What Is The True Meaning Of Success?

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In an increasingly fast-paced, demanding and competitive world, the concept of success seems to take refuge more in the pursuit of external and material achievements than in the pursuit of a more comprehensive and balanced lifestyle. Aspects such as popular recognition, an excellent economic position or a good place in society have been shaped by true values to be desired and lived.

While there is nothing wrong with the above, it is important that each of us take a moment to go beyond our external distractors and reflect personally on our current situation and our true desires and motivations.

In that sense, from my personal experience, I was able to draw two important conclusions that brought me back to my center and made me realize that success has a simpler and deeper dimension than we think:

Success, rather than being an end in itself, is the natural result of good personal work, which is born and built from within ourselves. To be successful, it is essential to feel good and successful with ourselves without needing approval from the rest.

5 Ways To Achieve Success

Books and authors that talk about success are many and diverse. Rather than quote them or list them, my intention is to share 5 actions that have been very useful to me, which if we put them into practice, can help us feel better about ourselves based on a simpler and more comprehensive conception of success:

1. Being About Doing

Our daily lives are often filled with a great volume of tasks and activities, and this is how we tend to think that the harder we work, the more successful we will be. While hard work does pay off, the important thing is to enjoy every moment. Quality by balancing quantity and giving purpose to our daily tasks gives a more solid meaning to our daily lives.

2. Value The Present

In addition, I would like to introduce this book called “Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill which has taught me to value our present: Many times we focus only on achieving or longing for more without paying attention to our own current achievements and capabilities.

Valuing our present and being grateful for it, having clarity about what we already are, makes us see that, at this moment, we have great reasons to feel successful.

These are the teaching passed down by Napoleon Hill himself, and I would that you as a reader would give this book an opportunity as well to allow yourself to grow. Click here to get think and grow rich pdf for free now.

live in the present

3. Tuning

To be successful, a concordance between our inner and outer state is necessary. [1] If we base our success solely on the lights or on the approval and recognition of others, feeling miserable when we are alone or at the end of the day, it will only make us experience success in a very poor and short-lived way.

Feeling success and joy in simple things like the dedication we put into deploying our capabilities, makes us enjoy our day to day life much more.

4. Daring To Dream

Being ambitious and competitive, rather than looking to the side and wanting to be better than the rest, means taking our inner power and wanting to be the best version of ourselves that we can imagine. The higher we dream and desire, on a higher scale and taking concrete steps along the way, the more and better things we will attract to ourselves.

5. Always Moving On

To realize that our life is a constant learning process and that in the process of wanting to be better there are good times and other not very pleasant ones, makes us see success as a path rather than an end and understand that, more than failures, there are results that, ultimately, always have to benefit us.

dare to dream


Success can be measured from different points of view and therefore there is no single definition of success. Beyond the concepts, it is important to look inward with sincerity and feel what we really want for ourselves.

Many times, we may come across a great surprise when we realize that what we want is more within our reach than we think. In this sense, not letting ourselves be carried away by what the rest necessarily conceive for us and living more based on joy and purpose than on doing and having are essential for a fuller and more satisfying life.