What You Need To Know About Karmic Debt Number

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Karma refers to the spiritual concept of cause and effect whereby present actions and intentions determine the future. Good intentions and deeds contribute to good karma and happy rebirths while bad deeds lead to bad karma and bad rebirths. Therefore, to be on the right side of karma and remove bad karma, it is important to lead an honorable life and know the laws of karma.

What is karmic debt [1]? What is my karmic debt number? These are some of the common questions that arise when people are looking to know more about karmic debt definition and how to clear karmic debt. And in case you are the type that is beginning to believe “I don’t have a karmic debt number”, think again, we all have debt numbers that reflect our life choices in our past lives.

What Are Karmic Debt Numbers?

The ideology of a life path number stems from the universe`s cyclical nature, which includes date and re-birth cycles. These numbers point out the burdens or challenges that must be overcome in order to achieve happiness and perfect life stability. These numbers are useful as they help us to understand the specific behaviors that we need to amend as well as obstacles that we may have to undergo in our present lifetime.

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How Do You Calculate Your Karmic Debt Number?

Numbers that relate to karmic debt are normally based on birthday, personality numerology, and life path number. Adding up these numerals determines the karmic debt that you`re dealing with.

You can calculate your personality number by adding the two numerals that make up your birthday such as your birth date and birth month. For instance, if you were born on August 17th, you would add the digits up, 0+8+1+7= 16. Then simplify the figure by adding 1+6, which results in 7. Seven translates to life path number 16. Please note that you don’t have to reduce numbers further if you encounter a master number (11, 22, or 33).

Did you know that you can easily determine your life path number using the karmic debt number calculator online? All you have to do is key in important information such as birth name, birth date, and press next button for you to learn the karmic lessons associated with your life path.

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What Do The Different Karmic Debt Numbers Mean?

Karmic Debt Number 13

If 13 is the answer to the popular question what is my karmic number? Then it means you`re here to pay a debt for lazy behavior in a previous lifetime. Put simply, you avoided shouldering responsibility for most of your actions, leaving the rest to carry the workload instead.

You likely took several shortcuts as opposed to taking your time to get the job done. The good news though, is that you can make amends for this life path number by participating in active reasoning and communication.

Always think about your actions and the resulting repercussions. And since number 13 represents laziness, you should look to get out of your comfort zone in this life. Therefore, try to work hard to get out of your comfort zone, putting extra effort into your activities. You should also learn to complete activities without outsourcing to others.

You`ll know you`re dealing with debt 13 if you are constantly blaming one for your misfortunes. Inexplicable idleness and constant procrastination are also signs that you need to repay your karmic debt. Other signs of an impending karmic debt include the need to be in control, egocentric, and recurrent feelings that others don`t appreciate your input.

In the numerology chart, the universe always gives us a chance to rectify our past errors. This means that although not easy, you have the ability to pay your karmic debt if you remain consistent, truthful, and passionate in your pursuit of change. Always search for your failures deep in your heart as this is the best way to deal with thoughts of idleness that have the potential to cause significant destruction to you and everyone around you.

Karmic Debt Number 14

Such numbers are associated with the experience of the misuse of personal freedom. In other words, it holds that you acted selfishly towards others, putting your preferences before those of others. Debt number 14 is also associated with insufficient self-discipline in various areas of your life. It could include insufficient resistance towards food, alcohol, drugs, and even work-life balance.

To pay off this karmic debt in your numerology chart, you`ll have to channel your inner strength and emotions to analyze your use of freedom. Examine whether you are disciplined enough to avoid day to day temptations. You also need to practice moderation, especially when it comes to your habits.

This number requires you to take a step back and analyze your treatment of others. Understand that your opinion isn’t better than that of others and be of service to them. Even more important, lessons of learning to accommodate one in your thought cycle, especially in situations that affect others as well.

You also need to understand that it`s okay to take a backseat and allow others to manage every now and then. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness; instead, it only shows that you are mature enough to incorporate the perspective and opinions of other people as opposed to being super controlling.

