an exciting journey, you have to be prepared that this does not mean a smooth-sailing ride to the mountains’ peak. You’re still going to encounter ups and downs as you path the way to new life.

Hold tight onto your faith that things will – however, get better. The joy of going through this process means you are stronger than before. The development of how to start life over requires you to be persistent and – as childlike as it may seem, believe that dreams do actually come true.

Self-love, inner strength, and the respect you give yourself and others are all essential traits to have during this process. You have a long journey ahead of you, so it is important to start prioritizing which life areas are most important.

Anything is possible, don't let fear and anyone's opinions stop you

Your Cup Is Half-Full

Making mistakes are part and parcel of life – everyone makes them. While learning from your past mistake is important, the effect of agonizing over each and every mistake made could impact your life more than you think.

It burdens you over pessimistic things that you can’t undo and it affects your mental condition. In situations like this, break them down and take on the growth mindset:

  • You just lost a job (maybe a job that you like a lot) – The world of businesses and organizations are so big, it could be a sign that there are better opportunities out there. It’s not too late to take on a new job – probably a new adventure that could bring you further.
  • You just went through a divorce (or broke up with your other half) – Genuinely, give yourself permission to be sad. Remember, this does not mean you’re not worth the love. Instead, it just happens that you’re at each other’s end of the chapter. But the pages do not stop there.

    It could very well be the beginning of another new chapter for someone else searching for you, or it could be a chance for you to improve on becoming a better partner and work on yourself.

  • Your normal routine is put on hold due to a physical injury or illness – This is not the end. No matter how your brain is telling you that it can’t get any worse, the worst thing that you can do to yourself right now is giving up on yourself. So, take a breath, the adversity is a challenge to test your mental strength. You’re much greater than what you think.

Take Full Responsibility

If you want to achieve something, if you want to experience a life far more marvelous than what you have right now, the only person that you should hold accountable for is yourself. The standards that you want for your life, those are decisions that you have to take responsibility. Understanding that you have the option to take control of how you want to put the pieces of puzzles together can bring you further in life.

Your behavior towards experiences lives outside your head

What Are The Things That You Need To Prepare?

Saving Money

There are many potential expenses you need to consider when starting from scratch, such as travel expenses, buying a new home, and much more. Thus, it could be really helpful to have a large sum of money. The solution to gain income could come from two strategies – selling unwanted items and taking up extra shifts.

By taking the step to sell certain belongings, it’s also a good way of letting go of everything that reminds you of the past. Starting all over with a clean slate could give you the motivation to begin the new chapter you want.

When it comes to taking up extra shifts, these could come in ways such as getting flexible side jobs from doing food delivery, driving Uber, or even making money online – writing, video editing, graphic designing, etc.

Have Conversations With Loved Ones

No matter how badly you want to start over, sometimes you need to sit down with your family members (and friends), have a heart to heart conversation, so you could have the “closure” and confidence to move forward. Starting your life from scratch does not necessarily mean putting an exit to all of your past – but the ones that are holding you back from gaining happiness and satisfaction.

Letting them know what your thoughts are, and listening to them could sometimes take the weight off your shoulder – provided they are people you still want in your life and whom you know have good intentions for you. To move on, you need to let go of any regrets you have from the past.

Let no one look down at your value of compassion and creativity

Complete Existing Obligations

The reality is, in a situation where you still have obligations weighing you down, it is going to be difficult to start a new life. Take it for granted that you may be in the middle of your education, could you afford to be more patient and complete your school first? Will you be able to wait till you pay off all your debts? You would have to choose either quitting them or finishing them.

Focus On Your Inner Beliefs & Thought Patterns

What goes on in your mind has a lot to do with your current life situation. The stories you tell yourself are a direct correlation to your actions. For example, if you often have negative self-talk such as “I am a failure” or “I can’t do it”, you’ll come up with reasons that things aren’t working. Try rephrasing the thoughts in your mind.

You can start a gratitude journal or start surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people around you. Also, question everything, such as your world views and behaviors. You’ll bring attention to things that aren’t serving you.

Different environment, new hobbies, new habits, new friend

What Are Your Options To Start A New Life?

Just the mere thought on how to start a new life can be extremely frightening. You should realize that you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Having a support group to uplift your mood will provide you with the confidence to move forward.

Mental Help

Having mental health professionals can help you get over the fears you have. They may prescribe helpful exercises such as meditation or yoga. If you are struggling with a relationship, a therapist may be more helpful.

Life Coaching

You’re not meant to figure out everything on your own. Having a life coach can help guide you to where you want to be. They can ask you deeper questions to bring awareness to what is holding you back and how to find your true purpose.

The thing about having a mentor is that they will hold you accountable. If you promised your mentor that you are developing a new habit like going to exercise, you don’t want to end up lying to them. Not to mention, they can impart valuable wisdom and point you in the right direction.

Peer Support

Creating lasting friendships is the key to achieving happiness. Peers can be a sounding board to listen to your problems and provide feedback from their perspective.

Soul searching in a different city

Steps To Begin A New Life

1. Plan Your New Life

Take some time to contemplate your dream life. How would you live if there were no obstacles? Write down your big goals and ideas in a journal. Or create a visual representation of how you want to live your life. For instance, if you love to travel, you can put pictures of all the places you’d like to go to. If you want to pursue your passion of becoming a writer, you can have pictures of your favorite novels or books.

You should be very detailed with your vision. You’ll want to know where you want to live, what you want to spend your time doing, what kind of friends you want to have, and more. Living on your terms is a much better way to live life.

2. Craft Your Plans

Regardless of how big your dream is, you need to devise a plan. One of the biggest aspects of this is your financial game plan. How much money do you need to afford your ideal lifestyle? You should know how much money you’ll need to save each month from hitting your goal. If you’re looking to quit your job to travel the world, you may want to look for work from home resources [1].

You also need to consider how you’ll leave your home. If you own a home, you need to figure out how to sell your property. Also, you’ll need to find a new place to live. You can begin looking for apartments available for rent that match your lifestyle. If you’re someone who wants the flexibility of travel, it’s best to get a cheaper apartment or downsize your living expenses to prepare for your move.

Don't disguise your pain and needs for help, consider counseling if you need

3. Executing Your Action Plans

Now it’s time to make your ideas come to life. Something you can do if you’re short on money is to start taking extra shifts at work or starting a new side hustle. Or maybe your dream is to live in another country. You can begin by taking language courses to prepare for your trip. You don’t have to execute your plans all at once. Do one thing at a time.

4. Arrange The Logistics

Begin to arrange the logistics of your strategy. This consists of moving into your new place and settling into your new location. Some logistics need to be taken care of, such as registering your car in your new state.

Things will get better, find your happy place. Don't ever harm yourself


You have the ability to start from scratch anytime you wish. No matter how long or how difficult it takes, how to start your life over begins from taking that leap of faith. There’s no use in living a life you hate. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Whether you’re searching for success, happiness, spirituality, or adventure, this is a fresh start for you. Take baby steps, and you’ll remember this as being one of the greatest moments in your life.

How to Achieve Success through a Positive Mental Attitude

Lightbulb and a mindmap

How to Achieve Success through a Positive Mental Attitude

Lightbulb and a mindmap

Successful people share a lot in common, including creativity, hard work, the willingness to take risks, and more. One quality that is often overlooked is a positive mental attitude PMA. When pointed in the right direction, the mind is a powerful tool which is capable of producing incredible ideas. One sure way to increase your chances of being successful is by developing a positive mental attitude. Here’s another way to gain success.

What is a Positive Mental Attitude?

This is the belief that you can increase your chances of improvement through developing optimistic thoughts. Because it is difficult to quantify, its effects can be considered a way of approaching life. Ideally, it is a certain discipline used to train the brain to change a perceived reality through positive mental statements. It can be defined as a way of choosing positive emotions and applying them to beliefs.

How can you Experience Success through a Positive Mental Attitude?

The act of repeated positive mental statements is an idea many psychologists have presented in history. Breaking from negative past emotions is a process that requires perseverance. You can achieve positive thinking in various ways, including:

  • Recognizing the need to adopt change
  • Believing it is possible to change
  • Allowing yourself to be in full control of your thoughts
  • Letting go of negative emotions and moving on
  • Being thankful for your current achievements
  • Practicing positive self-talk

An empowered thinker masters their outlook on life and their emotions. Understanding that your internal state translates into how you react can help you develop a mental attitude of who you want to be. You have complete control over your mind. It can either become your biggest asset or your biggest liability. It means that you can choose to harness the power of your mind to achieve success or allow it to overpower you in terms of confusion, delays, or failure. Your thinking has a direct link on how you interact with people, attract opportunities, or deal with obstacles. You need to develop an attitude of commanding your mind to adopt a positive habit to seize success.

Spiritual and mind positivity

Ways to reach Success

1. Focus on the Positives

Almost every day, you will be faced with obstacles. If you have a negative mind, you will be more likely to have a pattern of stress about everything that happens. A productive mind chooses to focus on the goal and devises ways of overcoming the hurdles.

2. Practice Positive Affirmation

How you start your day sets the tone of the rest of the day. Starting the day with a pessimistic view translates to all the other events in the day. Every morning, before you start your day, practice positive affirmations and command your day. For instance, if you wake up and feel demotivated to go to work talk to yourself in a mirror and say words such as “I love my job,” “I am so excited to get to my work station,” “My clients love my output, and they need me now.”

3. Resilience

Every person, including the successful ones, goes through failure. Rarely will you hear a success story without past downfalls. What’s important is how the person overcame the tribulations. Negative thoughts can cause you to give up without even trying. If you are to be successful, you must train your mind to accept setbacks, so you can persevere the tough times and bounce back stronger than before.

5. Self-Belief

Many times, people succeed because they believe in their potential and ideas. It is usually a result of positive thinking, which gives rise to confidence. For instance, when challenged, a confident person can defend their opinion despite the opposition. You can achieve this by feeding your mind with positivity every day.

Thumbs up

The Success Mindset

A successful mindset focuses on goals through good habits and empowering inclinations. Achieving goals boils down to your habits, which means that your mental stability determines your success. If you have a negative mind that thinks of how a task cannot be achieved, you will only be creating an arduous and impassible road. A person with a positive mindset has a way of perceiving issues. Rather than thinking, “I will believe it happened when I see it,” they think, “I will believe it and watch it happen.” Here are several ideas to help you turn your negative mindset to a positive one.

1. Focus on the Growth Mindset

mindset manifests itself in the way an individual thinks and talks about themselves. Notice the words you say about yourself and your abilities. People who have a fixed and limited mindset talk negatively about their goals.   A growth mindset is also quick to notice limitations but goes beyond them with the strides of victory.

2. Block Negativity

You will come across a lot of negative talk from yourself and the people around you. Understand that negative opinions given to you by other people are created from their fears and limiting beliefs. Sometimes, when you are thinking about your success, your mind may remind you of how incapable you are and the number of times you have failed. Be quick to turn negative talk around. The trick is to believe in your abilities.

3. Develop a Vision

One of the essential traits of a positive mindset is envisioning your goal. Allow imaginations of success to be created in your mind. Once your mind is excited at the idea of achieving pre-thought success, you will be more inspired to work hard and stay committed to achieving it. Read about it here Take the time to think through your ideas and develop a clear picture of how your life will be in 5 to 10 years.

Positive thinking is a concept that may feel cliché. But the mental and physical benefits it offers have been demonstrated in many scientific studies. It involves making mind shifts and realizing you have control over your thoughts. As you work towards managing your thoughts, choose positive behaviors. Even when faced with difficulties, a positive mental attitude can help you turn around and regain a happy state of mind. Thinking positively can also give you an improved mood, better health, and higher confidence.

The Power of a “Can Do” Attitude

Confident lady smiling

The Power of a “Can Do” Attitude

Confident lady smiling

In every aspect of life, attitude is everything. It makes or breaks ideas that could translate into practicalities. A “can do” attitude would, therefore, open avenues for achievements and opportunities, allowing you to get outstanding outcomes even in unfavorable situations.

