What’s Up with All These Relationships?

What’s Up with All These Relationships?

It seems like everyone is talking about their relationships these days. The art of dating and living together is much more complicated than it used to be. While humans have moved forward in their ways, there are still plenty of mistakes from the past that we continue to make.

Why is it that so many relationships are failing these days? I believe I can shed some light on this question:

Misunderstanding of the Term Becoming One

We all know that once you get married you’re supposed to become like one person. The both of you are supposed to coexist in such a way that no one could tell you apart when it comes to decisions and belief.

While this is partially true, many people make a huge mistake here. When it says to become one, it does not mean that you should become like your partner. If you sacrifice your dreams and passions for the sake of your partner the lose will manifest itself within you in the form of bitterness or anger.

There isn’t a person on the planet that is capable of giving up everything they are for someone else. It is not selfish to want some things for yourself. Just because you married an athlete does not mean you suddenly need to become fit and healthy. (Though I would advise you to get healthy)

Becoming one means that both of you must adjust to the personality of the other. You must accept that each of you is different. There may be days where your partner wants to do something that doesn’t interest you. Be honest with them, but let them do it anyway. The biggest mistake any of us can make is to deny our partner the things that make them happy just because they don’t make us happy. The same should go for your partner.

Realize the Correct Order of Importance

When it comes to married life, or even dating life, most would say the order of importance in a family is kids, spouse, then yourself. This is absurd. Of course, you should do everything in your power to make your kids and your partner happy. However, if you deny yourself the things that make you happy for them every time, you will become unhappy.

There are times where you need to do something purely for yourself. One of the best books I have read so far regarding relationship is call “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book has helped me to think stronger and grow richer mentally https://www.buenosdiasnoticias.com/think-and-grow-rich-pdf-free-download/ when I was at my lowest. Generally, these are the times when I felt stressed out or tired and needed some help to stand up again. A teaching in this book goes by this,If you try to put others before you when you need something, it will likely cause you to feel bitter about that person. Make sure to take care of yourself so that you are in a state of mind where you can also look after your family.

Never Lose Yourself in a Person

As much as you love someone, you should never sacrifice who you are for them. People who are jumping from partner to partner tend to be those that are not happy with themselves and wish to find satisfaction in the arms of another.

Before you can be a good partner to someone, you must first be good to yourself. Love yourself no matter who you are. We can always strive to be better, but never put yourself above nor below another!

Is It Possible to Survive in a Long Distance Relationship?

Is It Possible to Survive in a Long Distance Relationship?

LDRs are insanely hard to keep up with. The only chance an LDR has is if both people are mature, trusting, and patient. There are a few things that both people simply must adhere to or else an LDR will fail. Read on to find out what both you must have in order to survive in an LDR.


Before being separated, the two of you must be 100% loyal to one another. It is very easy and highly tempting to have a side relationship while your partner is away. How can they catch you when they’re in another country or state, right?

If you can’t be loyal to your partner when they are away how could you be loyal to them when you are together. If your partner can’t be loyal during an LDR then they are not worthy of you anyway.


On the opposite side of loyalty, you must also trust the other person to be loyal to you. If you have insecurities that make you suspicious toward your partner, then either your partner isn’t loyal to you and you know it, or you have trust issues.

I’d you can’t trust someone your relationship will be unstable. You will constantly want to know where they, what they’re doing, who they’re with, and so on. If you are asking these questions a lot then you need to change your mindset and start trusting your partner. 

Scheduled Communication

It is very difficult to be apart for any length of time when you love someone. Having a scheduled time when you will either chat by instant message or give each other a call is essential.

Do be careful that you don’t ritualize the schedule too much. If, for example, your partner is invited to a party one night and would have to miss one of your calls, let then go! If you force them to give up on social events for you it is likely to cause a rift in your relationship. If they choose to skip an event because they don’t want to give up their time with you, then great. But if they want to go, you must let them. The same goes for you, obviously.

An End-Game

Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean a time to break up! If you plan to have an LDR, you really should have a scheduled time that you will be together again. This will depend on how long you will be apart.

If your partner is gone for one year then try to have a plan of meeting up either during the year or at least at the end of it. There’s no sense in being in an LDR if you have no plans of being together ever again!

Knowing that one day you can hold your partner in your arms again will greatly help you survive the difficulties that come with it. You will still run into trouble just as any relationship does. However, if you follow all these points, you should be able to effectively survive a long-distance relationship! 

There a set of rules you can use to follow to maintain your LDR, read more from long distance relationships rules.