Your challenge in this current reality is to support other members of the community, understanding that proper reasoning is required in all circumstances. While its good to have faith in your intuition and have great intellect awareness, its advisable to avoid the behavior of judging another person.

Some of the signs that you`re dealing with this life path number include the inability to practice self-control, feelings of being entrapped, commitment issues, need for freedom, persistent boredom in jobs, and relationships, making it hard to maintain either.

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Karmic Debt Number 16

You landed in this kind of karmic debt due to your abuse power of relationships in the journey of your past life. The need to repay this karma debt will cause you to feel the urge or need to prove that you are worthy of trust in this lifetime. You might be dealing with such obstacles if you allowed your arrogance to get the better of you in the past. Lessons of learning humility and be of service will be needed to clear this debt. Remember, you hold the power.

This is among the hardest to overcome since you need to be in touch with your inner self to understand the need to gain humility. You likely were involved in several affairs in your other life and broke the trust of several friends and family members in the process.

On the other hand, similar to other karmic debts, clearing your name requires thorough self-reflection. Think about the many times your arrogance has got you into trouble or how frequently your self-perception has offended others. Come to peace with that and start by thinking less about yourself. While it might take some time before you overcome your ego-related problems, remaining consistent will help you to transform your habits and in response become a trustworthy individual.

Some issues that you may continue to encounter with this karmic debt include hard-headedness, desire to be in solitude, lack of reliance, negative energies, struggles with interaction, failed relationships, difficulty in sustaining emotional connections, and egocentric.

Karmic Debt Number 19

In the numerology chart, 19 is centered around selfishness and the need to step on people to achieve your personal goals or interests. In the journey of your past birth cycle, you didn’t hesitate to use people in order to get ahead. And while you were a bully in your previous birth cycle, you can change your destiny by becoming more of a laid-back leader who allows the other to take charge and be of service to other people.

The whole idea is to be more accommodating and be of service to other people, taking time to think about the issues plaguing both friend and family before yourself. You should also resist the urge to act like a know-it-all since it promotes a sense of arrogance and conceit.

If you are struggling with this number, you`ll notice that you have a lot of love for material goods in your birth life. Number 19 is also associated with stubbornness (especially when it comes to asking for help), obsession in self-appearance, narcissism, over-reliance on one, addiction, idleness, arrogance, selfishness, and self-esteem issues (especially when things fail to go according to plan).

Disclaimer, overcoming this number is fairly difficult and can take multiple lives. But to be on the right side and change the course of your life, it is important to prioritize caring for other people. That is, helping your colleagues and the less-fortunate to succeed in their personal ventures. It`s human nature to think that you`re better than someone or something else, but the fact is there are several ways we can all add value provided we work towards achieving our goals.

Karmic Debt Number 0

Did you know that 0 is not representative of the meaning that you`re clear or free of any responsibilities? While number 0 doesn’t translate to a karmic debt, it means that more is expected from you, especially in maintaining your progress in your life. Therefore, the idea is to make positive decisions and live as a good example to ensure that you experience success in your lifetimes and avoid sending negative energy your way in your next life path.

Also, you need to be extra careful if your number is zero since living carelessly will attract future karmic debts. People with 0 more often tend to struggle with motivation and focus. However, lessons of investigating numerology based on name numbers and year of birth can help you to learn areas that need improvement for you to thrive in your next life.

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Karmic debts can be scary to accept, especially if you live in denial regarding the energy we send as humans to the universe. However, taking these numerology chart facts into consideration will allow you to improve your life, becoming more satisfied and content with your existence and achievements.

Since we’ve discussed how to get rid of karmic debt, you should be in a good place to learn from your karmic lessons, making the most of both your positive and negative experiences.

If you don`t know how to calculate karmic debt number, you can use a karma debt calculator to help you know some of the karma signs the world might be sending your way.

Don`t blame fate for the negative occurrences in your life path. Taking time to understand spirituality and how karmic debt works will allow you to break the pattern of bad luck and overcome your struggles.