What is a “Can Do” Attitude?

It is the mental approach that no matter what circumstance life brings your way, you can make things happen. It means confronting uncomfortable situations because you know success is not inevitable. When you develop the attitude of winning amidst difficulties, you make the difference between getting what you want and missing it. Because your brain is an active force that acts upon reality, your life is 90 percent what you train it to be, and 10 percent what circumstances cause.

How to Develop a “Can Do” Attitude

A negative attitude strains your entire life and decreases your ability to succeed significantly. It causes you to make little to no progress. That negative disposition is what results in a passive personality causing you to allow external forces to control you. What should you do to shift that attitude to a positive cycle?

Woman holding up the "ok" sign

1. Begin Adjusting your Mindset

The difference between a successful person and one who struggles to achieve it with no success boils down to the mindset. What you feed your mind with determines how you handle difficult situations and the willingness to improve your life. People with a growth mindset have a “can do” attitude. They never give up, no matter the circumstance. They use their failure as a platform to learn and make adjustments until success is reached. Choose to leave your negative beliefs of “I am not capable” to “I can do this.”

2. Think Positive

Your actions, thoughts, and feelings determine your personality and ability to succeed. Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can steer you closer to success. It is all about being consistent in life. Allow what you think to be in alignment with how you act. The moment you affirm powerful thoughts of the things you can achieve rather than those you cannot, you begin to look at life positively and your biochemistry changes for the better. Do not worry about the self-doubt that comes each time you speak positively about the things you can achieve. Your mind has to be trained, so repeat the same words each day for it to be in tune.

3. Watch your Self-Talk

What you tell your mind determines your self-worth. You have the power to respond to any circumstance, and the attitude can either be negative or positive. What you say about yourself has a massive impact on the way you begin to perceive yourself. It then determines your ability to develop a “can do” attitude. It is the basis to which you gauge your ability to take on challenges in the face of adversity. Keep off a limiting outlook and replace it with a “can do” attitude.

Cultivating a “Can Do” Attitude

You can only embrace a ”can do” attitude through self-belief. Your attitude is the product of how you come to terms with the perception of reality. You need to develop a sense of motivation by facing each situation with enthusiasm. You get to keep your thoughts hopeful by engaging in a positive language. First, figure out why a certain thought crosses your mind. If you are struggling with a negative attitude, stop and think back why and how it got to your mind and then combat it with a positive attitude. Remember to respect, value, and love yourself, being careful to make yourself a priority.

Man with his fists raised in a confident happy manner

The Importance of a “Can Do” Attitude

A “can do” attitude is the guide towards a positive life. Therefore, maintaining it in every aspect is a step that cannot be skipped, including in your work, relationships, and health. Here are things a “can do” attitude helps you achieve.

  • Opportunities: Positive people are viewed as easily approachable than those who constantly think negatively.  A “can do” attitude, which can only be enjoyed by positive people opens networking avenues meaning you will be more likely to get more openings. This is because positive people tend to have a wider social circle.
  • Dream job: If you have a negative attitude and present yourself at a job interview, for example, chances are; you will miss out on a major opening due to underperformance. Maintaining a positive outlook in life allows you to be more prepared with high chances of nailing an interview. Many employers do not just focus on talent, but uplifting energy that will motivate others at the office.
  • Successful life: If you are going through a setback, keep sailing. Everyone goes through challenges. What makes the difference, is the attitude applied during stressful situations. Positive energy and hard work can guide you towards your success despite the hell you go through.

A positive “can do” attitude can mold your life for a better tomorrow. It is not about denying that there are hurdles, but about making life a process that is worth enjoying. If you begin worrying about your destination, your dreams may be overshadowed by pessimism. Make your journey more meaningful and exciting by accepting your past mistakes and learning new lessons from that. If you are to explore creativity, you don’t have to take life so seriously. Usually, uptight people tend to be stressed more when life takes a wrong turn. Have fun, laugh more, and embrace a “can do” attitude to create more room for improvement, realizing that there is always an imperfection. Understand that life comes in all shapes and sizes, giving you the avenue to explore your potential. Read more about manifestations here

A “can do” attitude presents a fight-flight response platform. It is the basis through which you struggle with unfavorable situations. It allows you to overcome the toughest phases for a more meaningful life. Perceiving threats and understanding the situation are crucial positivism elements that must remain supreme and highly valued. The “can do” attitude allows you to accept challenges, takes situations easily, and develop “thicker skin”. You will realize that although it can get tough at times, there will always be a solution.

How Setting Short-Term Goals Can Improve your Performance

Writing out your goals

How Setting Short-Term Goals Can Improve your Performance

Writing out your goals

From professional to personal ones, the goals you set in your life will impact your performance in many ways. Setting short-term and long-term goals draws on the concept that your conscious ideas guide your actions. You’d be surprised with what you can manifest when you set goals. Perhaps you have an idea of what you want to achieve, but do not know how to get there. This is where goal setting comes in. Objectives are the targets to which we direct our proverbial arrows; from relationships, career, and everything in between.

What are Life Goals?

Goals are the objectives you aim to achieve. A short-term goal is what you plan to do in the near future. It can mean today, next month or the coming year, something that can be achieved through goal setting. This is the process through which aims are attained. It is based on the premise that pre-thought ideas affect action and that human behavior is regulated by the goals. This is why some people give better performance in tasks than others.

The starting point is to formulate an idea of what you want to achieve say in about a year. Put it down in writing and prioritize it. Remember; the goals set affect your actions and emotions.  The more you value your goals, the more intense your efforts will be to attain them, and the more the success you are likely to experience. Identifying novel ways of pushing your abilities can also enhance self-confidence, self-efficacy, and the development of an internal locus of control.

Scrabble tiles with the word vision spelt out

Key Principles of Setting Short-Term Goals

Once an individual has set certain targets to achieve, they tend to develop a more pronounced performance. It is exceptionally important to set goals when you start something new. It means that setting clearly defined short-term goals guarantees better performance. Here are the key principles of goal setting.


Both short-term and long-term goals need to be measurable, leaving no hint of misunderstanding. They should be explicit about the desired outcome. Clear objectives help an individual to understand the task ahead of them and measure results. If you are setting challenging goals, it is important that you strike a careful balance to ensure the right degree of performance is met. Too easy or too tough goals can affect motivation negatively, so ensure they are challenging but realistic and attainable.


You can only achieve a goal when you understand and agree to it. How attached are you to the goals you set? This is the only degree to measure your determination and ability to reach them. When an individual is committed, performance tends to be higher and stronger. If you are committed to complete cleaning and to organize your house, for example, and realize your performance is below average, you will be more likely to change strategy to get to the finishing line.


Make your goals challenging enough to inspire you to strive to reach them. Easy to attain objectives tend to be demotivating and can come across as unimportant. The goal should be challenging enough to test your character and raise your self-worth in a way that makes you feel you accomplished something. For instance, if you are planning to lose weight, you could set a target of about 2 months to shed off 10 pounds. It means that the amount of effort put into a certain task is directly related to the weight of the goal.


You need to listen to internal as well as feedback from other people to gauge your performance. Feedback allows you to adjust your strategy where necessary to reach your goal. If your performance is way below your target, then you will need to reflect on your ability and tweak certain areas for attainable results. You may not be in a position to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies when feedback in unavailable or is delayed.

Man planning his goals

The Difference between Long and Short-Term Goal

Short-term goals are categorized between 6 months and 3 years, while it may take between 3-5 years to accomplish long-term goals. Sometimes, short-term goals can be achieved in 2 months while long-term goals could take more than 5 years to complete. Usually, long-term goals are propelled by short-term goals. For instance, if you aspire to become a medical doctor, several short-term goals must be met. You must first pass your entrance exams and apply to a medical school.

How Short-Term Goals make your Life more Successful

No matter the field you are in, setting short-term goals is a step that cannot be skipped. Usually, these goals have a ripple effect across all domains of your life. These include:

  • Improved career prospects and a sense of identity
  • Improved mindset and attitude
  • Improved personal health and a desire for self-improvement

Steps for Achieving Success with Short-Term Goals

Setting achievable short-term goals can get you closer to success. But how should you achieve this? These steps should help you attain your dreams:

1. Define your Aspirations

Determine the areas you need to improve. For instance, are there areas you need to improve in terms of finances, career, relationships, health, and etcetera?

2. Focus on what’s different

Find out the small things you are not doing right. Is there a different way your goal would be approached to achieve success?

3. Approach your day as if success happened

Everyday, think about success as if it had already happened. Notice how your mind gets inspired to focus on achieving. Once you begin living your best hopes, you get closer to your achievement.

If you have already set goals for yourself, by nature, the most challenging ones will have complexities and hurdles. Gain riches by setting goals. They may be daunting and overwhelming when approached without proper planning. Be sure to break down the tasks in a systematic manner, being careful to simplify each. Begin with the tasks that are easier to complete.

Setting goals is an essential practice that assures an individual of a more fulfilling and happier life. Both short-term and long-term goals give your life purpose, motivation, and direction. You get something to strive for and make changes to improve your life. Using these principles should help you set effective and attainable, aims dramatically increasing your chances of achieving them. Read more articles here.

Improve Self Esteem with Positive Affirmations

Silhouette pushing the "Im" in "Impossible" away

Improve Self Esteem with Positive Affirmations

Silhouette pushing the "Im" in "Impossible" away

Increased confidence is one of the most sought-after goal after financial abundance, prosperity, and a thriving career for those who believe in the law of attraction. This is because high self-esteem can inspire you to chase after all other goals with enthusiasm and self-belief. Without the ability to believe in your potential and value, the negative self-conception that begins to haunt, you may undermine your abilities to achieve success. This teaches you another way to grow rich.

Positive affirmations, when applied properly can boost self-esteem drastically. It is about making a statement or a declaration asserting the existence of something. Phrased correctly, affirmations can help you create a more positive personality. It may sound cliché’ and to some point seem unrealistic, but saying positive things about yourself every day can impact how you feel and think about yourself.

What do Affirmations for Self Esteem Entail?

Boosting self-esteem is about reprogramming negative thoughts about yourself. Negative statements and feelings cannot just be replaced. Because of their ability to rewrite the brain, positive affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement. They can help you to subconsciously focus on your goal. There are times when you do not even realize it, you fill your mind with negative ideas about yourself until they become a reality. You only need to take a few minutes to make an affirmation every morning or before you go to sleep. If you design your phrases correctly, the words used can open a powerful way of improving your confidence.

Why you Need Positive Affirmations for Self-Esteem

Accepting the beauty and the uniqueness of who you are is magical. It means you must be willing to boost your self-esteem by changing how you feel and think about yourself. If you keep saying how bad you are at a certain task, that statement is registered in your subconscious mind. Your mind manifests what it receives. When this happens, you will notice a systematic occurrence of all negative things.

When you practice positive affirmations and repeat them every day with conviction, a new belief will be instilled in you. This is not a hypothesis, but a researched and validated method by researchers. The medical stream identifies how the brain creates new neurons throughout your life, with the ability to reorganize an individual’s wiring in a process called neuroplasticity. It means that no matter the amount of time negative thoughts have inhibited your mind, new ones can be created and adopted. You can rewire your brain by feeding it with new beliefs. Repeat the following each day to regain your self-esteem.

  • My life is wonderful, and I must enjoy it fully
  • I am so gifted
  • My opinions matter
  • I look so beautiful
  • I am in full control of what I say
  • I love my job
  • I am loved and respected everywhere I go
  • I am so passionate about what I do

Habits that Build Self-Esteem

You must realize that self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem are seeds that need to be watered every day. The key to starting a healthy process of self-belief is recognizing that you deserve to be loved and to love yourself. Many times, when people have been hurt in the past, they tend to hide the pain to protect themselves from being hurt again. You need to practice self-love. If you find yourself constantly trying to do things to please others, you may be struggling with low self-esteem. Avoid second guessing yourself based on the opinions of others. There are several ways that can help you build your self-esteem, including:

1. Meditation

This is an excellent way of relaxing your mind. Use this time to practice affirmations and reflect on your goals.

2. Keeping a Journal

Write down your past experiences and how they made you feel. For instance, is there someone who hurt you? Did you confront them or keep the hurt to yourself? The more you write, the more you let go of negative thoughts.

3. Self-Talk

What you say about yourself has a direct impact on your esteem. Self-talk is a powerhouse of destruction and building. It affects your mood, mindset, performance, and relationships. Self-criticism, for instance, is a major obstacle.

How Affirmation Works

Scientific research has revealed that a repetition of positive affirmations daily can help an individual to begin developing a sense of self-belief gradually. Each time you speak, your mind listens and acts in that nature. Look at your mirror when you say these words and believe in them. Allow your eyes to reflect the strength and power of your soul.

Types of Affirmation that Can Increase Self-Esteem

1. Affirmations that help you believe in your Career

Are you trying to make new ways up your career ladder? If so, you might face episodes of worry, which is a common thing. Try these affirmations to boost your confidence:

  • I am perfect for this job opening
  • I have the skills required to shine and make a difference
  • I deserve success

2. Affirmations to help you feel Attractive

If you do not like the way you look, your low levels of self-worth can interfere with your relationships. Low self-esteem can make you want to avoid people. These affirmations target your body image and can raise your confidence:

  • I am beautiful, and I deserve to be loved
  • I am an attractive person
  • I look amazing today
  • I have the perfect body

3. Affirmations to Battle Fear

Sometimes, the idea of transforming your life can be scary, in turn, triggering a sense of low confidence. If you are afraid of a certain situation, these affirmations may help:

  • I can overcome any obstacle
  • I am ready for change
  • I am so excited to embrace this change

4. Abundance Affirmations

Perhaps you equate wealth to people you consider better than you. It could be that you have been bullied in the past for being a failure. You deserve to succeed and have an abundance of everything. Repeat these every day:

  • I deserve abundance and prosperity
  • There is already too much grace opening arms for me to embrace
  • I am about to gain success and abundance

Self-esteem is a belief system you develop as you grow older. It comes as a package together with self-worth, self-love, confidence, and self-belief. In addition to practicing affirmations, you can also include daily visualization of success, believing that you can get the things you desire. Read about the secret of success here.

Use Mind Power to Attract Wealth and Abundance Through Affirmations

Coins scattered around

Use Mind Power to Attract Wealth and Abundance Through Affirmations

Coins scattered around

Does mind power really work in terms of attracting money and abundance? You might be a bit skeptical. But the truth is; your mind is a powerful tool which can be used to attract wealth, prosperity, and anything else you need in life.

How Affirmations for Wealth and Abundance Work

You can only work with the powers of the mind by first realizing that everything is made of energy. Everything you see around you is made of vibrational energy. It goes to mean that things that happen in your life are attracted by the vibrational energy of the brain. The power of your mind through affirmations influences the direction of your destiny.

Everything happening in your life begins with a thought, which then leads the manifestations of circumstances. When an individual constantly thinks about abundance affirmations with strong intensity, this creates a command in the subconscious mind. This is how you can easily grow rich just by thinking about it. With time, the matching events begin to be attracted to their life. You only need to understand the dynamics of mind power, the laws of attraction, and the functioning of the sub-conscious mind to begin creating wealth and abundance in your life.

Why Use Abundance Affirmations?

Affirmations for prosperity and wealth are used to reprogram the subconscious mind and encourage the individual to believe they can acquire anything they want in life. Affirmations can be used to create the financial reality you want. This is because the subconscious mind actualizes people’s lives and the manifestation of their desires. What you believe about yourself at a subconscious level can have a significant impact on the outcome.

When the vibration is positive, progressive events such as financial abundance begin to happen. Click here for more. Also, when you have a negative attitude about your capacity to acquire wealth, you engage in a self-defeating character, which then leads to financial mishaps. Affirmations serve as sources of inspiration and can help you focus your attention on goals daily with the potential to promote positive self-change.

16 gold bars laid on the ground

What is the Formula of Effective Prosperity Affirmations?

1. Focus on Abundance. This is the top-most step in the law of attraction. You attract more of what you focus on. If you take enough time to focus on what you have and need, more could come your way. Shut your eyes for about 5 minutes and inhabit your deepest feelings of gratitude for the wealth and abundance you have.  Your inner citric may tell you that you don’t deserve abundance and can’t get it. When this happens, flip your thoughts to the positive.

2. Affirmations can only be effective when written in the first person. Begin by saying “I” to turn them into a statement of identity. “I” is a powerful statement which can inspire self-change. Examples would be:

  • Money is powerful. I adore money
  • Money is my servant an I am the master
  • I am a strong money magnet
  • There is no limit to the amount I can earn

The whole purpose here is to create a powerful affirmation to reprogram your mind. Once you are able to change your deepest beliefs, your whole attitude can gain a turn around with the vibrations that your mind produces. Ultimately, you get to attract all the wealth you need. Understand that positive statements must be powerful and short.

3. Always ensure the statements are positive. For instance, rather than saying, “I will no longer have little amounts of money in my wallet,” say, “I am rich, and my wallet is always full.” 

4. Write them in the present state. Write them as if the process has already begun. It means affirming, “I am rich and prosperous” instead of “I will be rich and prosperous.”  Because in the initial stages, most people don’t believe in their words, they find it silly to put these words in the present. But remember, the plan is to reprogram your subconscious mind. If you act as if something is already happening, the more likely it is to materialize.

This formula may be helpful, but it is important that you face facts. Manifesting wealth is also about facing reality and not just connecting money with fulfillment. Be honest with yourself and seek financial help from people close to you whenever necessary, such as family and friends without being afraid to reach out.

Using Meditation for Wealth

Combined with meditation, affirmations can be more powerful.   Meditation is a powerful way of tuning your mind into the present reality creating positive emotions. It should help you get a vivid picture of what your prosperous life will be like. Meditation has also been scientifically proven to be a great stress reliever, lower blood pressure, improve mental health, and increase empathy. You can get background meditation music on YouTube.

many bank notes scattered around

How to Attract Abundance

  • Dream big
  • Be thankful
  • Understand your potential
  • Quit making excuses
  • Live your dreams
  • Don’t stop. Crave for more

Understanding Prosperity and Abundance

  • The difference between prosperity and abundance is often misunderstood. Abundance is anything that brings a return value, while prosperity is money oriented. Wealth and prosperity correlate each other but have a little bit of difference. Wealth is money acquired, and prosperity is living a successful life. Wealth is the gateway to prosperity. Here are mantras you can use to attract prosperity.
    • I am receptive to all the wealth the world has: Because this mantra attracts prosperity, use it every day. It states that you are ready to reap the rewards of finances.
    • Wealth surrounds me: According to the law of attraction, anything you give good thought to manifests.
    • I deserve success: Money is important in life even to those who hate to admit. Success is crucial and can be fulfilling. This mantra should motivate you to look forward to positive rewards.

    Sometimes, a meaningful mantra is all you need to give your life a boost. Abundance affirmations don’t need to be long and complicated. They can be as simple as you want them to be from powerful phrases to lyric poems. Charged with energy just like prayers, they are designed to harness the power of the law of attraction for more money, abundance, and prosperity.

The Effects of High Self-Esteem

2 men 2 women jumping and looking confident and happy

The Effects of High Self-Esteem

2 men 2 women jumping and looking confident and happy

Everyone wants to achieve their dreams and be successful in life. But what determines success? Well, many psychological studies show that success is strongly interlinked with confidence. In other words, people with high and positive self-worth tend to succeed more in life.

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is an overall feeling of how one feels about their abilities and limitations. People with high confidence view difficult situations as opportunities to unleash their strengths and not as threats to cause them to back off. This is a quality that improves one’s motivation to overcome difficulties and achieve success. Self-esteem is a determinant of how happy you get. Having self-esteem would help you with many things, like this.

High self-esteem is a solid foundation for positivity, enabling you to look on the bright side of life. Self-confidence is influenced by self-efficacy and self-esteem. Self-efficacy is the flip-side of self-esteem, a belief in one’s abilities to gain success. It can be defined in terms of how effective a person feels they are performing. Whenever you feel that you are good at a certain task, for example, you experience the feelings of self-efficacy.

Woman facing a board with the words "Believe in Yourself" on the board

Determinants of Self Worth

Self-worth is determined by a person’s self-evaluated abilities and performance. However, other yardsticks are used to measure confidence, including a person’s social circle, appearance, financial capacity, career, experiences, and achievements. The relationships of the people around you also impact your self-worth. Most of what you believe in reflects the information you received from them about yourself. Read more here

What are the Top 3 Self-Esteem Builders?

Self-esteem is affected by 3 factors, all of which are linked to time management. They include the following:

  1. Values: People with high self-esteem lead a consistent life rooted in the deepest values. People who respect their values and refuse to compromise on them are happier and more successful. If you value yourself and your dreams, you are more likely to be a better time manager. The act of living a consistent life with your values boosts your self-image, self-confidence, and improves your self-respect.
  2. Mastery: If you are in control of your life and work, then you have developed the art of mastery. This enables you to feel more in control of your life, be productive, and powerful.
  3. Goals: Do you already know what you want in life in terms of goals and objectives? You feel better when your goals are congruent with your values. You get to like yourself more when working on something you believe in and one which is consistent with your natural talents and abilities.

What are the Benefits of High Self-Esteem?

Healthy self-esteem causes people to feel they are worthy of being loved and accepted by others. For instance, children with self-confidence tend to value themselves and feel they are worthy partners and capable problem solvers. Such people develop a healthy balance of liking who they are, recognizing there is still room to grow. The confidence of girls, for instance, tends to peak at the age of 9 and wanes with adolescence. Here are some of the benefits of high self-esteem.

  • Allows you to be happy: Happy people are successful. High self-esteem allows you to be happy, and recognize that everyone has unique values, including purpose, goals, and vision. All of these form the basis of identity. Confidence enables you to be open minded and prepared to learn from others without the pressure of adapting to their values and expectations.
  • The ability to articulate your view when challenged: Confidence can be put to the test when opinions are challenged. People with low self-esteem get anxious when challenged and are likely to adopt the opinions of others. High self-esteem tells you to acknowledge the challenge and argue out your point without the fear of disapproval.
  • You are not afraid of uncertainty: The reason many people procrastinate is the need for certainty. Because you are not sure you can complete a certain task perfectly, you keep avoiding it. High self-esteem tells you that perfection is not necessary. It convinces you to complete a task with all your effort. Such people know that feedback is their source of improvement.
  • Resilience: Everyone experiences setbacks in life. Successful people tend to be more resilient with the capacity to cope with life hurdles. When you fall, confidence picks you up and pushes you to keep going.
Confident looking woman writing "Be Self Confident"

Characteristic of High Self-Esteem

People with a strong sense of self-worth exhibit several common characteristics. Here are the 10 most common traits:

1. Self-Belief

People with self-worth are confident in their abilities. They get to recognize what they are good at and are excited to improve where necessary. The effect of this is that they get to be more ambitious in their work as they consistently strive to gain success. Self-belief does not allow them to engage in negative self-talk. It also tells them to be responsible for their actions without allowing others to make decisions for them. What’s more, they don’t need approval from anyone to feel great about themselves.

2. Clear Objectives

Confident people know what they want and can clearly communicate their ideas. High self-esteem allows them to appreciate themselves without the need for others’ approval. Confidence helps them to know their values and love others unconditionally.

3. Drive for Success

High self-esteem gives confident people the drive to succeed. It enables them to feel more flexible, making it easier to overcome challenges. Mistakes don’t scare them, and even when they occur, they learn from them.

4. Enjoy Healthy Relationships

People with high self-esteem are enthusiastic and have good communication skills. They love being in healthy relationships and accept constructive criticism. Because they are comfortable in their abilities, they hardly compete with others for relevance.

Self-worth affects almost every facet of your life. Maintaining a healthy view of yourself is not about blowing your own horn but about learning to respect your achievements and faults. It is no secret at all. High self-esteem underpins positive experiences helping you to focus on the bright side of life. When negative things happen, confidence allows you to take the setback and make adjustments. It also helps you to cope with adversity and appreciate the positives.

Theories of Motivation for Increased Productivity

A group of people putting their hands together in a sign of unity

Theories of Motivation for Increased Productivity

A group of people putting their hands together in a sign of unity

Every aspect of life needs some form of motivation. Motivation theory uncovers the factors that drive an individual towards a certain goal. The world of entrepreneurship, for instance, cannot operate without these theories. Every business wants to hire employees who are motivated for more productivity and profitability. People who are confident that their abilities will lead them to success are mostly driven by intrinsic motivation. Those who focus more on the outcome and not the capacity of their abilities tend to be driven by extrinsic motivation. You may want to read more here.

What is Motivation Theory?

Motivation is defined in different ways. Wikipedia defines it as the activation of goal-oriented behavior. Other sites define it as the inner power that propels an individual towards performing a certain action(s). It gives one the ambition to persist and reach the set goal. With vision and a clear mental image of what is to be achieved, an individual gets the needed strength to materialize it. In other words, motivation is the force that pushes a person to initiate a behavior.

The forces can be negative or positive. For instance, positive motivation would mean getting up early to go to work because you love what you do, while negative is when you have to be up early to get to the office before your boss.  The theories of motivation are many and different. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, for instance, frequently cites the escape-seeking dichotomy model, cognitive dissonance theory, and the drive-reduction theory. Here, find a summary of the different types of achievement theories there are.

1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This theory was coined by Abraham Maslow in 1943. According to the psychologist, the most basic needs of the individual must be met to experience motivation. This theory contains 5 levels including

  • Safety: Financial, personal, well-being, and health

  • Psychological: Water, food, and shelter

  • Esteem: The need for respect from others

  • Self-actualization: The desire to achieve

  • Love/belonging:  The need for relationships

This theory expects individuals to be healthy with confidence, positive relationships, and secure to reach a certain goal.

2. Hertzberg’s Theory

This is a two-factor theory coined by Frederick Herzberg in the 1950s. It is one of the most compelling theories about workplace motivation. He conducted extensive research in many companies and found out that most of them used what he referred to as ‘kick in the ass’ (KITA). The companies, according to the psychologist, often do this to motivate their employees.

Notice this is a wrong way of instilling behavior. He identified negative and positive KITAs. The negative ones may have helped the employees move up the ladder of business success, but it’s not something they would have loved to go through. It entails emotional manipulation to make the workers perform. It is an act many managers love to do, something that gives them an ego boost.

He also identified positive KITA where companies use incentives and promotions to push employees to perform. Herzberg’s theory phrases this as seduction. The psychologist says that a company doesn’t have to kick the employee. They should kick themselves because the charged battery may run flat once the source of motivation is gone. Here’s a motivation to begin something new.

3. Adams Equity Theory

Suggested by Adams in 1965, the equity theory implies that motivation comes when people receive fair treatment. At the workplace, employees put their inputs into their experience and effort, expecting to get some outcome in form of salary, promotions, and rewards in equal amounts. This theory also applies to school. For instance, the student who gets the least marks may feel demotivated to learn. If the person who got better marks studied less, the individual who studied more and got lower marks may lose their motivation to work hard at school.

4. Locke’s Goal Setting theory

Coined in 1990, the goal setting theory states that setting certain goals and committing to them is the key determinant of motivation. It emphasizes the need to have a specific goal rather than what can be considered general. For instance, someone who wants to work in the US will want to put extra effort to pass in their language exam. An individual must set a challenging yet attainable goal.

5. Vroom’s Expectancy Theory

The expectancy theory focuses on the mental process in terms of choice. It helps organizations to relate rewards to performance, ensuring that the people rewarded, deserved it. Vroom found out that the performance of an employee is based on factors such as skills, experience, and personality. The motivation here is determined by 3 factors, including:

  • Expectancy: The belief that more effort will lead to success

  • Instrumentality: The belief that there is a connection between activity and goal. Good performance warrants a reward.

  • Valence: How much the individual values the expected reward?

Vroom implies that the three factors are multiplied to determine motivation. It means that if any of these has a zero value, the individual will be unmotivated.

6. Skinner’s Reinforcement Theory

Coined in 1987, it states that behavior can be formed by its consequence. Appreciation, money, rewards, promotions, among others, can increase the possibilities of the repetition of good behavior. For instance, when an employee who does not perform well usually, makes good sales on a certain day and is praised or rewarded for doing so, they are more likely to give the same performance over and over.

7. Alderfer’s ERG Model

ERG was coined in 1969, condensing the Maslow’s into 3 categories including:

  • Growth: Self-actualization and esteem compel the individual to make productive effects
  • Existence: Is about physiological and material desires
  •  Relatedness: Relationships with significant others such as colleagues, friends, and family

The most concrete needs are existence while the growth needs are the least. ERG implies that employees’ needs must be recognized.

8. Protection Motivation Theory

This deals with how individuals make decisions in stressful events. It predicts the eventualities that cause people to have a change of behavior. It is governed by 2 appraisals, including coping and threat. Threat depends on how frightened people get. For instance, how scared does an individual feel about the possibility of losing their job? Feeling that underperformance may have severe consequences is referred to as perceived severity. Fear arousal assesses the amount of fear evoked by the perceived vulnerability.

9. Incentive Theory

This suggests that individuals are motivated to complete tasks to gain external rewards. For instance, an employee would be inspired to get to work early for a promotion. Reinforcement and association are the key aspects here.

10. Humanistic Theory

This suggests that people have strong cognitive reasons in the performance of various actions, as illustrated in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. People will want to first fulfill the basic needs as they get down on the lower levels of needs. The primary need is to meet self-actualization. Motivation plays a key role in every organization. It is not always based on financial favors, non-financial methods too can be used to get the best out of employees. Here’s something to read

Types of Motivation that make it Possible to reach Set Goals

Quote: Yes You Can

Types of Motivation that make it Possible to reach Set Goals

Quote: Yes You Can

Motivation can be defined as a biological, psychology, and social driving force that stimulates someone to initiate and sustain a certain character. This phenomenon is not just limited to humans but also in living organisms.

Motivation at a Glance

Drive involves emotional, cognitive, social, and biological forces that steer behavior. It is a word used unconsciously to describe why a student, an employee, or a spouse does something. For instance, one would say that a certain employee works overtime, expecting nothing just to have their work completed in good time. Psychologists have categorized motivation into different theories, including intrinsic theoryhumanistic theory, and drive theory.

The Two Main Categories of Achievement Motivation

Motivation can be divided into two main categories, including:

  • Intrinsic motivation

  • Extrinsic motivation

Both of them take equal parts in an individual’s life with certain similarities and differences. Some people respond better to intrinsic motivation (meaning from within) and can complete any obligations that are in line with the area of their passion. Others are quite the opposite responding better to extrinsic motivation, meaning they can handle even the most difficult tasks, provided there is a reward upon completion.

Intrinsic Motivation

The motivational stimulus of intrinsic individuals comes from within. These people can complete a certain task in which their belief system resonates with and which they have some attachment to. Their deep-rooted desires motivate them to chase their goal.

For instance, let’s say someone named Betty has set a goal to eat a low carb diet and avoid sugary foods to control her blood sugar levels. Let’s also assume that this is a drive triggered by the desire to lead a healthy life. Because the desire to change comes from within, the drive is intrinsic.

Extrinsic Motivation

The motivational stimuli of extrinsic people come from external factors. It means that the desire to complete a certain task is fully controlled by an outside source. Even when the drive comes from outside, these people still expect some reward for their performance.

Here, imagine Betty feeling the need to engage in a low carb diet because her husband gets worked up whenever she eats sugary foods. Because the pressure is coming from outside, it is extrinsic motivation.

Quote: Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Other Types of motivation in the Workplace

All other types of motivation fall under either of the above two primary categories. Here are the minor types of motivation that can make a significant impact in sport, learning, and all other areas of life.


Also referred to as reward-based, these types of people know that they will get a reward after achieving a certain goal. They are always determined because there is something to look forward to at the end of the task. The greater the reward, the higher the levels of inspiration.


If you are an employee working hard to get promoted, get new titles, and roles in your career, you are driven by this type of motivation. Note it is different from the incentive motivation where people expect a reward after achieving a certain goal. Here, people focus on meeting a certain goal to achieve and be promoted. Read more here.


Many people believe that who we know determines the chances of achieving success. Well, if you are one of them, affiliation motivation drives you. Such people tend to thrive when connected with others in high rankings.


Although the word fear seems negative, when it comes to motivation, it is a different case. These people believe that accountability is important and will, therefore, do anything to reach their goals. This drive is rooted in fear of failure. It is a positive form of fear that helps such people meet their vision to avoid failing in the presence of those who depend on them. As long as the fear is stable enough to prevent you from giving up, it is one of the greatest motivations.


If you are constantly working hard to remain in your high rank or get a further promotion, power-based motivation drives you. These are the people you will find in organizations that are very energized in order to gain more control. If you are looking to make a massive change based on your vision, this type will come in handy.


Attitude is about how one thinks and feels about themselves. At some point, you may have applied this type of motivation in your life. Low self-esteem can cause you to grow weak and give up, leading to a negative attitude towards life. Because a negative attitude can cause you to feel inferior, there are high chances that your overall performance will be hindered.

On the other hand, there is positive attitude. This results in positive changes and high performance at work and at school. Self-belief results in confidence. Click on this link to read about how you can dictate success with just your mind


Also known as learning motivation, this type is correlated to the achievement type.   Here, people are pushed to follow a certain goal by the process and not the reward. The difference here is that competence causes you to lean on the act of learning as you move towards a certain goal. For instance, people driven by competence will join a voluntary job simply to learn new skills.

Quite: Stay Focused

The Components of Motivation

If you have ever had a goal, then you know that simply having the desire to achieve it is never enough. You must have the ability to persist through the obstacles in spite of the difficulties. The three major components include persistence, intensity, and activation.

  • Persistence: This is the continued effort towards a goal amidst obstacles. For instance, if you want to pursue an MBA, it will require a lot of time, energy and resources to complete
  • Intensity: This is seen in terms of the effort that goes into achieving a goal
  • Activation: This is about the decision made to initiate a certain character. It could be about enrolling for a course or searching for a new job

Motivation may not be easy to master, but getting it right comes with multiple benefits. Manifestation of success comes when you are motivated. If you are an employer, you need to know how to motivate your team by studying and practicing the main types of motivation. This is to motivate everyone to put in their best effort when working.

Stress Relief Ideas for a Successful Life

Woman holding her head, frowning, and with post its all over her body

Stress Relief Ideas for a Successful Life

Woman holding her head, frowning, and with post its all over her body

From work deadlines, family drama, health issues, to financial problems, life can be hectic. The truth is; everyone wants to be successful in their field with the trimmings and lifestyle that goes with success. A lot of people want a slower pace and an easy life where they can work less and stress-free but still achieve success. If this is a possible choice, would you grab it?

Well, surprisingly, stress-free success is attainable and irresistible, bringing a peace of mind and productivity. Keeping your mind clear, and thinking about your goals can help you grow rich.

What is Stress?

Stress in terms of evolution is the state where the body enters into a fight or flight mode when a threat looms. This is the state where people have to either run or face the problems head-on. When it is at a low levels, stress can propel an individual towards achieving a certain goal. When it is too much, however, stress can lead to a negative reaction, including hampered productivity and illnesses.

Man standing next to a clock looking anxious
Anxious Businessman Looking at Office Clock

How should you lead a Stress-Free Life?

Life is a journey. This is a common cliché. But what is your destination? You need to outline your grand vision, values, short-term, and long-term goals. It is the only way you can define motivation and success. People have different stress triggers and varying reactions to that pressure. If you feel like you are about to succumb to stress, here are ideas to help you calm yourself down.

Be Well Prepared

The most common drives of stress are irrational surprises and expectations. This is where the reality fails to match with the already perceived expectation in the mind. The best way to avoid such is by planning your day. Set a day to plan your week to have a good grasp of what to do but be less rigid. Don’t just expect things to go a certain way. If they don’t happen as expected, you are more likely to be stressed.

Exercise and Eat Well

Exercise releases the feel-good hormones endorphins. These give you a sense of natural well-being, allowing you to feel relaxed. Exercising regularly also promotes the flow of blood to the brain helping it to function better and relax.  If you are feeling stressed, nothing might be better than a good workout. Remember to eat well and don’t skip any meals. Poor and unhealthy eating habits can put you in a bad mood, increasing your stress levels.

Lady working out with a dumb bell

Surround yourself with the Right People

It can be stressful to be around people who don’t believe in you. Negative people are more likely to spew too much negativity into your life, which can affect your goal achievements. It is advisable that you spend most of your time with like-minded people. These are the people who can inspire you to chase your dream and succeed. The best way to jumpstart your efforts is by identifying a mentor who can keep you accountable.

Have Limits

Don’t engage in activities out of pressure or fear. You need to phase life-stressors out. For instance, if you work late, hire someone who can be doing your dishes, preparing dinner, picking your kids from school, shopping for your groceries, and more. Invest in things and people that will help you out with external stressors. You might also want to phase out time-wasters such as TV series, video games, etcetera. If you have to bring some work home to complete, for example, switch off the TV and concentrate.

Revise your Goals

If you are going to work towards your goals, you must do so with all your effort. Many times, your efforts dictate the levels of success. It is a good indicator of how much you will achieve. However, the goals must be reasonable and realistic.

Give up Control

You can’t always try to control every single situation that comes your way in the road to success. It is true that leaders must be at a level of control, but they cannot control the outcome. Good and sober leaders adapt to the situation the outcome leads. Be prepared for whatever comes your way and relax. No matter how well prepared and equipped your team is, there will always be unexpected results. Start from the beginning if you have to.

Take it Slow

Sometimes you need to slow down and find better ways of approaching issues. For instance, you could set your watch 10 minutes ahead to avoid getting to work late. That way, you will avoid the stress of having to face your boss explaining why you are always late. You could engage in relaxing activities such as Yoga, meditation, listening to music, or praying.

Set Time for Hobbies

Spend time in things you love to do outside of work. Things you enjoy can relieve you of stress. It doesn’t have to be a whole hour. Even just 5 minutes to half an hour is enough. That could include knitting, reading, doing puzzles, and more.

Speak Out About your Problems

Talk about things that bother you to people you trust or do self-talk. This is a good way of releasing stress. If you failed in a task, accept that you cannot always be perfect. You also can’t control everything in life. Sometimes you have to allow life to take its course and quit thinking you can do so much.

Write Down your Problems

Take a few moments and reflect on your stressors. While some problems are rational, others are irrational. Irrational problems stress people out more. Writing problems down has a powerful ability to help one focus thoughts and bring clarity to what is happening in the mind.  Write all these problems down to bring clarity to your mind on what is bothering you. Focus on working on each problem individually to reduce stress in a more organized manner and bring logic to the irrational things. Want to learn about this secret? Click here!

No one wants to deal with a stressed lot. Even managers working with stressed teams struggle to lead and keep the employees productive. The good news is; if you learn to deal with stress positively, you can avoid burnout and achieve success. Because it is a natural part of life, if you learn to embrace it, you can emerge from the experience stronger with the capacity to handle tougher challenges in the future.

Activate your Higher Mind for Success through Affirmations

Blocks spelling out the word "encourage"

Activate your Higher Mind for Success through Affirmations

Blocks spelling out the word "encourage"

How you view yourself each day depicts the level at which your life is progressing or regressing. Because it all happens in your mind, you need to take each moment to pay more attention to your thinking and awareness. Your mind has the power to break or make your life. The image that reflects the way you are each day, exists in the mind. That is the image that influences your subconscious mind psychologically gearing you towards success or failure.

Each day, there are thoughts that impress the magnetic part of your brain radiating them out and attracting the likeness of those thoughts in your life. They make you more attractive to others, bring new opportunities and success, or do the opposite.

What are Positive Affirmations for Success?

These are positive statements or self-declaration of a specific goal. Some of them may sound basic, but normally they are mantras of empowerment with profound effects. Daily affirmations can create the life of your dreams and expectations. Successful people from top athletes to accomplished entrepreneurs know that using their willpower to steer success is never enough. They understand the need for letting go of negative thoughts and work towards bombarding their minds with positive thoughts.

How Should you Engage your Mind Positively?

It all begins with daily affirmations. These are simple statements describing a goal you aim to achieve and your capacity to do so. For instance, you would say,

“I can’t wait for the day I graduate and walk away with my MBA.”

“I am so excited that I am just about to strike the deal of the year for my company.”

Repeating affirmations every day, reprograms your mind for success. You are able to eliminate negative beliefs that could limit you to receive your victory. When your mind is at a comfort zone, you are trapped in mediocrity where you believe others can but you can’t. Activating your mind through affirmations replaces your doubts with certainty and confidence.

How Affirmations Keep you focused

Positive affirmations for work or school success when done consistently and properly can prevent you from sabotaging yourself through thinking negatively about your capability. Success is a game of the mind. If you see yourself as an achiever, nothing can block your goals. This is a communication that happens between your conscious and subconscious mind. It means you can think positively or negatively about yourself without thinking about it on purpose. Affirmations can help manifest the success you want.

When you give yourself negative affirmations, you are bound to suffer from low self-esteem, negative attitude, and make poor decisions. You can change your mind by performing a self-hypnosis or make use of positive affirmation.

The reason many people do not reach their full potential is because they carry self-doubt. They keep holding on to limiting beliefs instilled in them, for instance, in their childhood by their guardians or their school teacher who perhaps said they were good for nothing.

A positive message is instantly sent to your subconscious mind each time you give yourself a positive affirmation. These thoughts create vibrations for joy, fulfillment, and happiness through the law of attraction magnetizing people, and opportunities into your life.

Lady in white holding 2 thumbs up

Creating Positive Affirmations

By now, you know that both negative and positive affirmations affect the law of attraction. Positive affirmations can reshape your beliefs and attitudes that may have held you back. Learn about this secret way to gain success. If you are a Christian, you can get affirmations from the Bible each morning or get to YouTube and listen to motivational talks. Each time you want to manifest something you need, be careful of the words of affirmation you use. If you are struggling with affirmations, here are a few tips to guide you.

1. Focus on your negative thought

What are you trying to attract, and what are the beliefs that might be holding you back? Is there a trait or a fear that is stopping g you from vibrating in the right frequency? The most common negative thoughts include:

  • “Everyone gets bored with me.”
  • “I am not as good as…”
  • “I keep messing everything up.”

Each time you put such thoughts to mind, a feeling of lack of self-worth haunts you. Learn to convince your mind that you are awesome, and you can be successful. That is the only way you can create a positive image of yourself and cause your frequency to vibrate correctly.

2. Externalize the Negative Thought

You can do this by writing down the negative thought haunting your mind. It is a good way of disconnecting with it and not keep it inside as part of who you are. Replace those thoughts with words of encouragement. Some people find it a great way of disconnecting with the negativity by tearing the paper and burning it, scribbling it, or throwing it away.

3. Make Positive Beliefs the Center of Your Affirmation

Replace the negative thoughts with positive affirmations. At first, you might think it’s a crazy move to just impose things you don’t believe in. With time, it will all make sense. Be sure to remove all the negative connotations from your affirming words including: can’t, won’t, etc. For instance, instead of replacing “I am lazy” with “I am not lazy”; say “I am extremely hardworking.” This is how you can gain success through the power of thought.

4. Repeat the Affirmations

Because you are fighting to embed the affirmations in your mind, you need to repeat them daily until your mind gets used to and believes in them. Some people find them effective by repeating it multiple times in one sitting, others swear to the hourly repetition, while others do it once each day. The other way you can do it is using sticky notes on your mirror, your workstation, your fridge, and any other place you frequent. Begin by writing down at least 3 affirmations about yourself that have affirmed that you have already achieved certain goals. Then decide on the time of day you will be practicing them.

Your thoughts stimulate your emotions and are usually the building blocks of your self-image. The point is, you need to add positive energy to your physical, psychological, and spiritual life. It is a process that will help you see yourself in a more positive light. When you realize that this is a success mechanism, you will allow it to work for you to achieve limitless possibilities.

How to Overcome the Fear of Success

Fear of hitting the target

How to Overcome the Fear of Success

Fear of hitting the target

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” – Nelson Mandela.

Human beings are complex, and the way each reacts to different situations and anticipate results is completely different based on multiple psychological and physiological factors. The goal of most people is to succeed in life, whether in terms of buying a home, a car, advancing in their career, or earning more.

Unfortunately, when it comes to facing the challenges with success as the goal, many people are overcome by fear, which then causes them to miss out on the opportunity. For instance, a person may want to get a better job, and when the chance comes an overwhelming paralysis gets them, and suddenly they are afraid of leaving their old position.

Man not reaching the end goal
View of a businessman lying on a race track

Here are the most common versions of fear of success:

1. The Fear of not coping with Success

Even when a certain position does not feel right on the surface, people who fear success find more comfort in it because it is familiar. They feel that trying to move towards success is more of getting to unchartered territory. It feels like more of exposing themselves to criticism and the pressures and demands of the new field. A large percentage would rather not take this risk. Embrace the new beginning, which you can learn about here.

2. How to Deal with it

The idea of success can be downright scary for anyone. The imagination of moving to the next level is most of the times only possible in the mind and not in reality. You need to think outside your comfort zone and face your fears. Although there will be new things to be learned and changes to get used to, human beings are adaptive meaning you can gradually meet success if you put your mind to it. If you are afraid of success, think about all the good things it will bring you including confidence, a larger network, a bigger bank balance, and a better reputation. Click here to read about “the secret” to it.

3. The Fear of Being Someone Else

Successful people are often put on a pedestal. The thought of becoming one causes most people to fear being someone other people will not want to associate with.

woman holding out her hand in a sign for "no"

What should you do about it?

Rather than thinking about success in terms of the people you might lose, think about all the good things it will bring you. That includes discoveries and facets. Getting used to a new role can be exciting, and you can still be the old person your family and friends knew. You only need to create time for them.

What is the Fear of Success?

This is a psychological phobia stemming from trauma, mistaken beliefs, and personality traits. Wiki defines it as imposter syndrome, whereby an individual doubts their own accomplishments and have developed a pattern of internalized fear of being labeled as a fraud. People who fear success are afraid of what others will think about them, excessive attention, social pressure, and fear of unknown. Read about how you can think and grow rich easily.

Usually, this fear stems from childhood conditioning and the absence of self-trust. Understand that in order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. This fear is linked to low self-worth, usually driven by the belief you carry inside about yourself. Why are some people so successful while others are not? Are you not successful because you are more afraid of success than failure? If that’s the case, how should you reach success?

You need to narrow down your beliefs and summarize what you feel or think about yourself. Once you identify them, spend some time to counteract them. Use affirmations such as “it’s okay for me to succeed” or “haters will always hate” and begin following your goal. You need to start paying attention to how you try to avoid success and perhaps journal them or express them through creativity such as art. There is no magic solution, but at least realizing that you are sabotaging yourself is half the battle.

Symptoms of Fear of Success

  • Lack of motivation to complete projects
  • Avoiding responsibility
  • Refusing to set goals
  • Failing to honor deadlines
  • Habitual procrastination
  • Turning opportunities down
  • Avoiding responsibility
  • Limiting yourself to positions that you can accept
  • Making excuses and sabotaging yourself in negative self-talk

Fearing success is being afraid of your own power. It may look like procrastination and insecurity, but when it becomes habitual, it is more than that. There are many reasons people fear success. Some of the reasons include:

  • Feeling they are not worthy of success: Internally, most people critic themselves and feel they should not be the ones getting into a certain level but someone else who they perceive better than them.
  • Self-doubt: Failing to trust your abilities
  • Hate for attention: Most people, especially introverts, hate being in the limelight. Shy people also enjoy staying in the shadows due to the lack of self-confidence.
  • Fear of rejection: Most people are afraid of being ahead of their colleagues, friends, and partners. Most people fear the jealousy and revenge that may come with success.

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. It is a phobia that develops without conscious awareness, so it is not your fault. Now that you know, you can intentionally work towards it. One of the best ways to overcome these self-sabotaging tendencies is reading inspirational books and listening to motivational talks from people such as Brad Yates and Tony Robbins.  Reaching out to a qualified psychologist may help you go through a guided meditation for letting go of the fear of success.

Many people are driven to be successful in their social lives, career, and other dimensions of life. It appears to be an innate drive that takes different shapes along the way. For you to achieve success, failure has to be experienced. Low levels of fear can be motivating, but when they are high one can begin to develop a full-blown phobia that can in turn cripple progress.  Do not allow fear to paralyze and hold you back from trying new things or taking a risk. Following your goal and learning how to turn failure into success should be your daily mantras.

What are the Signs of Low Self-Esteem?

Girl seemingly very dejected ans slouched over

What are the Signs of Low Self-Esteem?

Girl seemingly very dejected ans slouched over

Self-esteem is crucial for a happy and fulfilled life. It dictates the self-evaluation of a person’s worth affecting how one perceives the world around them. Low self-esteem can have an enormous negative impact on the quality of your life. People with low self-esteem tend to have an attitude of self-defeat and a feeling that they are never good enough.

If you are a parent, you know the importance of building self-confidence in your children. It is important that you are aware of the most common signs of low-self-esteem to act fast and deal with the problem before it becomes bigger.  Here are the signs to watch out for and what you can do about it.

Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem react uniquely to different situations. However, several indicators can tell you that someone is dealing with it. A few signs that might indicate you or a loved one has low self-esteem include:

1. Shame

This is a common symptom of self-doubt. Shame strips pride and leaves an individual feeling vulnerable. People who feel this way avoid eye contact and develop a certain posture when communicating. If your child is struggling with shame, help them deal with this problem as soon as you can. If for instance, they are underperforming at school, let them know it will get better with time and make an effort of hiring a tutor for them.

2. Exaggeration

People with low self-esteem feel the need to exaggerate their lives to appear successful. They may also try to make situations look worse than it is to gain sympathy.

3. Constant Apologies

Do you find yourself apologizing each time you bump into somebody on the streets? People with low self-esteem suffer from an inaccurate view of themselves. They tend to feel as if everything wrong happening around them is their fault. If you are suffering from this, each time you apologize, acknowledge that it was not your place to give an apology and you did nothing wrong.

4. Everything is Luck

People with a lack of self-worth doubt their abilities and so associate everything good in their life with luck. Convince your mind that your efforts, talents, and intelligence earned you the success. Others do not accept compliments and tend to criticize people doing well in life. Simply say thank you when complimented and appreciate other people’s efforts.

5. Indecision

Self-doubt causes people to have trouble making decisions. These people spend too much time deliberating over simple issues. Making choices is difficult for them because it feels like it doesn’t matter what they choose. The choices and needs of others matter more. If you find yourself decorating your room because a friend likes decorations in a certain way, you may be suffering from low self-esteem.

6. Trouble Saying No

People with self-doubt never understand that people will like them for who they are. They try to please others by being a “yes man” to be well-liked. Even when overworked and overwhelmed, such people will hardly say no. While it may sound like a good idea to put other people first, it only means you are not considering your priorities. If someone, for instance, asks where you would like to have dinner, and you tell them to pick, it could be a sign of lack of self-worth, especially if you doubt they will accept your suggestions. You need to learn to be assertive and avoid catastrophizing events. Learn to say no when you need to.

Girl avoiding eye contact

7. You Check your Phone for Non-Existent Texts

When you are at a party waiting for your significant other, do you scroll through your phone pretending to be chatting or do you mingle? If you are constantly on your phone, it can be either you are bored or lack a sense of self-confidence. Poor social skills could mean low self-esteem. Boost your confidence by looking around to see if there is someone you can approach. If there isn’t, look around for other people who seem to be by themselves and introduce yourself.

Causes of Low Self-Esteem

Many times, self-doubt stems from our childhood. Some of the experiences that may lead to it include:

  • Harsh parental standards
  • Constant punishment
  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Bullying
  • Lack of parental warmth, affection, and praise
  • Always being on the receiving end of someone’s ill fortune

The early stages of our lives form the rules of life, which then affect how people think and react to situations. A poor upbringing can have a lasting effect. Sometimes a new beginnging bring about uncertainty and it leads to low self esteem.

How does Low Self-Esteem affect your Life?

Self-doubt has several consequences. Many a times, it makes the affected person confuse love with ill-treatment. If you suffer from it, you might expect people to treat you badly. When they are nice to you, you may feel extremely excited with unrealistic feelings. In relationships, people with self-doubt take the lower hand. They tend to bear things they shouldn’t stand.

If you are employed, your employer might believe you are not talented because you may not have the confidence to show your talents. Such people are often quiet in group presentations. With time, a feeling of lack of self-worth can graduate to depression.

Lady smiling a little while touching her face

How should you improve your Self-Esteem?

Low self-esteem is a serious issue that can lead to a lot of consequences. The good thing is; it is easy to solve and lead a normal life. Here is what you should do:

  • Ignore positivity advice: Depressed people often hear phrases such as “hey, cheer up,” “life is too short to be gloomy,” and so forth. If you have suffered from depression before, you know such phrases only make the situation worse. On the flip-side, people with low self-esteem hate to hear phrases such as “you are great just the way you are,” “appreciate yourself,” and more of that kind.
  • Refocus your attention: Pursue a goal to ignore your inadequate feelings or spend quality time with people who matter.

If you find yourself struggling with low self-esteem, don’t give up hope. You may need to manifest the magic yourself, but there are possibilities to regain self-confidence and be successful in life. You only need to understand the root causes of your self-doubt and overcome them.

Powerful Prayer Points for Success in Exams, Business, and Life

Little girl in green shirt praying

Powerful Prayer Points for Success in Exams, Business, and Life

Little girl in green shirt praying

“For I know the plan I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

You must learn to commit all your ways to God in prayer. You should not be afraid of new beginnings because they are to be a fresh start. Do not be like the rich fool who thought he could achieve without God. If you are a wife, you must learn to pray for your husband’s work and career. If you own a business, you must pray for its success, and if you are a parent, you must remember to always pray for the academic and future prosperity of your kids.

Jesus, too, prayed even when he was God incarnate, Luke 5:16. He needed to break from his daily demands and recharge his spiritual life with his father to face challenges better. His prayerful life should give you a good example to follow.

Why is Prayer for Success in Life Important?

One of the most powerful weapons God has placed in your hands is prayer. Knowing which words to use can sometimes be challenging. Even Jesus’ disciples were faced with this dilemma and so asked their master to teach them how to pray Mathew 6. Although they were familiar with the prayer of the Torah, they were amazed at how Jesus made powerful prayers. Jesus told them to pray the Lord’s prayer in Mathew 6:9-13.

Our Father in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done on earth

As it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

Lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil.

This was the prayer Jesus asked his disciples to pray. However, it was not meant to be a ritualistic prayer but an example of how to make a petition before God. How should, you develop a powerful prayer life? Let’s find out.

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Know Who You Are Speaking To

Understand that prayer is a direct conversation with your God. Begin by addressing the person you are speaking to. In the Lord’s Prayer Jesus begins by saying, “Our father.”  What is your relationship with him? Approach him like you would someone you have a distinct relationship with. God is 3 in one; the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is that friend who is closer than a brother while the Holy Spirit empowers you to do the tasks placed in your life.

Be thankful

It is always a good idea to be thankful for the things God has enabled you to do as you pray. Are there answered prayers that have come your way in the past or grace and healing?  Just like any parent, he loves to see grateful hearts in his children.  A thankful heart opens heavens and gets your cup of blessings overflowing.

What do you need?

Many times, people are afraid of bothering God with the little things they need in life. That includes success. Most people believe that God only blesses our efforts and yes, to some extent, it is true. But do you pray that God blesses your efforts and grants you success? In fact, not many people will pray even in hard situations; they will first work their part and then go to God later in prayer. “You do not have because you do not ask” James 4:2. God wants you to approach Him, so don’t hesitate to ask for anything you want. Your heavenly father wants to see you succeed and delights in gifting you.

As you make your prayer, remember that your heart needs to be right with God for your prayers to be heard James 5:16.

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What are the 3 Prayers for Success?

Whether you are about to sit for your final exam at school, approach a new career, or need your relationship renewed, God listens and leads you to success.

Prayer for Success at Work

If you are looking for a breakthrough at work or an interview, make this Catholic prayer. Or if you’re looking for another way to grow rich, you can read this.

“Glorious St. Joseph of Cupertino, you are the model of those devoted to labor. Give me the grace to work conscientiously being careful to put the call of duty above my sins. Help me to work with thankfulness and joy, considering it an honor to employ and develop, the gifts of labor, the gifts received from God; to work with order, peace, prudence, and patience, never surrendering to weariness or difficulties; to work above all, with purity of intention, and with detachment from self, having always death before my eyes and the account which I must render of time lost, of talents wasted, of good omitted, of vain complacency in success so fatal to the work of God. All for Jesus, all for Mary, all after thy example, O Patriarch Joseph. Such shall be my motto in life and death. Amen.”

Prayer for Success at School

“Lord Jesus, I am before your throne today with an open heart expecting from you. Right now, I am so overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of me. I know that even when my faith is as small as the mustard seed, you still listen to me. Help me to succeed in my school work. Enable me to keep my eyes fixed on you through it all. May your name be glorified as you lead me to victory. Amen.”

Prayer for Success in Relationships

“Lord, help me to succeed in my relationships, reminding me not to put anything or anyone ahead of you. Bless my efforts and allow excellence to drive my desires. Make me a vessel of honor to bring glory to your kingdom. Thank you because your plans for me are beyond what I can imagine or hope for. As I abode in you, I know you will complete your good work in me. I am humbly committing my life and all plans to you because I am nothing without you. What I desire today is to stay in your quiet and wait for your blessings and success. Amen.”

Far beyond the many infamous definitions and quotes, God has good plans for you. There are many CatholicJewish, and Hindu prayers you can make to achieve victory. He thinks about you individually and has a planned purpose and intention to help you succeed for His glory.

5 Steps to Success

red shoes climbing stairs

5 Steps to Success

red shoes climbing stairs

While success can be defined in many ways, the truth is; everyone wants it. To some, success would mean moving to a bigger home or getting promotion, while to others it would be about building wealth. However way you define it, it is better and easily achievable through a clear plan. When you dare to dream about something you believe in and set goals in that direction, a powerful shift will certainly happen.

Once the set goals are achieved, you can be sure of heightened levels of confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and the desire to keep trending the path of success. There are rules to be followed though, just like is the case in the 11 steps to archery success. It is no secret of attraction, but here are sure steps to help you meet your success.

1. Identify Goals with a Great Positive Impact

The reason most people are not successful is because they are pulled in too many directions not sure which goal to settle for. You need to prioritize your goals based on the impact they bring in your career, family life, health, and more. Dani Johnson in her book First Steps to Success describes how she overcame obstacles to become the successful multi-millionaire she is today. In her book, Dani has inspired thousands to scale their businesses, get promotions, improve their relationships, and more. You might want to implement the skills given to overcome the obstacles preventing you from reaching success. The best way to implement this is by not being afraid of competition − if there are other people trying to reach the same goal as you, it doesn’t mean you should give up. Competition should inspire you to keep doing your best.

person climibing a mountain

2. It is Never about Personal Motivation

Accomplishing goals in life is not always about finding things that motivate you. This is because motivation is mostly about whims and feelings. You will never achieve if all there is internal desire. With intrinsic motivation, there are times you do not want to take action on your internal desire. Why not set a system and follow it no matter what happens. First, identify about 3 things you love to do, all of which must be related to your primary goal. The problem with many people is that they are not able to say no to distractions. You need to concentrate fully on your goal. Here is what you need to do to reach your goal:

  • Get support: You can hardly reach success alone. A strong support system is needed to make it easier for you. Get a mentor, read motivational books such as The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success available in pdf, and join inspirational platforms such as Steps to Success Brookline.
  • Practice: You need to build manpower to reach your goals. It takes effort, time, and commitment.
  • Take control: Staying intrinsically motivated can be challenging especially when there is no influence over the outcome. You only need to look for a way of taking an active role.

3. Learn from Successful People

No matter how adventurous you are, you still need directions from people who have already achieved such as Dani Johnson. How did they do it? What are the basic steps they followed and finally found their way to the top? Most literature reviews highlight similar traits of successful people including:

  • Reliance on other people who have been successful
  • Well formulated plans and purpose
  • Determination
  • Discipline of saving money
  • Giving priority to transparent communication
  • The ability to make decisions based on facts

There are successful people all around you. You only need to talk to several of them and identify a mentor. Pay attention to the traits that make them successful and cultivate on them.

person leaping across the mountains

4. Develop a Growth Mindset

There are 2 mindsets that influence how people view themselves including the growth and the fixed mindset. The fixated mindset believes that things cannot be changed and are static. Such people believe that success is not a result of hard work but coincidence and luck. They believe that success also results from talent, in which the successful are born with. As a result, they give up easily and don’t face challenges. When things do not come easily, they give up almost immediately believing they lack internal ability to excel.

The growth mindset on the other hand is always ready to explore, grow, and learn. Such people believe they are capable of achieving anything they put their minds to. When the situation gets tough, they look for different ways of approaching it until success is achieved. Things you can do to build the growth mindset include:

  • Believe in your efforts: People who have a growth mindset do not focus on what cannot be achieved. They invest in effort and hard work believing that the two will somehow lead to growth.
  • Be open to new skills: Challenges inspire the growth mindset to look for different ways of approaching a task. Such people will do all they can to triumph.
  • Failures should be viewed as a learning experience: Growth mindset tells you to view failures as a reflection of oncoming success. People with the growth mindset view failure as a valuable source of learning.

5. Build your Mental Thoughts

Mental toughness is about resilience. It is about following your goal amidst obstacles. If you do this, you will look at challenges as opportunities. Building your mental thoughts allows you to take charge of your life being confident that you have the ability to succeed. Here is what you can do to boost your mental thoughts:
  • Try harder: You need to believe in yourself first and put off all negative self-talk. Even when setbacks hold you back, soldier on and focus on your goal. A successful person looks at failures as a stepping stone to success.
  • Set Goals: You cannot succeed without setting goals which are attainable. They may not be easy to reach, but at least there is something to aim for. It is the only way to go through the hurdles that come your way.
Life presents many situations that are not always clear. If you are well groomed to deal with a great deal of potential, then you are better positioned to reach success. Instead of being inflexible and rigid, you should adapt when you encounter unexpected situations. Although there are no set guidelines for success, certain habits of successful people can help you learn new strategies and tactics to implement every day. With all these things in place, you will be able to experience the magic of manifestation.

How To Find your Way Through The Narrow Road To Success

Success ahead sign, with a road up ahead

How To Find your Way Through The Narrow Road To Success

Success ahead sign, with a road up ahead

Most people know what they want in life, but only a handful have learnt the tactics of getting it. The road to success begins with a heart and a mind that wants to achieve something in an extraordinary way. Because the road to success is narrow, many people miss it. Most of them look for the wide and easy route which leads to failure. The mindset of a winner does not focus on the easy way out. Winners look at the impossible and chase after it with all their might.

The Principles of Success Work, When You Work For Them

There are many principles you need to abide with to achieve success. These include:

  • Focusing on your quest: You cannot be good at everything. Even in areas that seem related; you cannot achieve an equal level of success everywhere. You must therefore focus on one big goal whether educational or entrepreneurial, remembering that a jack of all trades is a master of none.
  • Have limited options:  Most people are open to options. Unfortunately, this openness leads to limitations because it opens a way for mediocrity. For example, students in college, having a job waiting for them upon graduation, will not work as hard as one who needs to get a job based on their academic records. When your options are limited, you may be pushed by circumstances to give your all to achieve a certain goal. Following one path encourages you to work hard for success.
  • Never giving up: if you have a goal, you can achieve it through talent and hard work without giving up. There will be mistakes and failure along the way, so accept them and learn from them working towards trying again. Success can only be achieved through resilience and determination. After all, the road to success is always under construction, meaning that you are consistently paving your own roads.

Using these principles can help you achieve unimaginable levels of success because they always work. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get straight A’s in college, be an award-winning journalist, be a top salesperson, or buy a dream home. These principles and strategies apply in every field. You only need to apply them in your daily life with discipline.

Climbing up towards success is a struggle and you may need help from others

The Road to Success is paved with Failure

Summer Redstone quotes that “Success is not built on success but on failure and frustrations”. The quote goes on to say that sometimes it can be built on catastrophe. The truth is, even the most successful people today are guilty of having, at some point, thought they were failures. The reason many people get to this point is because they are too preoccupied with what others think about them. Most people want others to perceive them as thriving and successful. Successful people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs also failed at some point. Read this secret pdf to find out more!

Understand that failure is bound to knock you off your feet, but I also pushes the determined to get back up and proceed towards success. Failure is a success strategy to get you out of your comfort zone and direct you to the unimaginable zone. It is important that you understand failing does not mean that you did not work hard enough. Trust your personal clock and allow life to take its course as long as you are glued to working hard. A quote from Steve Jobs reads:

You cannot connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards. You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”.

You don’t have to be hard on yourself. Only focus on the lessons learnt in your failures to get closer to your success remembering that the road to success is paved with failures and hot excitement.  Why not jumpstart your personal transformation by getting the following books?

  • The Long Road to Overnight Success by Shane Jacobson inspirational novel: You can download it in its pdf format and read it in numerous devices. Transformation happens through planning and the help of a support system. This book should give you answers, tips and stories that inspire success. If you feel uninspired and unmotivated, this eBook should be your guide.
  • Academic Transformation: The Road to College Success is the other inspirational book. Before buying, review your course syllabus to be sure you are purchasing the right ISBN.
  • Dressage: A Guidebook for the Road to Success: It is primarily for advanced horse riders. Here, you can find a systematic approach designed for the higher levels of dressage.
  • Music Publishing: The Real Road to Music Business Success: If you are starting a music publishing company, this book is a must read. It reveals the importance of music publishing and how those involved can profit. Tim Whitsett’s tells you how you can forecast sales, evaluate copyright purchases, calculate advances, and more.
  • Academic Transformation: The Road to College Success: This is a book designed for college students. It contains the latest neurobiological research to help students understand cognitive and self-regulation skills. It is an eBook that can be accessed online.
  • Academic Transformation: The Road to College Success DCCCD: This book offers the latest research for college students on cognitive theory paired with practical lessons to be applied in college careers.
  • Team Building the Road to Success: This is a downloadable pdf written by Rinus Michels. It discusses self-organization and persistence.

Many times, people stay away from doing what excites them because they are afraid the ideas they have would not take off. For this reason, the best dreams are pushed to a shelf because people do not believe in themselves. People think they don’t have what it takes to make their dreams happen. You don’t have to look at successful people who have passed through the path you desire and think you can’t be like them. Understand that even the most successful people had their moments of confusion, doubt, and panic.

The path to success is less of a straight path and is filled with many ups and downs. What will distinguish from others, in making your dream a reality, is tenacity. How determined you are in achieving your goals is what will set you apart. Don’t be afraid to start from a brand new beginning when you fail.

A Simple Change in Mindset Will Bring Happiness Into Your Life!

change your mindset

A Simple Change in Mindset Will Bring Happiness Into Your Life!

change your mindset

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a better life? Do bad situations keep turning up when you wish they wouldn’t?

I used to think the same things. The truth is, we bring these situations down on ourselves. Now, I’m not saying that bad things happening to us is our own fault. However, any time we feel overwhelmed by a difficult situation is, indeed, our own fault.

Everyone experiences happy times and tough times. It depends on your mindset as to how you will handle these situations. If two people endure the same trial, the more positive of the two will find it easier to overcome.

That being said, how exactly does one change their mindset to a more positive wavelength? Read on to find out!

positive people

Hang Out with Positive People

Spending your time with positive people will aid your understanding of what it is that makes them positive. Positive people tend to be easier to hang out with and are much better at decision-making than negative people.

While there is a place for pessimism, constant negativity eats away at your soul. (Believe me, I’ve been there) Better to plan ahead while still hoping for the best.

People who emit positivity vibes attract other positive people. Even if you’re not a positive person yet, hanging out with one or more of them will push you in that direction.

Avoid Negative Media

These days it seems like 90% of news and media posts are negative and condescending. Consuming all this negativity every day impacts our mindset on a massive scale. The more negative content you absorb, the more negativity swims around in your subconscious thoughts.

Avoiding negative media when possible will help keep negative thoughts out of your mind and allow you to grow in positivity. Catastrophes are happening more and more often these days. Could it be that our focus on negative things is causing the increase?

positive affirmation

Design a Morning Positivity Boost

Generally, the way we feel when we first wake up tends to stick with us most of the day. If you tend to wake up feeling tired and worn out before the day even begins, you’ll only feel worse as it progresses.

To avoid feeling that way, we should have a customized morning positivity boost method. Each of us is a different person, but we all know what we need to get into a positive mindset.

For me, I started talking to myself in the mirror when I wake up. I’d get up, go to the mirror, and tell myself at least five things that I’m thankful for. Sometimes I’d say what I was thankful for about myself while other times it involved someone else I was thankful to have in my life.

Learn What Works for You

Believe it or not, each of us knows what we want or need to be satisfied and positive. All we need to do is take the time to reflect on it and apply whatever it is to our daily lifestyle.

The longer you work at staying positive, the more it becomes second nature to you. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you don’t even have to think about it, and your life will look bright all the time in sickness and in health!

Top 5 Forms of ‘Riches’ We All Want to See in Our Lives

rags to riches

Top 5 Forms of ‘Riches’ We All Want to See in Our Lives

rags to riches

Riches mean a variety of things. To be ‘rich in something’ means to have more than enough of whatever that is.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, almost anything you desire involves a form of riches. While we each have our own desires, people lean toward certain forms of riches more often than others.

Read on to learn about the top five forms of riches we all want to see in our lives!


Monetary Riches

When we hear the word ‘riches,’ most of us think about money or material wealth. I’d be shocked to learn of anyone who wouldn’t be happy to end up rich.

When we picture our perfect future dream, you’d expect to be at least fairly comfortable. Perhaps you envision yourself living in a palace. Others may wish to have a moderate size house. Whatever your desire, the place you wish to live in and the lifestyle you wish to lead will always be such that you will be comfortable and satisfied. If you are serious about improving your wealth you should head over to download the PDF version of think and grow rich.

Time Riches

Most if not all of us dread the day our life will come to an end. No amount of focus and determination will give us eternal life. The Law of Attraction is limited only by the other laws of nature.

While we can’t live forever, we can dream about living a long life. If your long-term dream is to live to the age of 120, you will achieve the age with some patience and determination. So long as you never lose sight of your dream, you’ll achieve it.


Health Riches

Have you ever noticed that some people never get sick? Those with a positive outlook on life tend to remain healthy. If you envision perfect health and remain positive about it, you’ll attract good health into your life.

Disease and troubling allergies will only surface when you lose focus on your goals. It may take some time, but the longer you envision perfect health, the stronger your immune system will become!

Love-life Riches

One of the main things that all us singles look for is our future spouse. While some people do enjoy the simplicity of dating over married life, most of us wish to be stable and married. (Or at least living with one person who we may or may not have an actual marriage certificate with)

As you’ve likely figured out by now, you’ll attract people with similar attitudes to your own. Of course, we will always find people that are very different from us outwardly, but the ones we stick with have a similar wavelength to our own.

That means if you’re a negative person, you’ll attract a negative mate. If you’re satisfied with life, then you’ll likely find a stable, satisfied mate. Be warned!

Life Riches

At the core of desire, satisfaction trumps all. Each of us wants the life that we think will make us the most happy. The happiest lifestyle will be different for every person.

Whatever makes you satisfied and happy with life, hold onto it! We all deserve an equal chance at being happy. The longer you hold onto that dream, the closer you’ll get to it!

How to Make a Deal with the Law of Attraction to Manifest Success and Wealth in Your Life

manifest money

How to Make a Deal with the Law of Attraction to Manifest Success and Wealth in Your Life

manifest money

The Law of Attraction works far better than we can understand. Success and wealth can be achieved by any of us. The key to achievement lies in patience and determination.

When it comes to manifestation, the phrase ‘seeing is believing’ gets reversed. Instead, you could say, ‘believing is seeing.’

So long as you never accept defeat and keep your dream in the front f your mind, you will see it manifest in your life one day. No one can say when or how but it will be so.

There are steps that you can take to improve your chances of your dreams manifesting earlier. Let’s look at a few of the methods to manifest success and wealth in your life:

Write Out Your Entire Dream

You’ve likely already written out your end-game goal. The end-game goal is where you want your life to be in the future.

When I say write out your entire dream, I mean EVERYTHING! Write out how you plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Having the entire process written out will help you to envision the process as well as the end result.


Positive Affirmations

Write out positive affirmations, such as ‘riches,’ ‘happiness,’ ‘success,’ and so on. You can place these words and phrases around your room or even the whole house.

Reading these positive affirmations will help keep your mind focused on the positive things in life. The focus you gain directs your mind to positive attractions, improving your chances at bringing good things into your life.

These phrases don’t need to be exactly aimed at your dream, but they should help you think about positive things as often as possible.

Be Grateful for What You Already Have

If you’re not satisfied with your current position, you’ll likely feel negatively toward life. Doing so hinders your walk toward success and wealth.

Instead, be grateful for what you have now while still looking toward the things you wish to gain. A grateful attitude helps you attract even more good things.

You may want to try writing down all the things you’re grateful for each day. Doing so helps you stay positive and continue to move toward your long-term goals.

staying active

Stay Active and Positive

Exercise makes us sweat – Sweat releases endorphins – Endorphins improve our mood. Engaging in physical activity allows us to stay healthy while also improving the positivity in our minds.

You may have noticed by now that the majority of ways to benefit your chances of achieving success and wealth involve a positive attitude. A positive mind attracts positive things.

If you’re going to take anything from this article, take this lesson:

A positive person attracts a positive life.

No matter how positive you are, bad things happen to us all. However, the more positivity we possess, the easier it will be to overcome those things and get stronger. So above all, stay positive!

What is the true meaning of success?

What is the true meaning of success?

In an increasingly fast-paced, demanding and competitive world, the concept of success seems to take refuge more in the pursuit of external and material achievements than in the pursuit of a more comprehensive and balanced lifestyle. Aspects such as popular recognition, an excellent economic position or a good place in society have been shaped by true values to be desired and lived.

While there is nothing wrong with the above, it is important that each of us take a moment to go beyond our external distractors and reflect personally on our current situation and our true desires and motivations.

In that sense, from my personal experience, I was able to draw two important conclusions that brought me back to my center and made me realize that success has a simpler and deeper dimension than we think:

Success, rather than being an end in itself, is the natural result of good personal work, which is born and built from within ourselves.

To be successful, it is essential to feel good and successful with ourselves without needing approval from the rest.

Books and authors that talk about success are many and diverse. Rather than quote them or list them, my intention is to share 5 actions that have been very useful to me, which if we put them into practice, can help us feel better about ourselves based on a simpler and more comprehensive conception of success:

Being about doing: Our daily lives are often filled with a great volume of tasks and activities, and this is how we tend to think that the harder we work, the more successful we will be. While hard work does pay off, the important thing is to enjoy every moment. Quality by balancing quantity and giving purpose to our daily tasks gives a more solid meaning to our daily lives.

In addition, I would like to introduce this book called “Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill which has taught me to value our present: Many times we focus only on achieving or longing for more without paying attention to our own current achievements and capabilities. Valuing our present and being grateful for it, having clarity about what we already are, makes us see that, at this moment, we have great reasons to feel successful. These are the teaching passed down by Napoleon Hill himself, and I would that you as a reader would give this book an opportunity as well to allow yourself to grow. Click here to get think and grow rich pdf for free now.

Tuning: To be successful, a concordance between our inner and outer state is necessary. If we base our success solely on the lights or on the approval and recognition of others, feeling miserable when we are alone or at the end of the day, it will only make us experience success in a very poor and short-lived way. Feeling success and joy in simple things like the dedication we put into deploying our capabilities, makes us enjoy our day to day life much more.

Daring to dream: Being ambitious and competitive, rather than looking to the side and wanting to be better than the rest, means taking our inner power and wanting to be the best version of ourselves that we can imagine. The higher we dream and desire, on a higher scale and taking concrete steps along the way, the more and better things we will attract to ourselves.

Always moving on: To realize that our life is a constant learning process and that in the process of wanting to be better there are good times and other not very pleasant ones, makes us see success as a path rather than an end and understand that, more than failures, there are results that, ultimately, always have to benefit us.

Success can be measured from different points of view and therefore there is no single definition of success. Beyond the concepts, it is important to look inward with sincerity and feel what we really want for ourselves. Many times, we may come across a great surprise when we realize that what we want is more within our reach than we think. In this sense, not letting ourselves be carried away by what the rest necessarily conceive for us and living more based on joy and purpose than on doing and having are essential for a fuller and more satisfying life.

What is the key to success in life?

What is the key to success in life?

I do not believe, in fact, that there is a general key, a sort of passe-partout that can open every door.

Success is a personal matter and the worst way to achieve it is to rely on the definitions of others. On the contrary, this is one of the best ways to deal with unhappiness.

One must therefore seek one’s own egocrete (a personal secret).

Arriving at your own definition will not be easy. As has been said, all the general definitions must be purified: cultural, geographical, historical or religious definitions must be discarded.
Everyone will want to transfer their vision to you, especially the society in which you live, but with you, most likely, the rule will not work.

You will find yourself having achieved all the goals set, but inside you will still have a feeling of emptiness.

It will be like filling your car with gas for a lifetime and discovering only at the end of owning an electric motor. The result will only be a very heavy machine full of unnecessary stuff.

The beautiful story of the fisherman transferred by Gabriele Giordano is an excellent starting point to define the concepts of erroneous and personal.

After reading it, in fact, one is led to think that everything was wrong, and how much deep wisdom is hidden in the words of the fisherman.

But what would have happened if everyone had followed that approach since the dawn of human civilization?

Probably the life expectancy would be 20 years (everyone to enjoy it by boat instead of studying medicine). Which boat, which ones do you love, which guitar, which wine would have been appreciated by that man if nobody had bothered to learn, work and refine every instrument more and more? Most likely then, we would live under a bloody dictatorship (why study, grow or fight for our rights? Better a good glass of wine at the bar).

That definition may be fine for the fisherman, but he hopes it will be healthy for the rest of his life. If you need a doctor, you’ll need to make sure that you blow up all your idyllic tick: catch more fish, sell them, spend less time in the bar or with your children. At that point, the road to becoming the businessman who now mocks will be very short if you think and grow rich both mentally and in reality.

In short, the story works, but only if very few people put it into practice. What is needed, however, is a world capable of believing in other approaches, even if only to allow the fisherman to descend to the village (by the way, how does the wine pay for it?).

Back to the question. Finding one’s own definition of success requires complex study and self-analysis, and this often lasts a lifetime.

It’s a bit like composing a melody. We have to find all the notes that can make our souls vibrate in a positive way.

For the little that is worth, I wish you all the best for your very personal search. I sincerely hope that you will be able to find your keys, especially today, in a world full of misleading recipes

Secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur

Secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur

These are a few tips from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill on how to become a successful entrepreneur. It has helped many to grow their business and become where they are today- expanding their businesses locally and worldwide. You can Get the Book For Free Now for more tips and trade secrets which are unknown to many.

1 – The love of what you do

Passion is the key to keeping a dynamic strategy. The lukewarmness in an entrepreneurial effort is a crucial lack of will to succeed. Perseverance is the only thing that guarantees a result over time, whether for a person, a job or a company. How many business leaders have failed, and despite that have continued to the extent that they still had the pleasure, which allows them never to give up.

2 – Take calculated risks
You will regularly hear the story of such an entrepreneur who invested once on an opportunity, someone who made a move, and emerged victorious after six months or a few years, but they are rare. Risk management is an essential factor in any start-up, and balance is essential. You can absorb losses more easily if you take fewer risks at first, which provide you with essential and productive lessons.
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3 – Learning from others
Successful entrepreneurs have often worked for someone else in their field before becoming self-employed. Spending a few years in the company of an excellent professional/mentor provides a superb launching pad. Learning from mistakes in your future competitors, thinking at home about how to improve their model, is ideal. Find someone ready to train you, and when you feel armed, settle in.

4 – Do your own promotion
The first commercialization that any company knows comes from its founder. Spend time sharing your vision, focusing on the client, speaking the right words, communicating the benefits of doing business with you, arguing is self-promotion. If you don’t sell your business, no one will.
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5 – Act again and again
The entrepreneur is an influential actor. It cannot afford to analyze every detail, there is no room for procrastination in a startup. It’s full time without vacation or leave. A job that requires constant momentum, to make a brief assessment at each step and continue, trusting your instincts.

6 – Make a business plan
Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge provided by successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and make a business plan that doesn’t have to be a book. 10 pages maximum are enough to contain everything you need to get started.

7 – Build your reputation
Maintaining a blog on a well organized site, or donating your time and skills, by writing, participating in events related to your profession, showing your place in said community, and building your expertise. Today a good reputation starts with a reputation and your talent to develop your personal branding.

8 – It is never too late to start
Many successful entrepreneurs entered the business late in life, and were extremely successful near the end of their careers. The experience that comes with age gives you a unique perspective on your business, on your company and on what you need to do. Life experience brings depth to what you do.

9 – Building a team
Finding the skills and attitudes that support the development and culture of the brand you want to promote promotes innovation and improves your reputation. Bringing in professionals who possess complementary skills and talents, and especially the desire to work together, creates emulation and multiplies the strengths of your action and strategy.

10 – Be aware of your influence
Your attitude as founder sets the tone for the company. This is the principle of the chief’s exemplarity. Showing yourself negative, unproductive or not committed enough is tarnishing your reputation. Your success depends largely on the mistakes you make and the corrections you make in the process. Facing the challenges of the business world transforms the founder-owner you are initially a leader, and business leader.

Starting a business can wreak havoc on your personal life as it often falls through the cracks during the launch. That’s why you need to take care of yourself mentally and physically. In this exciting time sleep and nutrition play a central role in giving you the physical strength and character to move towards success. Those who succeed generally follow a structured approach, a life discipline like getting up early and also socializing and relaxing in the evening.